Thursday, 23 August 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: We're gonna struggle cos you can't add up, honey

So tonight's midweek eviction. Do I want to watch a complete nutcase on TV? Of course I do. Do I think it's fair that she doesn't really know she's a nutcase and she's going to come out to a complete boo-cophany? Not really. I think she needs to be handled with care. She could even be a suicide risk; and it's not the first time the BB experience has driven someone to despair *insert 'me every night' joke here*.
I'm not voting tonight. I cannot vote to save Jasmine, entertaining as she is. I just can't have that blood on my hands.
Careful what you say to Samantha, Martin! He's right though, bands do split up about money a lot. Gold! Etc. We know about band members earning different sorts of amounts, don't we, Morrissey?
Is Julie giving Jasmine enough rope to hang herself? Jasmine: 'the only people who matter are the ones that matter.' How many of them are there?
I don't think Julie sees you as a threat, Coleen. I think she just finds you boring and nosy.

Jasmine is right, we have seen all there is to see of Rhian. 'I've got more trouble to cause.' Interesting tact! Rhian is pretty, but there's nothing to her.
My boyfriend reckons Jasmine's going to stay. NO CHANCE. He said is Rhian would have stood up to her, she would stay. Doesn't matter what Jasmine does, she cannot stay. You can't act like that and be saved.
I feel like we're missing half the story with Ashley and Rhian; but I also don't give a fuck about that storyline, so never mind.
Samantha: 'Rhian is experienced.' What does that mean exactly? Ashley has nothing to worry about watching it back. They've not shown him.
So lovely of Jasmine to dismiss other women as tits and arse. Nice to talk about other women like that.
Jasmine, don't take on Jodie Marsh! Now that's a battle I'd like to witness.
Danica IS a player; there's no doubt about it. If people thought Lauren was bad doing the splits in front of Adam, they must be agog at the sight of Prince Lorenzo licking glitter off her finger.
LOL to Jasmine's own mum calling her own daughter a piranha. Hilarious. Rhian's friend seems very eloquent... dur. Brian bounced off her quite well, though.
This home truth task is just mean; it's going to kick off. OMG Julian summed Coleen up as 'overweight'. OUCH, I like it when Julie calls people 'lady.'
Julian's career... 'mediocre... over.' LOL.
How come only these four are doing this task? This is making me tense! That's going to cause some ripples. I don't think Julie could give a fuck what people said about her.
I am overweight, but I wouldn't like being called it on TV. I'd rather be called a bitch, or a cow, or annoying, even though all four are true.
I'm still not sure about Julian. I want to get under the surface, but he won't let us.
Aw Cheryl hid her appearance from her boyfriend for four months. The internet is great for non conventional/ social awkward people hooking up, and I include myself in that. My boyfriend and I didn't know what each other looked like for about four months before we saw pics of each other. Luckily, we're both uber-babes.
Julian: 'Cheryl is long-winded.' I like it when him and Julie have a bitch, at least it's funny.
If you're watching on Channel 5+1 or on Demand GO FUCK YOURSELF, I'm sick of hearing about it.
So what's the point in the task if they've just replaced it with a trolley dash? All that effort was basically for nothing. Nothing can beat Jedward's trolley dash.
I reckon Lidl banned BB for life after Jedward's the trolley dash. Do you think Jasmine has ever been in Morrisons before? Get the meat, get the meat! Get a CD or something. Yorkshires! That wouldn't be top of my list. It would be quite hard to spend 700 quid in one trolley full in Morrisons. Unless they got a crate of champagne. Oh shit, they've got two trolleys. Oh, they passed.
Do you think the checkout girl was an actress or a real employee? She could be in CBB this time next year.
Oh, shut up, Coleen! She needs someone to torment like Michael Masden.
No one cares when you're down in the gutter, got no friends, got no butter. STFU, Julie, I'd like to have see you do better. I couldn't give a shit about having no teabags, but I wouldn't eat a dry crumpet either.
Twosome! You normally only hear that word on Cheaters.
Jasmine's out. SHOCKER. Lighting a fag in the BB house, sweet. REBEL. They'll get fined for that. Harvey: 'you can't smoke in here.' Jasmine: 'do you think I give a fuck right now?' Mario 'dipping his biscuit in this hot salty tea' wouldn't approve; health and safety, Jasmine. Jasmine is a health and safety risk all of her own.
Yeah, coming out smoking is the coolest thing since Benedict stealing the chair. Hardcore! Flick your fag into the crowd, we won't miss 'em.
'Mummy, I want to smoke so I can look like Jasmine!' Dem bones is hot. It's like a Nightmare Before Christmas.
Happy to be out the house, my arse.
What is the fucking story with her son? Apart from having her as a mum? 
Jasmine is coming across as disappointingly sane in her interview. She actually looked embarrassed when she saw herself telling Lorenzo to fuck off.
'You're making me uncomfortable.' 'I'm trying very hard to.' Just brilliant.
Jasmine: 'they're just skanky girls.' She looks so skanky it's unreal. It's all just so transparent and projection. I feel sorry for her, I really do.
Jasmine's got razors for cheekbones. And probably for fingernails, too. I still don't really know about Julie. I think she's hedging her bets.
Shame to see Jasmine go. Definitely the most interesting person in the house, the most honest, and the cruelest. I'll be interested to see the percentages. 
Ah fuck, I wasn't going to blog the live feed, but it's live noms! Gah. OK, I'll do it super quick.
Are all noms going to be live from now on then? I'm not sure I like that, I like some noms on the sly.
Is Julian putting the chicken on straight after the eviction? I think someone nominated Deana for that heinous crime.
I hope it's two nominations and not one, but the speed this live feed is going, it's highly doubtful.
Ah, they are doing nominations in private. What's Julian's prob with Sitch? 'He seems a bit dense and his body looks like a bag of spanners.' LOL.
'I've an awful feeling the Prince has got something contagious - dullness.' Mega. Superfunny noms. So 'the Occasional Table' is the official name for Sitch now? Even BB's given up. They should start flashing that up on the screen when he speaks.
Hurry up Julie, we aint got all night! They should be passing each other in that DR corridor like on BBUS.
Interesting Julie nominated the Prince, too. Collusion with Julian? He doesn't 'fit in' - is that a good enough reason? Sounds a bit 'princeist' to me. Her reasons for nominating him were crap. Just get it over with. Got it, get it, good. Now f-off. NEXT! How the fuck are we going to fit in all the nominations when Julie's been nominating one person for ten minutes? This is ridiculous. Are they going to force her to nominate someone else instead?
God, I'm getting really fucked off with this. This Big Brother woman needs shooting. It's LIVE TV. Get Brian Dowling in. I'll give you a clue for your next one, Julie, she's a loose woman. Chubby cheeks. Annoying. Next! Enough already.
Martin, please get on with it, FFS. I'm running out of patience. I'm glad Martin nominated Coleen. I'd like to see her go. Martin defending Samantha Brick! Julian's Daily Mail rant clearly hasn't reached his ears. Jesus, this Big Brother bitch is making him expand on his nominations, too. Are they scrapping BOTS? Always a silver lining, I suppose. What's Martin's beef with Rhian? She seems utterly inoffensive. She just thinks you're Reggie Kray, that's why. She's probably saw the Saskia incident, too. You got form, Kemp.
Heather's wardrobe needs a sort out. I suggest a burning. She's nomming 'the occasional table.' Boo. OMG WHAT DO YOU MEAN? WHAT DO YOU MEAN? WHAT DO YOU MEAN? STFU. Sack this Big Brother, immediately. Evict her! Hev/ Cheryl's second nomination was Samantha. She's friends with Coleen isn't she, in the Harridan harem. There's no way we're going to get through all these nominations. It should have been two minute nominations, in and out. Jesus, whoever is in charge in this show is thick as fuckery. Is it that little toffee-nosed girl who does the tasks? Why is Cheryl getting bird tweets over her noms?
Why is there so much flim flam in between, people sitting around chatting and making food? Why can't they make this show fucking PROPERLY. I've been doing a podcast for a week and it's better run than this fucking bullshit.
 Hold up, Julian's chicken isn't cooked properly, so he's thrown it away? Just put it back in for a bit longer, FFS. They've just had a break: the next person is not even in the DR ready to nominate. I nominate Julian for cooking a chicken improperly. JESUS H CHRIST.
And then the show just ENDS. It just ENDS. And now I have to blog the start of BOTS to find out who's up, I'm being FORCED to watch BOTS when I want to do my podcast and scream instead. How am I going to fit all this nonsense into 30 minutes? I bet you I can do it better than CBB can fit a few nominations into an hour.
I bet Emma's sweating now because her show' is fucked and she can only work from an autocue.
Nina Miskov on the PANEL AGAIN. Where is Victor? I was listening to couch potatoes and Victor is banned from BOTS for 'legal reasons'; anyone know what went on? I don't really give a shit what he did, these panels are whack. Luke Marsden, OK. But 90% of the guests are just so boring. The BB radio shows Couch Potatoes and the Big Brother Gossip show are a zillion times more entertaining and honest than this whitewashed bullshit. It's actually sickening.
I don't even want to watch this BOTS, I want to do my podcast! And they're not even mentioning the shambolic nomination fuck up. Oh Jesus, the other person on the panel is that frog from Atomic Kitten.
Who cares about Jasmine right now, what THE FUCK IS HAPPENING WITH THE NOMINATIONS?
OMG. Are they seriously showing us the same nominations again? We've not got brain damage. Why do they treat us like this? Why do we allow it?! My boyfriend just said 'we could have watched The Lord of the Rings' in this amount of time. I don't know which I'd like least. Emma's come as a fruit salad.
Interesting that Coleen and Julie both nominated each other second. We're not that stupid.
I think this blog is going to end up longer than my dissertation, which was about Eastenders, incidentally. Yeah, Eastenders! And now I'm a magazine editor. Take that, system. *looks at pay-packet and cries*
My boyfriend is laughing because Emma said she was going to give it Jasmine and she's not giving her a thing. Can you give me the nomination results so I can fuck off and do my podcast? My spirit is broken. I want to watch Beavis and Butthead. I need some light relief.
Sorry I just zoned out for like 20 minutes and made a crisp sandwich. I have to give props to Nina M having buggered off and Jasmine going 'I didn't even know she was still alive.' Quality one liner. Her comment about violence was good, too. Ooh and the 'sucking titties' comment at the end, too. Jasmine says she lies sucking titties herself! And STILL we don't know who's up. What an absolute farce. 
So my 'co-host' and I are going to do a podcast now so check it out - it will either be the best or worst thing ever. We've had over 150 plays so far, it's pretty amazing, and we've got a BBUS podcast too, if you're watching that, which no one is, except my friend JOTV.
So if you have a mad urge to hear my voice, it should be up in the next hour:
Thanks a lot if you do have a listen. Perhaps wait until tomorrow, because this shit has gone on longer than Enter the Void. Preesh! 


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Still don't think any exit can rival Benedict & the chair !

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