Sunday, 5 August 2012

Big Brother 13: You did press it, you were just too slow

I think Deana needs to keep her unbridled joy under check just a little bit. I would be happy if I was her, but she shouldn't look like she's boasting. Boast privately.
Luke S is 'happy to be in the final.' I'll be happy to see him kicked out first on final night. No, not first. Ashleigh first if she's still hanging round like a cold sore.
I find Luke A's desperation for 'acceptance' quite annoying. 'When will you accept yourself, for Heaven's sake?' as the great man once sang. Who gives a fuck what people think, 'it's your life, live it however you want to.' as everyone's favourite white rapper once said.
Scott's going a bit David Icke - don't mention atoms to Ashleigh, she'll probably think it's a nightclub. 
Luke A 'feels good morally.' Sara: 'it's good you didn't press it.' HE DID FUCKING PRESS IT, YOU NUMPTY. He has no moral high ground whatsoever. He's lower than a snake. I think Sara might be thicker than Ashleigh. Deana's face was a picture, followed by: 'you did press it, you were just too slow.' I love the fact she's just saying it now. She really doesn't give a shit anymore, and that is glorious. She also somehow looks more beautiful, with this weight off her shoulders. She's definitely Queen Bee now.
Love Scott and Luke A speculating about Luke S's sexuality. That guy really can't catch a break right now. I hope Sara and Ashleigh are up this week, as they're both thick and horrid.
I've never seen Ashleigh wear those leggings before. How could you still have unworn clothes after two months?
You can tell from Deana's face she's done with Sara now. I hope she nominates her. Well, she's got to nominate either Scott, Ashleigh or Sara cos it's soldiers4life, innit? I really want Scott to get to the final.
This magic potion task is really funny. Is it safe to drink weird dry ice stuff? I didn't see Luke S saying he loved him! Deana's task was funny, too.
Luke S drank the 'I've lost 50 grand' potion. We never got to see what Ashleigh, Scott or Adam's potion was. Maybe Ashleigh's was an intelligence potion, therefore there was no footage to show. 
How funny that Luke S had his bum cheeks out in the bath and Ashleigh didn't bat an eyelid. I don't think she even finds him physically attractive. I was agog.
I don't think Luke S is being any more cocky than usual; he's always been king cock. His best move would be to lie low and seem a bit beaten, in my opinion. A new low: Luke wearing pink sunglasses in the bath.
I have those skull glasses they're drinking out of! I swear they have a party ever night in that house.
Luke: 'I don't know if I'm keen on those wedges.' Who asked you, motherfucker? Why is he telling Ashleigh what to wear. I'd tell him to go fuck himself. I can't STAND blokes like that. I have a jumper my boyfriend particularly hates and I wear it with glee.
Luke is adding more fuel to his gay fire. Keep stoking it!
LOL, Dean's pissed as a fart. Her diatribe to Luke S was FUCKING HILARIOUS. Luke S's face. That was a PROPER rub in. Then halfway through she went sorry, and then started on him again. 'It's only a bit of banter' - I actually applauded at that. Luke S didn't have one word to say, just this fixed look as if he was trying very hard not to knock her block off.
Shit, someone needs to put Deana to bed, quick. She's telling the truth and people don't like it. Adam should just go to Luke S, 'ignore her, she's drunk.'
Soldiers: put Deana to bed, for fuck's sake. She's just being drunk and argumentative; we all get like that sometimes. Everyone says stupid things when they're drunk, she just happened to say some very funny things, too.
Luke S in the diary room: BOO WOO. I love the fact they keep cutting to Deana giggling hysterically like a madwoman. LOL Deana made Luke S cry. I was proper cackling along with Deana. She should get drunk more often. It's kind of ironic that even though the horrible Conor has gone with half the cash, it's almost been worth it to see the others so free and unleashed. That was one of the funniest episodes I've seen so far. Deana FTW.

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