Friday, 10 August 2012

Big Brother 13: Boo woo x 2

You decide? OK, can I evict Sara and Luke S? No? OK I've decided. I'm gonna vote to save Deana and Adam. I think calling it a semi-final is over-egging it a bit. Monday seems like a funny day to have the final on. And I get one days grace before CBB starts? Fucking hell, give me a break, why don't you? I want to do a blog about (Mike Judge's uh-huh-huh-huh) Beavis and Butthead.
Why has Adam woken up crying? That's not a good way to start the day. I like Deana's dress. I'm glad she apologised. I think she's just a bit of a control freak. I don't know what Adam REALLY makes of her, but I'd love to know. Funny that Deana dismisses Scott as a candidate to win, but she's actually right.
Scott's going to be like Elton John when he has a baby, basically. LOL to Deana and Adam digging Luke out again.
Brian is looking quite waxen tonight. We all know Scabby's going; it's just who she's carting out with her.
I wonder if I would be good at the limbo. I'm short so maybe that would help.
Luke S looked gayer than ever doing the limbo. I think his limbo face is like his sex face. Scott does seem quite bendy, no pun intended. Scott is getting a lot of AIRTIME. I wonder why? (Because producers want to get Deana out).
Having said that I think we have been spared a lot of the 'showmance', thank fuck.
Scott: 'Big Brother has been the womb and this could be the rebirth of me.' Was Caroline the placenta? Becky was definitely the afterbirth.
I can't tell who they're chanting to get out. Ashleigh's hair looks rank. Why is Deana getting booed?
Hold on, did Scott get less votes than Ashleigh? Fucking hell. That's rough. I think it must be the Luke S and Conor vote ringing up for Ashleigh. I like Scott's blue and green outfit and I'm glad he got a cheer. He kind of did the same as Tom did last year and he had a similar gameplan; wishy-washy. It looks like he's got a bruise on his face. What's up with the crowd, is it fancy dress?
Scott seems a bit quiet in his interview. It's a shame he left before Sara, Luke S and Ashleigh, though. But I don't feel emotionally invested in Scott. He never really let us in, and he picked his friends poorly. I think ultimately he was just shallow. He got a short interview. Still, at least he gets to do BOTS, I spose. No BOO WOO in his best bits! WTF. Folly. That was his finest second.
Yes, Ashleigh is out! The soldiers are safe, even if Deana was getting booed to fuck. Who cares, Aaron win last year and got booed all the way.
It all feels very rushed tonight! What's the hurry? That klaxon thing gets on my nerves. Let's hear the boos. Ashleigh seems fairly sensible in her interview.
Luke S DID choose the money over spending the rest of the time in the house, Brian.
Showmance or romance? Ho-mance. OMG are they really showing Ashleigh this task in her interview? It would have been better to do it in the house; much more dramatic. I can't believe they showed her that; it's quite hurtful. Well, it would be if she wasn't so stupid. As it is, she doesn't seem to give a shit.
I can't believe they didn't show the 'wipe up' in the best bits!
I'll be voting for Adam and Deana FTW. Can't wait to see Luke S leave first on Monday. Look at his moody little turtle face. He knows he's got no chance of winning. He's just basically got a three day wait for a cab. Should have listened to Madonna and pushed that button (quicker). 

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