Saturday, 4 August 2012

Big Brother 13: Why am I crying?

I have an announcement to make: this planet is populated with scumbags. The amount of abuse Benedict has been getting on Twitter for saying THE TRUTH about the vile Conor. I wrote a few back and I've had girls calling think a thick, ugly slut. I find it quite amusing because you can own them by simply spelling a sentence right, but they are giving Benedict serious death threats. It's not acceptable. And it's also scary how anyone can defend that man - I would have thought even his own mother would be ashamed of him.
'It's just about getting to the final for me,' says Conor - cut to Conor walking out the door with a briefcase full of cash.
WOW to Deana sticking it to Becky. A little bit of context for that argument would have been nice.
I love seeing Becky all indignant - FOR THE LAST TIME before they have to winch the wall off and crane her out of there. 'Nothing she'd change about herself' - fucking hell, I'd have a list of about a million.
Deana is acting a little wacky today. I think I like it. Ashleigh, it doesn't matter what you wear, you'll still be a ratty, scabby waste of oxygen. PS: that dress looks gross.
Big Brother: 'Would you like Conor and Luke to stay in the white room forever?' Luke: 'Forever's a long time, but yes.' LOL.
Conor: 'if I won the show, I wouldn't give a fuck about the money.' Conor's doing a serious hard-sell on Luke S, a bit of strong game play there, 'you're more likely to win than me'.
Ashleigh thinks she can leave with her 'head held high'. Only if it's got a bag over it.
I like the way the soldiers cuddled when waiting for the eviction results. They're real friends, who really care.  Everyone else is only out for themselves.
Becky will 'literally' never forget being in the house. Hopefully in time I'll literally forget she existed.
The soldiers are gloating a bit, but I don't blame them. Again, Ashleigh is saved, though? How come?
Quite sweet watching this button bullshit again. My boyfriend was right: Luke had his hands behind his back Family Fortunes style, he wasn't primed and ready to go. It was greed that was his undoing; if he'd just pressed it a second earlier. Conor was seriously sly there.
Why did they tell them they have one minute to take the money. It's obvious to leave it until the last minute.
That was DELICIOUS seeing how close the button press was. 'What about Ashleigh?' What about her? Luke's face when he realised was just brilliant. You leave with NOTHING. I could watch that on a loop for an hour. 'I would have split the money' - bit late to make that deal now. Luke; you leave with NOTHING.
Luke is SO angry. Sobbing like a baby. Why is Ashleigh so happy for Conor? Misjudged, much?
I want to feel sorry for Luke S but I'm laughing too hard. It's not the first time he's been humiliated in that house; and probably wont be the last.
Everyone seemed happy to see Conor leave; shame we had to pay him off first.Yeah take the blood money and fuck off, you hateful prick.
Was Adam even laughing at Luke? There was no camera on him to tell. Deana: 'if I was you I'd be crying right now.' Rub it in, girl!
Scott sussed what was going on straight away. Will Luke S get a few sympathy votes this week?
'What's the house going to be like without Becky and Conor?' Better.
Luke S, you'll always be remembered as a no.1 loser. Conor virtually disowned Luke S's friendship the second he left the house.
Luke S: 'why am I crying?' Because you got played. Because you got fucked over and your ego got hurt.
Everyone saying 'I would/ wouldn't have taken the money' is crap, everyone would have taken that fucking money. I don't blame Conor for taking the money and stabbing Luke in the back. That just showed that everything we knew about him was true. I resent the Big Brother producers for allowing it to happen - it's not just morally wrong, it's virtually corrupt. 
I love Deana telling Luke S to cry. CRY CRY CRY.
Scott has got this situation sussed. Love the soldiers rubbing it in. Deana is enjoying this SO MUCH. Luke looks like he's just been through the wars and back. I think he might need some post-traumatic counselling.
I'm surprised the other housemates arent more pissed off about Con-man taking the money. Do you think they're packing Conor's suitcase nicely or not nicely? I'd pack it Banged Up Abroad style.
The pecking order in that house is really going to change now. Luke is defeated. Deana is powerful. She deserves her moment to revel in this, although it's still not fair Conor got that £££.
At work when we're bitching about someone in the kitchen and they walk into the room we have a secret code phrase to change the subject. These guys should work on that.
Loved the little montage of Luke S pacing around at the end. They really have treated him like the bellend he is since he walked in that door. Oddly, they've treated Conor as if he's the second coming.
The saddest thing, though, was seeing Conor walking out of that house with a smile on his face, happy as as a pig in shit. I hope he gets robbed on the way home. Whatever: I just don't want to look at his fucking ugly face ever again. And I hope Deana sues BB when she gets out for jeapordising her health and safety. And I hope some other things that are probably unprintable on Blogger.


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Brilliant as always !

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That was bloody brilliant and spot on...

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Thank you so much - it's harder and harder to find the motivation to write this blog so these comments really help! :)

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That was perfect! Love it.