Friday, 3 August 2012

Big Brother 13: At the end of the day, I'm the one with 50K

So let's just get this straight. On a completely arbitrary task; Conor and Luke are given the chance to steal half the prize money; money then don't deserve, the public don't want them to have. A free pass to the final was bad enough; the money is just a final insult to everyone watching. Half the winners money, for nothing. Adam got a TV for his troubles on the last task. Why are these two knob-jockeys getting offered two amazing prizes? The producers haven't just lost their mind, they've basically taken away 'you decide' and changed it to 'fuck you.' If it was £10K I'd say fair enough, but half is just morally wrong, especially the way it was decided how housemates who go into the white room would happen. Unjust, unfair, unreal.
I don't know how Deana remains so calm around Sara. She must be fucking seething. Sara is just an awful person. They did her a favour editing her out for the first month.
Becky: 'I really can't wait to see the back of Deana and Luke A.' Presumptuous much? Ashleigh's enjoyed her past two months; can't say I have. Worst, most morally corrupt Big Brother ever, it's been a hateful experience.
I'm glad Brian is saying 'up to 50K' meaning hopefully they'll get less.
I loved seeing Luke S so irate at this task, it's fucking hilarious. Love the fact Becky and Ashleigh couldn't work out all the answers had 'white' in the title. That made me laugh quite a lot. Luke S has about as much respect for Ashleigh as I do for Conor. Did Ashleigh really think Santa Claus lives in the whitehouse? That task was very funny.
Did Ashleigh sleep through the entirely of school? Conor was actually being quite funny then, trying to psyche Luke S out.
Becky's getting quite booed! GOOD! LITERALLY kick that bitch out of the door; HOW DARE WE? etc. I'd really love to see Becky walk out that door tonight as I'm sure she thinks she's a shoe-in to win,
Luke S's punishment doesn't seem that bad. Has bean!
At least Luke A is brave enough to admit he feels jealous and insecure around Conor. Most people wouldn't have the gumption. He over analyses himself a lot, though.
Luke A is missing 'everyone in the house' - oh and Ashleigh. Can he say Ashleigh's name without yawning?
I'm not convinced Luke A believes in God, but I like the fact he prays anyway, to encourage God to affect the outcome of a gameshow.
YES Becky's a goner. Everyone saw right through your crap. Hope she falls down the stairs. Loving the sign saying 'BMI'. Show that bit where Luke A OWNED her in her best bits.
I think she's actually scrubbed up quite well tonight. Literally counter: 4.
Brian is giving her a bit of a hard time. It's always easier to have a go at the women evictees, isn't it?
Becky is clapping at her own odiousness. What IS a cheese-face?! That was cruel when she pretended to be friends with Deana for a week - what a cunt move.
OH NO Conor got the whole 50K. I honestly though Luke had pressed it first. Talk about cheated: we didn't get any choice in that. We didn't get to see Conor get his comeuppance; we got to see him rewarded. Seeing Luke S so pissed off is quite sweet, though. Conor shouldn't have even been able to say goodbye in my opinion.
How wrong is that seeing him walk out with half of Deana's swag? Fucking disgusting. No matter what happens now he's got one over on her. 
LOL, Conor still lives with his mum and dad. Brian's not had one go at him yet. LOL to that whitewash of Conor vs Deana - not even showing epilator gate. Says it all.
Ooh, they did bring it up. He said sorry in the Diary Room. How about saying sorry to Deana?
Whatever way you dress this up now; even if Deana wins, that fucking scum walked off with half her money. Just wrong, wrong, wrong. I thought Brian was harder on Becky than Conor.
Oh well; at least we don't have to look at Conor anymore. He showed what he was made of: a steaming pile of greedy, misogynistic hate-machine.
Loved the bit when Luke S came back in the house on the live feed and went 'what are you laughing at?' to Adam much. The mighty douche. Out douched by an early man. SUCKA.

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