Friday, 16 January 2015

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: I'm a producer's wet dream

So is Jordan going in tonight? I personally don't care either way. I find her monotone and boring. We've seen her schtick too many times before.
Katie vs Alicia. I don't care about that either, tbh. More Perez, please! Perez has become my new favourite. It was when he started crying during the talent show that I realised. He is pure drama. I love him. When he said 'the British public love this' - he was right.
Look, people are cuddling Katie Hopkins. They must be evil. They ARE evil.
I'm not voting tonight because I don't care who goes. I'm more worried about what Mr Buns the rabbit is doing.
Katie Hopkins is crying because people like her. Boo! That's not what we want to see. Look at Katie stroking Cami's hair. Grooming her, literally.
Alicia and Perez chumming up is ace. They are both as mad as each other. Why is Kavana trying to tear them apart?! I'm glad Alicia grassed on him. Perez is pure entertainment.
Good luck to Chloe, wanting to put Perez in the background. You'd have a better job trying to Cami do a bit of lesbian horseplay.
Get Perez out! Boo! Michelle got cheered. They saved Alicia first! Yeah! Then Michelle! Cool.
Perez is cracking me up in the garden. I love how much he's winding them all up. He's filling the Jeremy hole for me atm.
Nadia is sticking up for Perez. She's making his stock plummet. Cheggers is pretending he likes Perez. I think it's just because he hates Cami more than Perez. Patsy is INVISIBLE tonight. Calum is doing the whole nice guy act.
Perez is doing a Busey right now. He's stealing the show. I can't bear him, yet I love him.
Stop arguing before bed! It's hard to know who's side to take in Nadia vs Cami, they are both so odious.
I'm glad Alicia said 'fuck you' to Cami. Not before time. They are bullying her. I can't BELIEVE Cami said her family don't love her. What an absolute cunt. Then she denied it! Cami is a cunthole. No getting around it.
What the FUCK is Perez doing? Show it closer, please! LOL. What is Michelle talking about 'our community'? Is she gay? She's not even gay, so I don't know what she's talking about. Get a grip. Perez is hilarity.
Chloe has been evicted. Dressed as a wench. Unfortunate. That's guilt by association for hanging out with Cunti Li. Bet she sells her down the river soon enough. Can we have Jeremy back now? I'm sure he's changed, ha.
Chloe: 'There's not one person in there who's actually enjoying themselves.' LOL.
Chloe: 'Katie is a wonderful lady.' OK then.
They seem to be skirting over the Jeremy thing pretty hard in the interview. Probably legal reasons. Why did they never interview Jeremy? They interviewed Daley. I saw Pippy interview him on This Morning.
Chloe would love to see Cami in the final. Good luck with that.
Why is Emma interviewing Chloe with her coat on? It makes me on edge. Look at those gloves, too. It looks like she's going to strangle someone. Jeremy has been erased from her best bits! Boo!
And now time for the 'shock' arrival... but is it a shock? Oh, no it's Jordan.
Jordan's VT made me LOL! I hope she's locked her fanny rat husband in a cupboard. Katie Hopkins looks pissed off. Michelle looks too pissed off, too.
Ha, what was Perez doing! Hiding in the corner. Banished LOL. Jordan banished Perez, Cami and Nadia. Jordan is a pro at this, listen to that speech she did. TRUE GAMER.
Who is Perez saying is still on drugs?!
Hopefully there'll be a podcast later! It's been a busy week so lots to talk about... god help us. Thanks for reading!


Unknown said...

Some of the hm are falling into the trap what Perez does and reacting. That would make the public turn against them & to keep Perez safe from being evicted I could be wrong .
: )

Unknown said...

What happened to my comment I put on last night ?

Unknown said...

Oh I see it now . : )