Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: No umbrage will ever be taken

We went to the live launch yesterday and went in the house and met Rylan again! There's loads of pics and some videos on our Facebook page including a house tour and a podcast we did on the train, including two exclusive interviews with people you've never heard of. It was a gay old time.
But how was the launch! Rainy and patronising. Men were offended. Women were offended. Old women were put in the house. It's a big risk, I think. But it was nice not to see the usual Geordies and Towies. Is Big Brother really getting serious? Do we want them to? I don't think they can win either way, can they? There will always be complaints on both sides.
I watched last night's live feed just now and it was interesting seeing women debating. I was surprised to hear many of them say they hadn't experienced discrimination before listing all the ways they are discriminated against! India understands the issue truly, as she has seen it from both sides.
Recap! 'Isn't this ghastly!' Probably the best line of the night about the delightful house which actually looked wonderful. I loved all the copper and the couches are really lovely. Kitchen was cool, bedrooms were nice, I don't see what the problem is! They've even got the DR chair right.
I love the fact India knows the feminist history. I don't! I'm a bad feminist. I like the way they're cutting up the interesting tidbits people are saying.
Jess's eyes freak me out! Cat eyes.
Amanda and Ann are both snorers. Get in the other room, quick!
At the moment India has this in the bag. No one is even close. I think I'll put a bet on actually. Just did it, put a tenner on her! Not even seen the men go in yet! That's how confident I am! *throws money away*
Ann is bed blocking!
That's weird they didn't even reshow the daggy sexist task with the wires. Don't blame them, though. Jess and Amanda get to give two other housemates immunity, too.
Malika calling herself a TV personality, aw. I like Malika! She's better than Jonathan Cheban. I think she comes across quite well on KUWTK, but mind you, everyone else on there is such a cunt, it's quite easy to.
India doing her transition story straight out the gate, Luke A style. She doesn't agree with Ru Paul calling himself transgender. He doesn't, does he! He's a drag queen! Uh oh.
Maggie seems an interesting character, even though she's not a celebrity. Not sure she's mastered putting on lipstick, though.
I hate Ann Widdecombe as much as she hates positive discrimination. Her views are so warped.
Women talking about make up. Empowerment!
Ah here's the bit from yesterday's live feed. I have seen female directors in my own workplace treated like PAs so I know it happens.
Ann is so dogmatic that her opinion is right in every circumstance and it's so annoying. People have different perspectives.
Ann cites ONE top police officer as being female as being acceptable. NO, IT ISN'T. So people are equally paid in parliament. But there aren't as many female MPs as men! So it's not fucking equal, you thick old bat. Don't you get it? There are 50% men and 50% women on the planet.
I'm not really interested in the posing naked debate. It's entirely a personal choice.
Rachel posed naked to 'celebrate women's whatever' but 'it didn't really.' Enough said. Still none of Ann's fucking business though.
I don't like Ashley, I find her quite annoying and I'm not sure if it's because she's posh. I normally like a posho.
The diary room looks great on camera! It's a bit hard to sit on. Looks fucking cool though.
Jess is scared of Ann. I would be if I was her, too. Jess is out of her depth. She needs some more Scotty T type housemates to rub up against.
Amanda and Jess chose to save Maggie and give her immunity.
Rachel: 'No umbrage will be taken.' Umbrage is taken mere minutes later.
What, Ann gets to sleep on her own because she snores? Oh, she just gets a specific bed. India doesn't want to give up her bed. 'It's normally first come first served.' True story.
Ann wants to win a task. How about she wins the first eviction because she's been grinding my gears. Is she good TV? Not for me so far, but I was anti Woodburn at first, so I can be wrong.
Ann is against all women shortlists, but doesn't mind being on an all women Big Brother.
Jess doesn't need to wear a bra because her boobs aren't real. Amanda doesn't wear a bra cos she 'has no tits'. Bras are annoying. Having boobs is an impediment. I'd like to be able to run for the bus.
Oh, I see, Ann is going to sleep in one of the bedrooms on her own until the guys come. I wouldn't mind that if I was her, but then again, it's not wise to isolate yourself.
Rachel's hair is a bit Rick Parfitt. I like her so far though. She seems pretty smart. 'Big Brother is always here.' Rachel: 'That's the story of my life, really.' Very quick.
India has some good legs on her. I think it's interesting that she likes Ann because I don't think Ann likes her one bit. I like people with strong opinions, but not people who are rude and inconsiderate.
Ah, toothbrushing, a Big Brother staple. Rachel has forgotten her deodorant. Stand back!
Malika looks good without her make up on! Make up chat... because I'm a girl!
Malika: 'We don't have the same language... at all.' We do. It is annoying when she talks like a baby though.
I just texted my mum that Ann is annoying and she texted back 'she's old and she's a virgin.' Haaaaa. Maybe she'll get laid once the men arrive! OMG, Big Brother... you've made me a sexist.
Nah, I'm actually enjoying this so far. Feels very old school! I wonder what the ratings will do? The old fans are loving it... the young 'uns probably hate it. Maybe Big Brother realised there were more of us, after all.


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Anne Widdecombe should remain a virgin until the day she dies, in order to give the Islamic fundamentalists a surprise when they make it into heaven. - Stephen Fry

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