Monday, 6 August 2007

Big Brother 8: The Fall and Fall of Liam

So Liam has turned from cheeky chappie with an eye for the 'canny lasses' (vomit) to full-on wanker who snogs you then never speaks to you again. What a spineless, flabby, squinty-eyed, yellow baseball-capped, tree-hugging chav. He's not even good-looking, or smart, or even fit anymore. Amy: you're best off out of it, he's probably got a STD. When he was cuddling and caressing the do-no-wrong-twins it made me feel sick. Let this be a lesson to you, BIRDS, act angelic because if you dare show a bit of sexuality or have something to say, you're going to be flushed down the can sharpish. Unfortunately for Sam n Amanda, it will be the Amy's of this world their creepy laddish boyfriends go off and shag behind their backs. Thank God I like men with brains, who can actually see women as more than just two-dimensional creatures.
As for Carole: did she REALLY touch that chicken with those grubby hands? URGH! I watched some of this on the live feed and you didn't really get the creeping sense of terror from the highlights as she was unleashed from the diary room and emotionally blackmailed them all for several hours for... cooking dinner! How dare they cook dinner at 9.30 at night? I actually heard her say on the live feed 'they should have come to the diary room and got big brother to ask me'. For fuck's sake. Please, please, please fuck off. I hated it when Ziggy said 'she's just looking after us.' She's looking after you like Kathy Bates in Misery looks after the injured writer, you dopey twat. You'll wake up with a pillow over your face eventually. Will anyone EVER stand up to her? My cash is on Jonty! Go Jonty! Go Jonty!
I enjoyed the twins becoming one (was it just me or did Sam seem hesitant?) but this is bad news for the fun-lovers amongst us, as this is one less nomination for Carole.
GET HER OUT! I can't take it anymore.


* (asterisk) said...

Carole has been a prick almost since Day 1. Liam, I like, but he's a twat to the lasses. And the "two become one" was inspired, if a little late in coming. Sam just wanted to do what Amanda wanted, I think!

* (asterisk) said...

BTW, I've pretty much given up on BB, hence lack of comments of late.