Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Sackcloth and clashes

I'm getting sick of this vendetta against Danica now. A women who makes money out of her sexuality must be crushed. Must be booed. Must have her spirit crushed. Must have her hymen stitched up again and the sheet waved out on the street once her Prince comes. Fucking SPARE ME! It's making me SICK. *spits feathers*
This task is annoying. Are they giving Julie enough rope to hang herself? Imagine if Danica was lying there being fed by the 'cherubs'. Whore/slut/ bitch, etc. Sigh. Love that camera angle where it looked like Julie was giving that guy a blowjob.
I wouldn't eat that manky old bruised banana from Morrisons. This is making me literally want to upchuck. Wow, it didn't underline upchuck. That is an actual word.
Martin is really getting on my nerves tonight. He's become something worse than boring; unlikeable.
Oh so they can watch what the housemates are doing? Why are we only being told about this now, or did I get dirt in my eye in the last part?
Uh oh, Harvey is hearing them slagging him off. It's quite mild though, it's just them telling the truth really. That pie in the face wasn't THAT bad. Gone off Julie. Gone off a lot of these people, actually.
If I had to hang out with any of these housemates, it would be Julian, Rhian, Danica and Prince Lorenzo.
Harvey: 'she'll start her trickery again.' What is she, a fucking sourceress?
At least they didn't show Rhian's nominations, but that's still cruel doing that to her. The Situation doesn't know what a skivvy is. Ashley you sacrificed your dignity long ago, sunshine.
The Gods are just going to pick whoever they like the most. Why do they love Ashley so much? Are they seeing something I'm not? My boyfriend reckons it's because he's weak and easily led.
The Situation is having a little hissy fit. He looks like an angry Fred Flinstone. Wiiiiiiiiiiiilma!
Harvey and Ashley in there is like Jay and Anton in the crypt; NOT TV Gold. TV shite. Who do they think they are? They aren't so much douchebags, as douche change purses.
I can't believe people actually still call him 'The Situation' in conversation. It's mental.
Are we seeing Situation's sensitive side in the DR? Does he really care about Ashley that much? NO. He's miffy-ied about getting cockblocked and that's it. Get it, got it, good.
How has Sitch seen the websites he's on? He hasn't! He's just been caught out as the feeble, boring man he is. The Sitch has been potato-sacked. Took one for the team, uhuhuhuhuhuh.
Good on Danica telling Sitch what's what. 'It's not my problem that you fancy me and I don't fancy you back.' Exactly.
Look at Julie stuffing her face. Ugh!
LOL at Prince Lorenzo not able to escape 'The Situation.'. She's right, Sitch is petty. I'd love to read Lorenzo's mind right now. Yeah, shut up about your Lamborghini, Sitch. And your abs.  
Wow, Coleen and Julian are actually backing her up. Thank God. Some sense! Someone speaks sense. They didn't back her up at the time, did they? But even so, it's something.
Danica would prefer a bottle of perfume from Rhian than a Lamborghini from Sitch. Er... will socks, do?
Fuck off, Brick, you old hag. I can't wait to see you get the boot.
Sitch is stomping round like a little kid who hasn't got his own way.
I hate this wishy washy alliance of Martin, Julie, Ashley and Harvey. The moral majority! Fucking spare me. A wifebeater, a murderer (well, Steve Owen, anyway), Bet Lynch, a known cow, and Ashley, a little turd.
I can't wait to read Samantha's hit-piece on Danica when she gets out. Does this idiot know what The Situation does for a living? He does THE SAME DAMN THING. Except he fucks girls on TV. HYPOCRITES!
LOL to Danica hiding under Prince Lorenzo's sack. I've noticed her hide under a lot of things, blankets, jackets. Oh STFU Martin, just because she never went for you. Cos you're TOO OLD.
Imagine Ashley saying 'bless his cotton socks' about you. Ouch. This is cruel letting them watch this conversation, it's nasty. I feel sorry for Prince. He's a bit vulnerable! But let's not forget: he's a grown man. He can look after himself. He doesn't need protecting.
So I think I'm going out tomorrow night (to see Patrick Wolf at the Old Vic, see it's not all trash culture with me) so I don't think I'll get time to do a blog, but if I've got the spirit we'll do a podcast when I get back but that won't be until after midnight. And if my spirit is broken, I might not not even make it! But I'll do my very best.
If Danica goes, I'm going to be fucking livid. Save Danica; evict Brick!  

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