Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Big Brother 10: Ding dong, the witch is dead

Which old witch? The wicked witch!
Bit topsy turvy tonight as my BT Vision box declined to tape the 1st installment. So I'm watching the eviction show first.
Ooh it's between Charlie and Lisa! Bye Lisa! Shame Charlie didn't go, but at least Lisa didn't get very high ratings, getting the boot on a Tues. I'm not drunk, either, which doesn't help. Go smoke fags back home. Is there a crowd? Is she getting booage? They should have sent her out via the back door, to no crowd, like they did to lovely chicken Stu back in the day, who did not deserve it (Lisa did).
Her behaviour was dire this week, but annoyed Charlie scoots his little tortoise face into the final. Shame we couldn't have had a double eviction.
Woah, the panel is distinctly Z-list tonight, and that's saying something. Lisa is in combative mode. The defences are up!
LOL Kim hit the nail on the head with Lisa! Haha. Lisa will never see How Clean is Your House in the same light. Hehe, Davina snuck in the word 'bitter'.
Lisa's just reeling out the party line. Exscaping. No surprises here so far.
Can Lisa take a joke? Let's see. Hmm, not so sure!
Does Lisa even like David? I am not convinced!
How did Lisa and David cope in those furry suits all day when they went to London without a fag? I demand answers! I don't believe they didn't smoke, it's bullshit!
Give her more of a hard time for her bullying of Freddie! Hmm.
Mini bus stop was cool. At least Lisa has good manners. That's about the best I can say about her.
Ooh look at Charlie biting his nails down to the quick! You should be worried, sonny jim. Elephants don't forget!
Well I might as well blog Big Mouth as I'm waiting for the 1st show to download on a torrent. More Z-list celebs, John McCruick, spare me. Undoing years of sexy hunk advertising in one swoop.
LOL at Marcus being released back into the wild! I wonder if Siavash's girlfriend is in the audience this week *psycho*!
I don't like John McCruick brow-beating Lisa, he did the same to Freddie too!
Ahhh Marcus calling David a fat fuck *warm glow*. If David is a 32 waist, I'm a size zero.
Stop saying 'y'know' Lisa! Props to Lisa for coming back to McCruick with the strap-on comment! Nice work.
Lisa giving it 'you only see an hour of it'- the bad editing defence. The worst! I've watched hours of live feed! This Big Mouth is BORING. God, I wish I was drunk. I haven't even seen the highlights yet and I'm tired. Grumpy now.
Christ, these highlights are rubbish! Especially after that wait. 'Charlie gonging me!'
True colours, true colours, yap, yap, yap.
Christ, look at Sophie's boobies! Lawks.
Lisa, Charlie woke you up in the night to say 'no hard feelings!' God, don't go into counselling, will you, Charlie, he'll be helping the bereaved by putting a whoopee cushion on his clients' chair.
Siavash's joy at watching BB soon turned to the realisation that he was getting shafted. It was quite bold of him to walk out when they showed it; I'd be desperate to see, even if it was through my fingers! They are making a mug out of Sea at the mo. He should front it a bit.
Ooh, 'friends' and 'have fun' from Noirin! Score.
You can tell a lot about a housemate from their faces whilst watching Siavash dig his own grave. Sophie and Rodrigo looked hurt for him. Charlie was practically licking his lips. Lisa found it funny.
Rodrigo and Charlie were mainly shitting their pants about what they've been up to, methinks.
Look at the way Charlie strutted into that room afterwards to rub Siavash's nose in it. He was basically skipping. Siavash was milking it. But it is embarrassing for him.
I wonder where Noirin is now. I do know she aint happy. How could she be?
Lisa's impression of Marcus was surreal. Sophie's Irish accent was the strangest thing I've ever heard. She sounded half Liverpudlian, half South African. They should have dug up the HOODIE! I miss the hoodie. Give Siavash the hoodie to sniff.
Haha, Sophie pulled out the 'friends' gun. Friends, friends, friends! I miss Noirin.
Is BB victimising Sivash a good or bad thing? I think good, a sympathy vote is still a vote, dude. Lap up the crumbs. I think Siavash knows it, too.
The others seemed to be enjoying taking the mickey a little TOO much for my liking. Siavash did a bad thing, but he paid the price, and I think, was badly hurt.
Urgh and Lisa sticking the knife in. Bitch. Does she not understand that some things aren't black and white?
Give Siavash his clothes back. And as for you, Lisa, get out of my sight.

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