Tuesday, 8 September 2009

TV: Fat Pets

Animal cruelty- LOL! Sky Three takes a 'tongue in cheek' look at people loving their pets to death. Call the RSPCA! I haven't seen such horror since My Monkey Baby.
OMG!!! A 14 and a half STONE Rottweiler! It has to be seen to be believed. HALF of the countries pets are overweight! Fucked up. One particularly dogmatic woman buys that dog bagsfull of giant ox HEARTS to eat. Christ. Might as well just mainline pure butter into his arteries.
We used to have a fat cat. He wasn't spoilt, I think there were just too many people in the house feeding him. We're not talking coronary grief here, though. His stomach just swayed from side to side a bit when he walked; we all have that problem.
Christ: six slices of birthday cake for the spaniel the same day as the vet condemned him to death in a year! That's REAL love!
Hehe to the woman in the grooming parlour giving the woman a load of shit about the fat Rottweiler. That's customer service for you. Come again!
Archie the fat cat was kind of cute. They only feed him diet food, honest! (i.e. he's just big boned/ got a slow metabolism)
They should get those pets exercising. Have you given him any treats? No. No. No. Oh, just this. Just a bit of cheese and a Yorkie. Never mind his legs are collapsing. How much more of a memo do you need, dimwit? God it's no wonder humans can't diet, when people are happy to do this to something they pretend to love.
Why would anyone WANT a Rottweiler, fat or otherwise? Chogs are the dog of choice these days; you never see a nice dog anymore, just a fat little devil dog being baited by some twat in a cap. I want to see a resurgence in sausage dogs or Pomeranians.
Haha it was funny when they tried to make the fat cat play with some toys to get some exercise and he just looked disparagingly at them then sat licking his paws. He wins.
Aw one of the dogs lost weight; that's what we like, a happy ending, not that bloody 9/11 crap.


Samm said...

lol, I had something to say on that "911 crap"...eh

dogs are more fun.

-I didn't catch any show like this here but I was watching some prissy celebutantes whining to their assistants. a kind of animal cruelty

--I know of a few very overweight pets that would benefit from a diet makeover. mostly cats who sit under pianos and rocking chairs. actually about four. an idea for a scrapbook

Anonymous said...

See you above Jimmy, do one. Ps get a life.

C Morgan