Monday, 12 January 2015

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Reg No-worth

So Ken gets the boot tonight, three days too late. Why give the little troll another chance to insult someone?
Talking of trolls, here goes Perez, yapping away again, ordering people about. I didn't pay attention at the start of this task and now I don't know what the fuck is going on. NICE BIKE! It looks cheap as fuck. One exercise bike. How much was that, £44 from Argos? What the hell have they got on their heads? Bikes make me think of Callum form Dexter's year, taking it on board in his horrible t-shirts. Poor sod.
Nadia bugs the crap out of me, declaring Cheggers a national treasure. He's not. He's an annoying person who pops up on TV from time to time; like Paul Ross or Chris Packham. Rold Harris was a national treasure, and he wasn't even British, and he was a paedophile. So maybe national treasures aren't all they're cracked up to be anyway.
Kavana is singing in an American accent. Why? Chloe reminds me of Rylan facially. They both have a bit of a sunken look. I think it's like sculpting, or contouring or whatever the fuck it's called, but they've overdone it and now they look like The Scream.
Aw, Calum, 'A lot of the time my dad played football with me it was set up with pictures.' That's sad. It is sad when your dad is a drunk or a wifebeater. It leaves a mark on you that never comes off. Calum actually seems OK on the whole. I could see him in the final.
Oh OK, they're doing endurance cycling to raise non existent money. Like Frankie Grande's orphanages (one for the Americans there).
God, Perez is taking offence again. At Patsy. What the fuck? She wasn't being offensive. She was taking an interest in Alexander's life story, by the sounds of things. It is a shame racism is so offensive in America; I thought we were more tolerant here, but then... Reg/Ken. Jade. It's embarrassing, isn't it? It's embarrassing when people who are foreign come here and we insult them. I find it shameful. But Patsy is not that.
Patsy; waterproof mascara, please. Snoop Dogg, I hope you're pleased with yourself. Your lyrics have caused an international race war (not really). Alexander seems cool. He's very chilled about everything.
Now Ken is calling Patsy a scrubber. Leave it out, Reg. It's getting old. 
This song for the task is shite, but I enjoyed the key change.
OMG Ken is going on at Chloe about Jeremy now. It's the victim blame day today. Going into a room to help someone out when they're being sick is asking for it apparently.  The Wright Stuff was absolutely despicable today; Dr David Bull was on saying 'what on earth was she doing in her dressing gown in the bathroom with him?' Er... seeing if he was alright? There was some other fucking spud on who was even grosser. Check it out if you can bear it. Even Lowri Turner, alleged feminist, didn't defend Chloe.
This Cami Li rant seemed to come out of nowhere, was it related to the Jeremy conversation? Nadia calling Ken passive aggressive; he's not, he's aggressive aggressive. Nadia is passive aggressive. She's a Linda Nolan/ Colleen Nolan/ Denise Welch typical middle aged sanctimonious boot. I can't STAND her. She's worse than Perez, IMO.
Reg: 'They are some of the best looking arses I've ever seen.' NOT CREEPY AT ALL. That was quite frightening, but he gave Nadia exactly what she wanted.
Nadia is trying to set herself up as some kind of moral crusader, which doesn't suit her. It's not about rape, it's about an old perv. OMG Perez is staring Reg out now. This is getting weird. That was actually quite threatening when Perez said to him, 'If I were you, I'd fear for my safety when I leave the house.'
LOL Perez is getting a tell off for threatening Ken with the old 'pow pow pow' treatment. Perez: 'I'm smart.' No, you're not. I love the fact Big Brother got audibly annoyed with Perez there. I don't think I've ever heard Big Brother snap at someone like that before.
OMG now Alex is telling Chloe off for showing too much skin when she gets changed! Poor woman, she's being branded the house harlot just for being young and pretty. They're going to be burning her at the stake next. I understand Alexander is old. But give the girl a break, she's had a rough couple of days. Is it really that offensive if you get a glimpse of her bum? Reg would love it.
So the straw that broke the camels back was the phrase: 'Negro rhythms'. At least he didn't say it TO Alexander this time. Just ABOUT Frank Bruno. Hope he's not watching.
So was he just being as objectionable as possible to get removed? I suppose the only way we would know is if we find out if they get paid or not. If he gets paid anyway, it's no skin off his nose to act the goat and get thrown out as soon as possible. But if not then he's just a thick cunt. In fact, let's just go with that.


electriclandlady said...

How many times did Reg have to say negro before they chucked him out? What an insensitive cunt. I hope they put the wealdstone raider now.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure why C5 waited until Ken said many wrong things for them to kick him out, maybe C5 were waiting for Ken to have killed somebody in house for them to act quicker.
How delighted was Loudmouth perez, he wouldn't shut the fuck up about it.
I actually love reading your blogs. It's a shame others don't seem to want to read it. It's full of entertainment . 👍