Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Big Brother 8: Jump Ziggy Jump

Yeah into the fucking river. But then again no. Because I kind of love Ziggy again (i.e. I'd rather he stayed than the newbies). They definitely just put these new people in to make us appreciate that despite their inadequacies, we truly love our old housemates.
There was definitely some tension between Ziggles and Shanessa tonight, what with the willy crack (SOMEONE'S been reading the News Of The World) and then singing the Spice Girls. Evil mind games! She's not as stupid as she looks.
Brian was brilliant tonight, the most multi-faceted moron on earth, touching, funny, kind, beautiful. Describing shagging Amanda as harps and angels and Shanessa as being sucked through a hosepipe was class. He, Gerry and the twins sobbing in the toilet was emotional 'It's too much!' cried Gerry. It's true. It just makes you hate the new housemates. Brian said 'they aren't great replacements for Chanelle and Ziggy' and summed up the thoughts of the nation.
I don't know how Ziggy didn't realise they were cheering for him to jump out the box. I loved it when Shanessa jumped out and the twins looked stony-faced and Gerry went 'fuck'. Ziggy looked funny in his fairy outfit.
I LOVED Ziggy and Liam getting all terrotorial in the halfway house 'they are chucking my twins around the pool!' but the conversation went too laddy for me when Liam commented on Amy's spotty chin. Yuck. Not very chivalrous. He didn't mind rubbing his on hers later. I also expected him to give the thumbs up to the camera when they got into bed. There's something about that overtly laddish behaviour I just find unnerving. It was interesting watching his seduction technique though.
I hate David. I hate Kryton forehead girl. I still hate Carole. I do know from live feedage that Liam, Ziggy, Jonty and Amy are back in the big house, and that Tracey, Shanessa, David and Kryton are back in the halfway house. Good. Drop the bomb, I don't care who bites the bullet there. I'm glad Zigs is safe. I know I'm a turncoat, but it's who you hate the least at this stage, let's be honest.
However, it does make the picking of the housemates, and the various tasks completely pointless, and a bit unfair. But that's Big Brother to a tee, isn't it? I'd be annoyed if I was a newbie. They are blatantly making it up as they go. Anyway. I feel it may be time for Tracey to 'deal with it'. What do you reckon?

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