Friday, 24 August 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Trott along

Are these our highlights; Julian smearing jam on his face? It's clear he doesn't give a shit if he goes, he's got his paycheck.
Hev prefered last week's face to face nominations; bet you did as everyone went for the easy targets. Did she really say 'ting'?
Fool me once! The Occasional Table is having a little cry because Damica didn't look after him when he got nommed. No, let's get real, he's upset because she doesn't fancy him and because she's playing him like a fucking fiddle. I think this girl is going to have a shock when she comes out of the house because he's got 4 million followers on Twitter and she's destroyed whatever egotistical image he had - she's probably destroyed his entire career. I always, always defend women from the usual 'prick tease' sexist bullshit. I think maybe that's just the way she is, and I think she can separate her emotions from her sexuality quite easily.
Julian, you don't need to campaign in the BB house. You campaign in the BBUS house. Is he actually bothered about being up? He hides it well.
I've voted to save Prince Lorenzo as I think he's most at risk and I'd love to see Coleen or Cheryl walk out the door.
Sitch must be at a low if he's confiding in Julian. Samantha just said to Prince she didn't nominate him. Rule break, rule break! 
Julian: 'I suppose she said something interesting last Friday.' on Samantha Brick: lol. I love his interactions with Julie. He's right, Sitch and Ashley aren't used to girls saying no to them, so it will be a good life lesson.
Julian and Sitch in top two - holler! I think it did mean more to Julian than he let on, actually. And the Sitch has got a massive fanbase; I have no idea why, but there it is.
Shit, they're making them do pleas to stay in the house! This is BBUS style, too. I'm not really that fond of that bit, and they didn't put the phone line up straight after, so what's the point.
Why is Prince Lorenzo getting booed? He's not done anything bad in the house.
Flower task: just more hate shitstirring from BB. Danica is not coming out of this well, and Sitch is getting a big sympathy vote.
If I overheard Harvey slagging me off, I'd go out there and tell him what's what. Harvey and Ashley are both privileged, entitled little brats. They're just slut-shaming little knobs.
Friends do not share beds; double or otherwise. He's trying to force into bed with him! I don't sleep in beds with my male friends. Has this little Judo knob every even had a girlfriend before? How dare he treat her like that? She's got a boyfriend, she doesn't want to get into bed with you! He reminds me of Kirk Norcross; just this feeling of how he's entitled to any women he sets his mind on.
Sitch won't take no for an answer either. This is a show that's being sold as a 'what awful prick teases' episode, but what it should actually be sold at is the 'little boys who won't take no for an answer' episode.
I can see Princess Danica getting ideas!
Samantha is getting a tell off. Judo dickhead just said who he nominated, too.  Ha, they called him up on it.
I couldn't give two shits about hot water! I didn't have a bath for the past two days because I had two days off work. Fuck hot water!
Ashley will not take no for an answer! He's trying to bully her into having sex with him. Can she take a restraining order out against him?
Why is Prince Lorenzo so upset about the boos? Has he never been booed before in his palaces (plural)? Seems like his ego's taken a hit.
LOL Cheryl went! On our screens for 5 years in Eastenders and still no one wants to look at her. Her eviction outfit is a lot nicer tonight. Evicted over someone we've never even heard of! I didn't see that coming. She was 25/1 to be evicted by the bookies; wish I'd put a tenner on her.
I'm not sorry to see her go; I found her dull and unfunny. I only wish it had been Coleen. I don't get the Loose Women vote; unless it's some OAPs who are old Noleen Sisters fans. WTF is a crunch! Vaginas aren't crunchy. They're squishy.
Hev: offed again. Oh well. Duf, duf, duf, duf, duf, duf, duf etc. The end.

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