Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: I straddle the gender divide

I just noticed for the first time Marcus not saying 'day 8'! That is odd. Bit I only just noticed. So how odd is it?
Who are Wayne and Maggie mad about? India? I enjoyed them bitching about people 'holding court.'
Racism talk! John is right, they wouldn't put 'white' in front of the word 'paedophile gang.' Interesting to hear about the press regulations.
Malika from KUWTK giving Ann Widdecome a haircut. Whatever next!
Marcus: 'India is bringing the conversation back to her favourite subject - herself.' SHADE.
India is annoyed that men would feel more comfortable flirting with Shane/ Courtney. The Shane's saying 'it's your attitude' to her. Shane/ Courtney is very astute to say it's not coming across well to us at home too.
Shane L: 'Don't be angerfied.' To be sure.
Ann's haircut looks great! I like Ann's pride about her thick hair and hair colour. Not so sure about her make up though. She looks like she has pink eye. Can't they do her some smoky eye!
Ahhh Ann was happy to get wolf whistled therefore good looking girls who get harassed daily should be OK with it. Ann saying women are easily offended and po faced. Yes, we know you are, Ann.
Ginuwine mentioning his name is Elgin Lumpkin. I already knew that! I have a Ginuwine fan in my office.
Secret mission! Malika is on a task to do some things. Swap beds, give compliments, play pranks. Yes as usual, I wasn't listening, ha. Someone won some shortbread.
Ginuwine and Ashley might be my least favourite showmance ever. Stone cold.
Ann prefers Shane as Shane. She thinks Courtney is a tart! Courtney: 'I straddle the gender divide.' Ann: 'Courtney is a tramp.' Poor Courtney! Don't let her get abused like that, Shane! Stick up for yourself, ha.
Ginuwine asking Wayne when he came out 'as it was hard back then.' Wayne didn't want to come out while his mum was alive. It's nice Ginuwine is taking an interest. Not good at pretending he knows who Queen is, though. Americans are always flossing their teeth!
Wayne is doing his jungle tales. Wayne thinks Big Brother is tougher than the jungle. He said, at least in the jungle you see Ant and Dec every morning. I could like without that, to be honest. Wayne got annoyed because Rachel got distracted while talking to him and he wanted the attention, ha. Rachel is kind of annoying. She's in the middle of every fucking thing.
At least they're racing through the face to face noms. The editing has been really good this year, they're not treating us like memory-less five year olds.
Why did Ann nominate Andrew! I thought she liked him, Maybe she finds him flirting with her a bit cringy. Ann actually looks good in the red, sparkly dress. She scrubs up reasonably!
Ann: 'I hope India goes and not you' to Jonny, ha. 'You weren't even on my radar.'
Courtney: 'Are you going for redemption or panto villian?' to India. They edited that from yesterday and actually made India look a bit better as India said she was going to wage war.
Dapper pointing out that the crowd didn't like India. I don't like India's pearly lipstick. I hate glossy lipstick! Keep it matte.
Courtney asking Malika if she would be OK going out with a guy who has slept with men. She said no. I guess bisexual men should be pleased when they get a girlfriend who doesn't mind (ie. me!)
Andrew and Ashley are bitching about India having a go at Ginuwine.
Courtney had a threesome with two girls who were lesbians. How does that work!
Dressing gown watch: I like Maggie's dressing gown and India's dressing gown.
India has actually taken being nominated pretty well. I would not have called it. India: 'What do the people who push the numbers want to see?' I want to see more India. India: 'People have done very well out of that.' GAMER!
Malika says India is a ticking time bomb on the sofa. Doesn't seem that way to me, but I've only seen about three minutes of it, I guess.
Rachel is sorry for giving a stupid reason for nominating Jonny (because she fancies him). She's planning on getting off with him in the toilet ha.
Ashley is washing Ginuwine's clothes. 'I nearly folded them and thought I'm not his wife... yet.' No, but you could be his next babymomma. Give it a week.
I saw this sexual harassment chat on the live feed. Malika was making some good points. John: 'Men haven't got worse, women are just not accepting the behaviour.' Interesting.
Dapper bringing it back to the men like the little misogynistic prick he is.
Courtney is so smart. I love her challenging Dapper's stupid views. 'It's not just about intent... a woman can't go up to men and challenge them.' Dapper thinks men would be all cool with it. What would actually happen is instead of them wolf whistling you, they'd call you a frigid or an ugly fat bitch.
Jess and Ashley are pissed in the bath talking shit. I don't know what the fuck they're on about. Secret code? Look at that glittery, smoky eyeshadow on Jess. Christmas is over!
Andrew likes flirting with Courtney. Maybe she can help him come out. Dapper's stories whenever they show Ashley and Ginuwine holding hands are so awful. I would vote him out in two seconds flat if I was in there. I can't believe he didn't get one vote!
Jonny telling Courtney to 'break Andrew's metaphorical walls down.' I think it might go a bit further than that. I hope it does! Mantub redux! Dragtub!
Courtney didn't think she'd be friends with the laddy lads. She probably wouldn't be if she heard the way they talk in private.
I'm still really enjoying CBB. It just feels so fresh this year. I don't want it to end! And BOTS on straight after? It's almost like someone who cares about the show is making the show again!

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LLLaurie said...

Your last paragraph is so spot on. Maybe, just maybe.... production is actually listening to the viewers for a change? Give the viewers what they want? It's such a novel idea, really.

As per usual, I'm loving your blogs Lyns!

Laurie aka toureasylover