Sunday, 12 August 2012

Big Brother 13: He's such a cheesy bastard

Sorry I didn't blog last night, but I've come crawling back for the penultimate one. I did a couple of quite funny tweets, too. TYPICAL.
Ooh, squirrel housemate. I'll crown him as winner over 40% of the house.
How are they going to pad out this show? Luke S's hair is too dark. He's too pale for it. Oh shut up scragbag, no one buys your Ashleigh ho-mance BS. 'What are you going to miss about Ashleigh?' His leg shook when he said 'everything'.
LOL to Deana not doing the dishes for 12 days. I bet Ashleigh didn't do many dishes in there. WOMEN SHOULD BE DOING DISHES, obviously. It's funny seeing Luke S being forced to speak to Deana.
Who is Nina Mishcov to tell people about fame? I barely recognise her and my boyfriend went 'she used to be on Through the Keyhole.' Is that the best celeb they could get in there? Did they blow the budget paying off that shaved ape?
Deana looks peed off with Nina. I like her dress today. She's looked really nice lately.
No one's looking up your skirt, Nina. You're less famous than Sandi Toksvig.
I don't think they're exactly going to have to worry about fending off crazed fans. Luke A loves the attention from the ladies, and he does like a flirt, but I don't find that creepy, it's probably because it's all just new to him.
Stop digging Luke A out about the BMI comment already! Dickheads. People said a zillion times worse and it was NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN. Disgraceful double standards.
Nina has SO got an axe to grind with Deana, it's really hacking me off. Didn't BB learn from last time, the more they shit on a housemate, the more people vote for them? It's like Aaron all over again. Maybe they do it deliberately, I honestly don't know...
Is Sara wearing a comedy hat? She looks like Aunt Sally. I wish Nina Mishcov would FUCK OFF. She's really getting on my nerves. Deana looks like she wants to kick her in the face.
Good on Adam for not backing down about the Arron thing. Arron was a little prick who deserved everything he got.
Who the fuck is Nina to go in there telling them to watch their behaviour and showing them 'embarrassing' clips? Do you think they'd have shown Conor's little epilator hate rant if he'd still been in the house? WOULD THEY FUCK. Hypocrites.
Ooh.. do you think they've put Luke S and Deana to have dinner together to shitstir? Do you? Do you? Zzzzz.
Why DOES Luke S backcomb his hair like that? Imagine if a man you worked with came in with that barnet. He would be laughed out of the door.
Note BB pointing out Deana has a cook and a maid (ie. she's rich and doesn't deserve the money). SUBTLE. Well she deserves it more than that Aztec-print wearing, hitler-hairdoed, hateful, horrible CUNT CONOR who got NO ONE'S VOTE and NO ONE HAD A SAY IN THE MATTER (except Luke S, I suppose) so get your fucking priorities right, you transparent FUCKWITS. You make me sick, seriously. You let that sub-human walk out with half the cash, and you're trying to stop Deana from legitimately winning the money? You fuckers. *Danny Dyer voice* 'How can you sleep at night?'
Is Sara 4 realz? How could anyone's favourite song be Meatloaf's 'I would do anything for love (but I won't do scat)'? How do people know the words?! I would say at least it's a long song, but that's one song you don't want to go on for long. She's one of the most bizarre people on the planet, with the weirdest views, yet still, somehow, she's still uninteresting.
OMG Sara actually FANCIES Meatloaf?! That is unforgivable. When he's all SWEATY?! WTF. What about when he's got bitch tits in Fight Club? Luke S: 'What if you had to choose between the Queen and Meatloaf?' Sara: 'Oh the Queen, obviously.' Obviously?! There's nothing obvious about any of this. She talks the most nonsense ever.
Luke A, don't invoke the name of Caroline, it probably releases a curse on the house. Adam: still lolling at 'guys want to be me, girls want to be with me.' There is more mileage in that, admittedly. Cheesy bastard, hehe. Luke A and Adam's friendship proper makes me blub. You're so lucky in life when you make a friend like that. It's worth more than 50 grand, it really is.
It's weird they're having like the series round up tonight. Missing out a certain clip, though, like a rotten little heart beating under the floorboards, but we know. We know.
Oh, Benedict. It could have all been so different. I miss you. That ending was weird. It's not quite over.
It's a bit of a shame the final is on a Monday night, in my opinion. I want to get drunk and watch the final, and I haven't even got any money for a bottle of wine. Austerity times! Vote Adam: Deana's going to get loads of votes anyway. See you then!

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