Saturday, 18 August 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Fuck off, you prick

Janine's master plan fell apart quite spectacularly last night; leaving Danica nicely off the hook. She thought she had all her ducks in a row and she didn't. Now she's going to star in her own morality popularity contest: and lose to Vermin's cyber dolly. Can't wait! At least Danica is honest about her business. How much do you think Jasmine got for a walk-on role as Simon Cowell's beard? You admitted your gagged from talking about it, so you don't get gagged for nothing. Fucking dickwad.
Heather stop buttkissing Julie Goodyear. Julie is a genuinely funny woman; I hope she stays for the long haul.
Jasmine is basically bullying Damica. So she'd do topless modelling? Jasmine is the biggest fucking hypocrite in that house. 'She's selling the idea of it...' Selling the idea of it is BETTER THAN GETTING YOUR BOOBS OUT. Either way it's all part of the same fucking THING. The men are happily paying; if they're stupid enough to pay, let the motherfuckers pay. Jasmine's idea of 'morality' is whatever she doesn't do. You're a former crackhead, celebrity fucker and I hope Damica finds her balls and gives it back to that cunt. She's got enough ammo.
Jasmine is just a woman who hates other women, simple as that. I did have a giggle when John Mcruick said she looked about 85.
Samantha Brick: princess for the day. I hope her husband doesn't find out, he'll be busting that door down with a shotgun in about 15 seconds flat.
Jasmine is psychic: she can feel it kicking off. Cos she started it.
I like seeing The Situation vulnerable! He's smitten. Who knows how she feels? But there could be more shoes on the way, and that's the main thing.
Harvey's nomination for Damica was particularly despicable. What is a 'real celebrity' these days? You're no better than an internet troll. Another morality lesson from a one-hit wonder, two-dime fucking criminal. Damica should bite back at him too and not go 'it's Ok.' It's not OK to be spoken to like that.
What is the deal with Jasmine and her boring son? Anyone would think she's the first person to have ever pushed a baby out of her fanny. It was your choice to have that baby; it's not my problem, meth face.
Jasmine is ready to BLOW. I don't really see why Rhian is on the block, she's seems utterly inoffensive.
Don't you get it that the missing your family thing is just a cop out vote! They're trying to be kind to you.
Jasmine is getting exactly what she deserves. I had her card marked from day one. BOO WOO. She needs to go get some intensive therapy; she's completely nuts. She's just damaged goods.
Prince Lorenzo shouldn't feel embarrassed - nominating is the name of the fucking game! Never seen BB before?
Jasmine: 'I've tried so hard to work on my character defaults.' Must try harder. I want Julie to give me a motherly hug. She's got a really nice, warm way with people.
WHY is Rhian up? She just seems like a normal, nice girl. It is just a 'slut-shaming' vote, IMO.
Have you noticed that it's only skinny people who drink full fat coke, and fat people drink diet coke?
Jasime is such a manipulative cunt. You can't win with that bitch. Damica was being totally cool with her and trying to make amends. Jasmine has got persecution syndrome. She's completely unhinged.
Jasmine: 'I'm stunned that prostitute lasted longer than me.' SHE'S NOT A FUCKING PROSTITUTE. Even Samantha Brick looked uncomfortable about that. Put a wish list up, I bet not one person would buy you a fucking sausage, you evil cow. Here's what I wish for you; GET OFF MY SCREEN. And leave the country. But I do hope she survives the noms. ;0
BTW Exitainment now has it's own spin off radio show with a co-host that's 25% funnier than me, so have a listen if you want. You can hear the Northampton accent I'm trying to shake off, plus my Lauren-style annoying laugh. I'd listening to the launch show ep, as we were a bit drunk the second time.

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