Saturday, 10 January 2015

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Jeremy's broken

OH NO. The worst has happened. My Jeremy, my kryptonite has been evicted, and they won't even tell us why. This is why they don't have live feed, so they can TV-bait us like this. I don't think they've ever done this before though, not told us why someone's left. Imagine if we'd had to wait to find out when Nasty Nick got the boot? It would have been unthinkable.
That was a very comprehensive disclaimer at the start! Oh dear.
Reg is obviously going to be a total pervert tonight. Looks like he's lucky Jeremy takes the heat off him.
Dear God, Perez is SUCH a crawler. Reg thinks he's 'stirring'. He's actually being completely inappropriate.
I HATE Nadia! Lucy Cave said on BOTS that 'everyone loves her.' I don't, I she's fucking useless. Typical middle-aged CBB contestant. Boring, opinionated and sanctimonious. I'd rather be mates with Katie Hopkins than her. Also, she's trying to set herself up as Katie's nemesis and it's too transparent.
Reg to Cami: 'Half Hindu Princess, half slut.' Which turned to 'half Moroccan, half whore.' He should be given a warning on that basis alone. I am offended.
I'm glad Michelle told him to watch his mouth with the younger girls. Hold on, why is Nadia in a Parka and Perez and Cami are in their pants?! What's the temperature in there?
This is the part where we sit through the noms again. I don't mind if Reg dies of old age or boredom, as long as he dies.
Cami is a good character, whether she's a bitch or not. She might have to be my new fave now Jeremy's sexually assaulted someone.
Jeremy's splits are more impressive than most things in that house. 'The sacred juice!' Is Jeremy vaping crack? Oh dear, he had such potential.
Uh oh. 'Nice big fat Negro.' On a normal night, that would be enough drama. Ken should go, that's really offensive. That must make Alexander feel awful. Horrible man. Gross.
Oh, OK, so Chloe went in to look after Jeremy when he was sick and he groped her. How much booze have they given them, or is he on something else, too? If it IS just booze, Big Brother has to take some responsibility. On BBUS they don't give them drink, because of shit like this.
Jeremy: 'the time between being sick and being OK is pretty much the only moment I feel alive.' Oh my God. What a quote. And then.
Jeremy was off his fucking face and pulled her dressing gown to one side. Oh, God, Chloe is really upset. That is over the line and completely unacceptable. I don't think he's a monster, but he can't control himself and he needs to go for the safety of the others.
Jeremy comes out the bathroom going 'Elvis has left the building.' Nearly. Calum seemed to think it was OK.
'Curiosity killed the cat!' WTF. That's not much justification.
Perez and Michelle were the only ones right in that situation. 'Not OK' are the right words. Horrible to have that happen to you. Then she goes 'I know I've done page 3.' Poor thing, she's victim blaming herself. That is how deep rape culture is. She was trying to help him and he basically attacked her and she blamed herself. That's how it is to be a woman. Itt really is.
And now Jeremy is on the couch, getting affirmation from known pervert and racist Ken. 'I grabbed the tip of her robe to see.' To see what?! Her boobs without permission!?
Katie accusing Perez of 'whipping it up.' Perez has had a problem with Jeremy from day one, but with due cause, I guess,but still I question Perez motives. Just because one person is in the wrong, doesn't meant the people rallying round are in the right.
'Out of innocence. Out of curiosity.' Innocence! Funny choice of words. 'Emotionally wounded.' There's the door, Jeremy, get out. So they didn't kick him out straight away! Interesting.I wonder why. Consulting the lawyers?
Ken: 'Jeremy is a Jewish film producer from New York.' What the fuck is that meant to mean! He's obsessed with race and religion. Get him out! Ken has got to go. 'Violent fuck'? WTF. OMG what is going on with Ken and Perez in the loo! 'Disgusting misogynistic homophobic pig' is right. Calum is a tittering fencesitter. Nadia is also loving all of this, she's in her element.
So last night, Ken commented on race, Jewishness, sluts. Even when he got a warning he couldn't give a shit.
Now Jeremy's getting da boot. RIP. He did have the potential to be brilliant. Perhaps if he's stopped drinking. Maybe this will be the kick up the arse he needs to go to rehab. I hope so.

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Unknown said...

Ken should have been kicked out. Not 1, Not 2 but at least 5 times he went over the line in 1 show . 1 is bad enough but he definitely went over the line. Your right Big Brother are partly to blame for giving them booze whenever.
Anyway enough of me going on and on.
I really enjoy reading your blogs. It's like an extension of your wonderful, humorous pod that you & James do.