Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Derren Brown: The Event: Live

Woo: well excited about this ten minutes of television, and you wouldn't say that very often. My boyfriend said he doesn't see the appeal of Derren Brown and Mystic Meg is 'just as good'. I beg to differ, Sam of Dunthorpe, did you ever find that money hidden in your father's toolbox? Thought not.
I've even bought a lucky dip tonight, now what are the chances that Derren's going to call THOSE babies out? 14 million to one, apparently. You have odds of 10 million to one of getting struck by lightning.
I love, love, love Derren; he is a genius, and even if it is all smoke and mirrors, YOU could never do it, he's put the legwork in, not us, and God bless him for it. I just think he's very funny and charming too, but he probably made me think it. Darn!
9/9/9! Witchcraft. WHAT! He's only predicting 5 of the 6?! Pathetic! Hehe.
Is it just sleight of hand? This thing about the time running out is bullshit; that's Derren just putting some crap in your head, mark my words. 'Delay...' he's up to something!
Derren sounds nervous!!! I love it when he's on the hop. What if he gets it wrong?! Haha, if it goes wrong, he's really sorry. At least he's not planning to quit magic if he fugs it.
But he's not going to fug it, is he?
Who is that douche presenting on the BBC? He's a numpty! Which machine will it be? Genevieve?!
Funny watching Derren watching it; weird! It's gotta be sleight of hand. GOTTA BE! That podium/ stand thing. It's suspect!
He got all six. I, on the other hand, only got one.
I want more than ten minutes! If he teaches us how to do it in tomorrow's show, the lottery aint gonna be a big winner any more! We're all going to win about a fiver.
Ooh, new Peep Show! *squeals*


coxon le woof said...

Great bit of TV but it's all a trick (obviously).

We've worked out a vague theory this morning.

I think it is something to do with mirrors and perspective. If you see when he's next to the tv he's taller than it but when he is by his prediction balls he is shorter than the TV. And when he moves between the two he grows/shrinks in size really quickly and does a strange unnecessary turn. So we're not actually seeing the real balls until the end. There is also a thought that when he writes the numbers down, he writes them backwards.

Or something.

But we're probably completely wrong because the man is simply AMAZING. Or a witch. Can't wait to see his explanation!!

Anonymous said...
possible solution

Ossian said...

It was blindingly obvious that somebody was just writing the numbers on the backs of the balls while they were being called out. What do you think that black background was all about. Complete rubbish. And his hokey so-called explanation was just a wind-up. Duh. The best I can say about it is e's 'aving a larf. I hate him. And I only saw a bit on the news, wouldn't watch it in a fit.