Monday, 28 September 2009

Soap speciale!

Good soaps tonight, and I cried, but the end of the month has me feeling fragile so it was inevitable. I'm vulnerable to the soapemotions! Hey, what was all that Rosie in her undies but only on the website thing about? That was stupid! I can't be bothered with that interactive bullshit.
I thought Fizz (it's Fiz but that doesn't look right) looked great tonight. She's just lovely in every way. If that John Snape/ Stape does her over, he'll have me to deal with. And, er... Chesney. And when Sean wished her luck and said 'you're my kind of crazy, Fizzbomb' that was what did me in. Just good writing and characterisation and human truth. All in one.
God knows why she wants to get married in prison, though. It's not like he's a lifer. I thought registry offices were grim enough.
Rosie's just a little CUNT! Rargh! Why is Luke Strong putting up with it? No wonder he buggered off to Strictly Come Dancing. Vince from Queer as Folk wouldn't put up with this shit. Michelle deserves all she gets! Her taste in men is dreadful. I'd rather go for Tony.
It's a bit unfair they ganged up on Rosie; he WAS going to sleep with her after all. You also can't fire someone for that reason. Tribunal!
Five hundred quid to split up Amber and Kebab Kid! Five hundred! That's pretty cheap. Wish they'd give Dev a decent storyline. He's amaaaaaazing.
I liked the ginger Windass tricking Chesney into admitting he loved Fizz. I kinda like that ginger chav. I've always had a soft spot for a weasley ginge, don't tell anyone.
I hope Norris does NOT employ that woman. End.
Eastenders was also good, in it's own Eastender-y way (i.e. not just as good, but five minutes of good). I hope Jane takes the satanic-looking Bobby and goes have her baby with someone else. Sod Ian!
I HATE all the Mitchells crap; fuck off Sam, fuck off Ronnie and your ugly boyfriend, and fuck off Dr. creepy Jenkins. He has all the good writing, characterisation and human truth of a cereal box that someone has written the work 'HUNK' on. RUBBISH.
OMG that bit with Syed and Christian was both sexy and creepy at the end (good combination). How GOOD did Syed look tonight, all stubbly and long haired? He's my Bollywood prince (is that racist?) And see the way those chocolates got flung to the floor as they snogged down an alley... oh yes. Fabulous. WHO saw them??? I don't want to know. I like the mystery.
Hey, I think I've just changed my mind about the interactive website bollocks, IF the interactive website bollocks can include a steamy X-rated scene with Christian and Syed. Down the alley, or otherwise, I'm open to suggestions, as long as Syed is unclothed.
Dear or dear, do you come here for this kind of smut?! Disgraceful! Think of the children.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

The X Factor: Boot camp 2

So like everyone else I haven't really been enjoying the X Factor this year, but after them sucking the life out of the audition process, I actually enjoyed last night's boot camp, mainly because there were at least three good singers; Ethan (hot), the bloke who was a contestant on Deal or no Deal and that little mousy girl. So let's watch tonight as they don't get through. Oh my god, I didn't like those twins and their stupid dancing, cocky little cuntrags. I ALSO didn't like that girl doing that dire 'I'm telling you' song. When does shrieking count as singing? If I ever hear that song again, I'm gonna do a Michael Douglas. You have been warned.
I must say Dannii is looking quite sharp this year, I'm liking her hair. Cheryl's hair, on the other hand, ages her massively, and her crumpled forehead oh-its-another-person-I-beat-on-pop-rivals-once expression is getting rather boring. Can't we have a female judge with an opinion, instead of one who likes handbags? Get that bullying Sugababe on instead, at least she'll tell it to people straight.
Oh god, first contestant up tonight was a sub-par Chico (unbelievable that could be, I know.) I like the black girl with the afro.
Kandy Rain sounds like a porn star. And collectively, look a bit like one.
I felt sorry for the one in the pork pie hat who lost his voice, I kind of liked him. It's not his fault that he's ill. I reckon they might put him through, anyway.
Olly is the Deal or No Deal one (he's obviously a fame whore!) Yep, I still back him. He's a cheeky chappie.
I like the big afro dude, I don't think he's trying to hard. Simon can talk about being 'corny'; if any English person except him would ever use such a word.
I thought the chavvy girl was out of tune. But Simon fancies her, so she'll make it.
Oh dear; the bisexual guy did a jazzy Simply Red number. Big mistake!
Yes sob story, your brother is pulling strings, by getting you this far. Hopefully that's it though. Ah, it was.
Yay Deal or No Deal and big afro guy got through, and that weird blonde guy (Daniel). I'm glad that black girl with the short stripy blonde bit in her hair got through, she was really good. Fuck those little twins though. EVIL!
'For you it's the end... of the bad news.' Cruel! The misspelt Danyl AND Ethan got through! Yay. You can tell they cut it this year so most of the people you got to know got through. The ones going home I hardly recognised.
Oh dear, the group category looks AWFUL. Good luck, Louis. Are you telling me Simon doesn't have a hand in deciding the categories? Please! Personally I think the best category is the girls. Dannii FTW.
PS: Two shows it too many, what with Xtra Factor, too. I feel X Factored out.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Album: Muse- The Resistance

Can I go this whole blog without mentioning sci-fi, space or prog? YES! Starting... from... now!
I used to LOVE Muse. I went to see them on my 21st birthday when their first album was out (that dates me!) And I have enough Muse b-sides to cause havoc whilst moving house. It's weird how your CD collection ages you so completely. The only new CDs I have are Bright Eyes and Moz (so youthful!)
So, Muse. Showbiz is a great album and Newborn and Plug in Baby are classics. I even like Thoughts of a Dying Atheist. I went off them around the time they released that one that sounded like Prince. The album Supermassive Black Hole was supermassively self indulgent and Knights of Cydonia can fuck off. Now I do find them quite tedious. I admire their live shows, and I admire the fact they've created a big old niche for themselves, especially in the face of the abuse they used to get from that old relic the NME (but then the NME hates all the greats- Brian, Mozzy, Patrick Wolf, Kele). Even talking about the NME is dating me.
Anyway, I couldn't listen to a whole album these days. Well, I'm going to now, but I'm going to damn well moan about it, I expect.
The first song Uprising is the usual geek-rock schtick, radio-friendly and catchy but quite disposable. Ooh I quite like Resistance, it's a bit Time is Running Out-ey. I could see them releasing this one. Poppy love song with cheesy backing vocals.
I saw Undisclosed Desires (bad title) on Jules Holland and didn't like it much but his voice sounds better on the record (record! LOL) Did he say something about booty? I like the drum machine. This is pretty good. I must say, I've been pleasantly surprised so far.
UH-OH. They've dug up Freddie Mercury for United States of Eurasia (what a name). Am I allowed to say 'pomp'? Oh christ, this is everything I hate about Muse, this is music for virgins. Come on Matt, give us a break, you must be off the magic mushy's by now. The end of this song is worse than the beginning, it's like a pretentious piano-ey bit. ARGH. Next!
Guiding Light. Isn't that an Ash song? Ah, Ash. They did have just the one good song, wasn't it.
This sounds like the national anthem in the future (mentions of the future- check!) when Matt Bellamy rules the world. That guitar is straight from Justin Hawkins. Bit rubbish.
Am I only halfway through? See, this is the problem with Muse these days! Still, it's more interesting than the Monsters of Folk review... right?
Unnatural Selection is employing the vocoder/ cardboard box vocal technique. Oh god, it's gone national anthemy again. I can see fists being punched in the air. By virgins. This one went on for so long I forgot I was listening to it and started daydreaming. And I still skipped two minutes at the end.
MK Ultra makes me think of Mark One. Have you been in Mark One lately? There's one on Holloway road, honestly, the clothes make New Look look like Vivienne Westwood. I don't think they'd survive the journey home, let alone a wash. Not that you'd buy them. Lord, no.
The lyrics said something along the lines of 'how much more can you take?' and the answer is not much more. At the moment my tip is just download the first three tracks, and be on your way.
I Belong To You has something in French after the title, always a worry (except Protege Moi by Placebo which is fucking mega). This has got a kind of squidgy computer game feel to it. I've lost the will to live now, though. Uh-oh, here comes the French bit. Oh God, it's REALLY bad. Is it OK to vomit?
Oh Christ, the final three tracks are called (brace yourself) Exogenesis Symphony Parts 1, 2 & 3. Pretentious? How dare you. I did listen to them, so you don't have to. God, and I used to think Citizen Erased was a bit over the top.
Right, I'm off to reconsider Monsters of Folk (not really, the only album you or I need this year is BATTLE FOR THE SUN, by king of the bi's, Brian Molko. You know it makes sense).
NB: Heat gave Peter Andre's lyrical masterpiece Revelation one star more than it gave this album by Muse. So buy carefully, people. You don't want to be sat down ready to be emotionally moved by the song about how Peter can't give Harvey a cud no more and find yourself in the Time Warp.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Album: Monsters of Folk

It's with a heavy heart I sit down to listen to this. I don't care if they're a 'supergroup', I only want to hear Conor sing. Plus, supergroups are ALWAYS rubbish. And I hate M. Ward. And Mike Mogis. Still, I'm clinging on for a crumb.
The first song sounds like a boring Death Cab song. It's sort of electronicy but not quite. I didn't like the mixture of voices. Conor pops up in the second verse.
The second song Say Please is just some country twaddle. As is the third song.
Temazcal starts promisingly (ie. Conor's singing alone). Then it goes a bit like a hymn. Then plods along a bit.
I had to skip The Right Place after about 10 seconds; too country. Baby Boomer; also rubbish. It reminds me of the ones where he lets the others sing on his 'solo' album.
Don't know how Man Named Truth snuck on here; that song has been doing the live rounds for a while now. Ooh just Conor singing; hurrah! And his voice sounds a bit shaky and trembly. Good.
Enjoy this one, cos it's as good as it gets. But it still only sounds as good as his solo stuff, it's not a patch on Bright Eyes.
I can't STAND that country guitar noise on Goodway, it makes me want to throw up.
Ooh hold on, Ahead of the Curve is quite nice. It's minor-country but Conors voice sounds good on it, and he does all of the singing.
Slow Down Joe sounds like a Christmas song. Losing Yo Head is quite catchy but not Conor-heavy.
Magic Marker is dreary. Map of the World is Conor-led vocally, and reminds me of a cut-price Lenders in the Temple.
Sandman, the Brakeman and Me- noooo. The last song is rubbish too. Glad I didn't buy this!
It's not just Conor's tunes that have gone down the toilet; it's his lyrics too. And I'm sad about the death of Bright Eyes, and I'm sad about Bright Eyes on the blinking Halifax advert. It's like watching an ex-boyfriend deny your existence.
In the News of the World yesterday Ian Hyland said Holly Willoughby should be off to LA, not sitting on the sofa ten years too soon with Pippy Schofield. Well, that's how I feel about Conor. He has the youth on his side to be Prince or David Bowie. It seems he just wants to be Kenny fucking Rogers.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Sorry I've been quiet this week, my laptop overheated and died so no bloggy. Not that there's been much on TV.
But here's a mini round up via my phone: DERREN:THE REVEAL I felt like I was following it at the time but if you asked me to explain it now, I wouldn't have a clue. Looking forward to him making me stick to my seat though, that sounds bloody brilliant!
BBBM THE REUNION. Sree looked haunted. Marcus was ignored, Siavash dissed. Tragic.
ENDERS: Sam Mitchell: goblin. The flies in the shed were good. Need more Christian.
XFACTOR: Dire. Amanda Holden and Cheryl have both been going to patro-nose wrinkling school. I'm even sick of Simon.
POINTLESS: bbc2, around 4.30. The anti-family fortunes presented by Pimms dude. What more do you want?Watch It!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Derren Brown: The Event: Live

Woo: well excited about this ten minutes of television, and you wouldn't say that very often. My boyfriend said he doesn't see the appeal of Derren Brown and Mystic Meg is 'just as good'. I beg to differ, Sam of Dunthorpe, did you ever find that money hidden in your father's toolbox? Thought not.
I've even bought a lucky dip tonight, now what are the chances that Derren's going to call THOSE babies out? 14 million to one, apparently. You have odds of 10 million to one of getting struck by lightning.
I love, love, love Derren; he is a genius, and even if it is all smoke and mirrors, YOU could never do it, he's put the legwork in, not us, and God bless him for it. I just think he's very funny and charming too, but he probably made me think it. Darn!
9/9/9! Witchcraft. WHAT! He's only predicting 5 of the 6?! Pathetic! Hehe.
Is it just sleight of hand? This thing about the time running out is bullshit; that's Derren just putting some crap in your head, mark my words. 'Delay...' he's up to something!
Derren sounds nervous!!! I love it when he's on the hop. What if he gets it wrong?! Haha, if it goes wrong, he's really sorry. At least he's not planning to quit magic if he fugs it.
But he's not going to fug it, is he?
Who is that douche presenting on the BBC? He's a numpty! Which machine will it be? Genevieve?!
Funny watching Derren watching it; weird! It's gotta be sleight of hand. GOTTA BE! That podium/ stand thing. It's suspect!
He got all six. I, on the other hand, only got one.
I want more than ten minutes! If he teaches us how to do it in tomorrow's show, the lottery aint gonna be a big winner any more! We're all going to win about a fiver.
Ooh, new Peep Show! *squeals*

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

TV: Fat Pets

Animal cruelty- LOL! Sky Three takes a 'tongue in cheek' look at people loving their pets to death. Call the RSPCA! I haven't seen such horror since My Monkey Baby.
OMG!!! A 14 and a half STONE Rottweiler! It has to be seen to be believed. HALF of the countries pets are overweight! Fucked up. One particularly dogmatic woman buys that dog bagsfull of giant ox HEARTS to eat. Christ. Might as well just mainline pure butter into his arteries.
We used to have a fat cat. He wasn't spoilt, I think there were just too many people in the house feeding him. We're not talking coronary grief here, though. His stomach just swayed from side to side a bit when he walked; we all have that problem.
Christ: six slices of birthday cake for the spaniel the same day as the vet condemned him to death in a year! That's REAL love!
Hehe to the woman in the grooming parlour giving the woman a load of shit about the fat Rottweiler. That's customer service for you. Come again!
Archie the fat cat was kind of cute. They only feed him diet food, honest! (i.e. he's just big boned/ got a slow metabolism)
They should get those pets exercising. Have you given him any treats? No. No. No. Oh, just this. Just a bit of cheese and a Yorkie. Never mind his legs are collapsing. How much more of a memo do you need, dimwit? God it's no wonder humans can't diet, when people are happy to do this to something they pretend to love.
Why would anyone WANT a Rottweiler, fat or otherwise? Chogs are the dog of choice these days; you never see a nice dog anymore, just a fat little devil dog being baited by some twat in a cap. I want to see a resurgence in sausage dogs or Pomeranians.
Haha it was funny when they tried to make the fat cat play with some toys to get some exercise and he just looked disparagingly at them then sat licking his paws. He wins.
Aw one of the dogs lost weight; that's what we like, a happy ending, not that bloody 9/11 crap.

Monday, 7 September 2009

TV: 9/11: Phone calls from the Towers

Why are we drawn to the mawkish? Because it's ALL that awaits us. Death, or watching everyone you know die. Take your pick. Those are the only two choices you got. To hide from that; well, you're just fooling yourself.
Imagine calling your partner to tell him you're going to die; and they don't pick up. I reckon I'd be pretty pissed off. But I'd still say I love you.
Why is it so important to say a final 'I love you' ? The people you love know it. But still; it's so important. And there is something wonderful about that; that counteracts the two choices above.
So many bodies on 9/11, equals so many stories. And it's visceral nature leaves a footprint on the mind stronger than any bomb after, even the 7/7 one; even though I lived, and still live in London at that time. That just felt like a slap, 9/11 was a kick in the guts somehow; I suppose because we were innocent then, but also, very much so, the spectacle of it.
Looking at the towers burn, you just think 'get out, get out' but they were being told to stay put. 'Sit tight, we're on the way.' WHY? English people are naturally suspicious of skyscrapers, and with good reason. They are precarious. They defy logic. There should never be a ninety-seventh floor of anything.
'Please hurry.' Just heartbreaking. 'Put a towel under the door'.
The randomness of who died seems so unfair. But the whole thing is. How could that mother have not been tempted to turn on the telly? I don't think I could have stopped myself. I know I couldn't.
I liked the extreme bravery of the friend who called the guy called Shimmy, how calm he was. If I'd been on the other end of that phone I'd be going 'FUCK! GET OUT OF THERE!' but he was so controlled. He really made a difference to the end of that guy's life; what a gift to have a friend like that.
WOW that Jim Gartenberg thing on the news was pretty amazing; just how he didn't know the extent of the damage and was telling people to chill out from inside the tower. That was brave and attention seeking, and a great legacy.
Oh that poor guy who didn't answer his phone. That would be me, I NEVER answer my phone. How could you forgive yourself?
'We're young men in here, we're not ready to die.' That guy sounded angry, not calm. And who can blame him?
I found this programme a struggle after about an hour. It reminded me of that documentary 'The Bridge' about suicides on the Golden Gate bridge, just relentless sadness. I think you do need light and shade in a programme; just a phone call from one survivor would have helped. And if that sounds trite, I'm just trying to hide from those two facts. It's you, or your friends and family. Take your pick.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Big Brother 10: The Final: You Fat Whinging Cunt

I'm drinking for a first time in a month! Here's a toast to the tonsils; evicted from my throat.
Couldn't blog last night as my computer died; thank god it wasn't tonight, I'd have cried! Yes Siavash did lay it on a bit thick but I'm still backing him or Roddy for the win. Fuck you Sophie, you don't deserve it, a vote for you is a vote for Kris! (actually I like Sophie, but come on, she aint our winner).
Siavash is doing his Jesus act again. BB has got strict! I've never known anyone threaten to leave on the penultimate night!
Will Charlie's speech mention his mam? See the way he whipped her out yesterday whilst declaring himself most deserving to win? What a tool.
Sophie's hair has grown back! Magic. Mmm, Rodrigo looks hot in purple. And sexy crying!
I voted for Siavash and Roddy. My boyfriend recommends a nuclear vote that costs a fiver and takes ten votes off Charlie. Score!
WTF is Angel wearing?! That girl is batshit crazy. Yay, Sree! Go fuck yourself, Kris.
Noirin is single! LOL. FRIENDS!
In another world Marcus and Lisa would be lovers! Big up Digital Spy!
OMG Rodrigo out 5th! That's not right. I'm shocked! Fucked off Charlie beat him. Look at his outfit! Aw. Love Rodrigo. He should have been top two!
Yay, no psychologists or guests. Pure BB style. Oh dear. She's turned up via proxy.
God, DAVID beat Rodrigo. WTF! He was sweet in his interview, pretending he doesn't love Charlie. That video from his family was ace. SOB!
CHARLIE'S OUT! YES! Beaten by David! Eat it, eat it! SO glad Siavash beat him. So un-glad HE beat Rodrigo.
Despite his 'yes/ yes/ yes' there was definitely a bit of gutted behind the eyes then.
Charlie- one dimensional nice guy! I.e. cunt. Siavash cheated on his girlfriend and beat you, LOL. Me mam, me mam. Blah. Big Brother saved his mum's life.
Charlie's interview was loads shorter than Roddy's. GOOD! You are the weakest link; goodbye.
David in third! HOW?! How did he get more votes than Roddy and Charlie?!
What is Judy James wearing? Even Siavash would balk at it.
I hate the speculation about Sophie's weight, but GOD she looked skinny at the beginning. I like her better plump and drunk, though. I liked the way she let herself go, it felt real.
I like the fact Siavash and Sophie are left; they've always been loyal to each other. Liked Siavash giving David a big smack on the choppers too, I like how comfortable he is with his sexuality, it's really, really refreshing.
There goes David and his seatbelts, shouting and sweaty! David is YOUNGER THAN ME! How!?!?!!
David went in there with an open book; he's worst than Honey off of Eastenders (Perry Fenwick- LOL!)
He DID do well to come third; but I think it was more accident than design.
David about Robbie Williams; 'has he come out?' Hahaha.
'Fat whinging cunt' in the highlights!!! LOLLLLLLLS! Marcus to win! Oh...!
OMG Sophie won. She looked shocked. I do believe Siavash was happy for her though. I wonder what the percentage was?
Sophie owes him ten grand for wearing that shit out of the house.
Aw Noirin shame. HOODIE!!! Pine. Pine. Pine. Friends. Friends. Friends. Have fun.
Convenient that Siavash has lost his voice! See Noirin laughing!
Look at all the power Siavash had when he first went in! That house ground him down. Siavash looked good as the rabbit.
FUCK Sophie got 74.4% of the vote! Gosh. I can't resent her as a winner. She's better than Rachel.
I liked the sketch with Rodrigo and Sophie; they are so cute together. I don't understand how Roddy came 5th and she came 1st. He was a lot more multi-faceted than her.
Well done, Dogface. It's good girls voted for you, I guess.
I kinda like that song off that advert. I did cry a tiny bit.
Liked it when they panned past Marcus and he said 'Get fucked'.
Sophie what you gonna spend your cash on? New boobs and new hair. And crack for chihuahuas.
Shall I say a word or two about Big Mouth? Why not. My blog has been a bit shit despite my drinking. Davina looks like crap.
It's weird they are doing their own catchphrases already (Shut up/ absolutely brilliant). David chose Lisa over Vivienne.
I love Grace Dent! Roddy should have won. I still can't work out how he came 5th.
Why is Bob calling Siavash Sheavash?! Siavash is getting roasted on BBLB. He came SECOND, you spazzes.
Basshunter! Has a vocoder installed in his throat. And Brian Belo nuzzled Sophie's boobies! Outrageous.
So that's all folks. Hopefully there'll be some good shit on this autumn about brain tumours, eating disorders and sex changes.
And I'll review a couple of gigs and albums. Stay with me. It's still better than going out.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Big Brother 10: I assume we all want to be Beyonce.

Why is the last mile the hardest mile?
Hehe to Charlie knocking Lisa's tea over. Apparently an inflatable 'really hurts' when it hits you on the head.
Siavash: 'I assume we all want to be Beyonce'. Classic line! I wouldn't want to be Beyonce, with her tree trunk thighs, and going into 'character' to do sexy dancing, because her good Christian self doesn't do that sort of thing. Beyonce is a prick.
Charlie sulking about being the stylist! Idiot. What a little twat he is. God I hate that Beyonce song so much. If you like IT then you should have put a ring on it??? WHAT???? Is she actually saying that? What a feminist icon.
Charlie sulking and Lisa leering at Beyonce. Yuck. Charlie is being more pathetic than Bea about not getting his own way.
Sophie quoted Sree! Hehe. Rodrigo: 'you are just a Playboy bunny'. Nice. And then laughing at Charlie's outfit, LOL! What's up with, Charlie? Why is being such a douche so close to the final? I mean, he's always a douche, but so openly a douche in the final week, so much so that even the thickest type of pond life who'd vote for him would cotton on. Self sabotage!
Only marginally less sexy than Beyonce herself was David as Beyonce. Siavash LOVES dressing up as a woman, doesn't he? That task did make me laugh, but mainly in abject horror. Siavash's arse was EATING that leotard!
Men arguing about hair straightners is just about the most emasculating thing on TV. It makes my fanny want to curl up and die. Rodrigo and his kinky hair makes me want to vote Siavash to win. Roddy's just miffed cos Charlie's got a cob on.
I liked it when Siavash went 'thank god' when Davina said Sophie was safe. It was touching. Charlie and David crying over the loss of Lisa made me wanna smoke crack.
God are we having to suffer their fucking home videos again? Give us a break, BB. The last half an hour of this show was virtually unwatchable.
Dopey David! That joke isn't funny anymore.
Siavash to win? I'm still tempted by Roddy. I reckon it's the closest final in a LOOOOOONG time. Let's face it, if Ulrika Johnsson can beat Terry Christian, all bets are off.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Big Brother 10: Ding dong, the witch is dead

Which old witch? The wicked witch!
Bit topsy turvy tonight as my BT Vision box declined to tape the 1st installment. So I'm watching the eviction show first.
Ooh it's between Charlie and Lisa! Bye Lisa! Shame Charlie didn't go, but at least Lisa didn't get very high ratings, getting the boot on a Tues. I'm not drunk, either, which doesn't help. Go smoke fags back home. Is there a crowd? Is she getting booage? They should have sent her out via the back door, to no crowd, like they did to lovely chicken Stu back in the day, who did not deserve it (Lisa did).
Her behaviour was dire this week, but annoyed Charlie scoots his little tortoise face into the final. Shame we couldn't have had a double eviction.
Woah, the panel is distinctly Z-list tonight, and that's saying something. Lisa is in combative mode. The defences are up!
LOL Kim hit the nail on the head with Lisa! Haha. Lisa will never see How Clean is Your House in the same light. Hehe, Davina snuck in the word 'bitter'.
Lisa's just reeling out the party line. Exscaping. No surprises here so far.
Can Lisa take a joke? Let's see. Hmm, not so sure!
Does Lisa even like David? I am not convinced!
How did Lisa and David cope in those furry suits all day when they went to London without a fag? I demand answers! I don't believe they didn't smoke, it's bullshit!
Give her more of a hard time for her bullying of Freddie! Hmm.
Mini bus stop was cool. At least Lisa has good manners. That's about the best I can say about her.
Ooh look at Charlie biting his nails down to the quick! You should be worried, sonny jim. Elephants don't forget!
Well I might as well blog Big Mouth as I'm waiting for the 1st show to download on a torrent. More Z-list celebs, John McCruick, spare me. Undoing years of sexy hunk advertising in one swoop.
LOL at Marcus being released back into the wild! I wonder if Siavash's girlfriend is in the audience this week *psycho*!
I don't like John McCruick brow-beating Lisa, he did the same to Freddie too!
Ahhh Marcus calling David a fat fuck *warm glow*. If David is a 32 waist, I'm a size zero.
Stop saying 'y'know' Lisa! Props to Lisa for coming back to McCruick with the strap-on comment! Nice work.
Lisa giving it 'you only see an hour of it'- the bad editing defence. The worst! I've watched hours of live feed! This Big Mouth is BORING. God, I wish I was drunk. I haven't even seen the highlights yet and I'm tired. Grumpy now.
Christ, these highlights are rubbish! Especially after that wait. 'Charlie gonging me!'
True colours, true colours, yap, yap, yap.
Christ, look at Sophie's boobies! Lawks.
Lisa, Charlie woke you up in the night to say 'no hard feelings!' God, don't go into counselling, will you, Charlie, he'll be helping the bereaved by putting a whoopee cushion on his clients' chair.
Siavash's joy at watching BB soon turned to the realisation that he was getting shafted. It was quite bold of him to walk out when they showed it; I'd be desperate to see, even if it was through my fingers! They are making a mug out of Sea at the mo. He should front it a bit.
Ooh, 'friends' and 'have fun' from Noirin! Score.
You can tell a lot about a housemate from their faces whilst watching Siavash dig his own grave. Sophie and Rodrigo looked hurt for him. Charlie was practically licking his lips. Lisa found it funny.
Rodrigo and Charlie were mainly shitting their pants about what they've been up to, methinks.
Look at the way Charlie strutted into that room afterwards to rub Siavash's nose in it. He was basically skipping. Siavash was milking it. But it is embarrassing for him.
I wonder where Noirin is now. I do know she aint happy. How could she be?
Lisa's impression of Marcus was surreal. Sophie's Irish accent was the strangest thing I've ever heard. She sounded half Liverpudlian, half South African. They should have dug up the HOODIE! I miss the hoodie. Give Siavash the hoodie to sniff.
Haha, Sophie pulled out the 'friends' gun. Friends, friends, friends! I miss Noirin.
Is BB victimising Sivash a good or bad thing? I think good, a sympathy vote is still a vote, dude. Lap up the crumbs. I think Siavash knows it, too.
The others seemed to be enjoying taking the mickey a little TOO much for my liking. Siavash did a bad thing, but he paid the price, and I think, was badly hurt.
Urgh and Lisa sticking the knife in. Bitch. Does she not understand that some things aren't black and white?
Give Siavash his clothes back. And as for you, Lisa, get out of my sight.