Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: How's the patient?

I'm enjoying CBB much more than I did BB and I never normally say that. 'Civillian' BB is what it's all about for me, but that was soured this year by poor casting (except the obvious, who were evicted early).
Who's was that cough?! Whoever it was; stop smoking now.
So this task means they just have to keep eating? That doesn't sound too horrendous.
Jasmine is doing her usual emotional-blackmail-i've-been-a-bitch-but-i-love-you crap.
What is with that pen? It looks like a dildo! They could write down nom stuff with that. Aw, Sitch doesn't know how to spell 'pounds'. It doesn't matter; he won't have any left when Danica's done with him.
Julian to Sitch: 'how's the patient?' about Jasmine. Jasmine is the only girl on the planet Sitch won't hook up with. Does she win an accolade for that? Oh Rhian, woman up. Stick up for yourself.
Jasmine blaming the Big Brother house on her mood swings. What does she normally blame it on? Class A's?
Julie has got some tales. I like her attitude, she's just very down to earth.
Humilitard! They nicked this shit from BBUSA. In BBUSA last week Frank had to wear a 'spiritard'. I have no idea what that is, but it was a rather unflattering shade of lilac.
Looks like Harvey's feeling a bit lycra-mose. Tut-tut-tut (at my own joke)! Do you know where Harvey's from? Battersea, apparently. They have a good car boot sale there.
She's all class, isn't she, Hev, talking about last resort things she'd wipe her arse on. Who in Martin Kemp's house is using Tena lady? Oh, my boyfriend said he meant a ten pound note. You can't do that to the Queen. What would Sara say? Who could afford to? My boyfriend and I lost a ten pound note behind the back of our fireplace about 6 months ago, and have tried to retrieve it with a coat hanger, a hoover, a poker. We can't afford to wipe our arse on that shit. It haunts us!
Julie's right, Coleen did relish sticking a pie in her face. They've got Jasmine on the 2p machine, or as Ben Shephard calls it, 'The Tipping Point.'
Why DOES Coleen hate Julie so much? That will be her downfall as Julie is coming over well. Maybe Julie is fake, or maybe she's just older and wants an easy life, but either way, she's coming across alright.
Julian: 'I think he's more of an 'occasional table' than a Situation.' JC is upset he's not a 'bruv', lol.
That swan Julie and Julian are riding looks like the ones they used to have at Alton Towers. Ha, they're seething with jealousy at Sitch's megabucks in the bank.
Trashing a hotel room is probably the best task to do EVER.That's proper soap meets rock and roll. 
Good on Alesha Dixon for telling Harvey to sling his hook and take his shit and go. Classy girl. You're right; you did lie to God. What he did was horrid. Cheating in marriage is gross. No, cheating in any relationship is gross, but what's the point in getting married and doing it? So Jasmine says as long as you've not got babies it's OK to cheat? This bitch is WARPED.
I'm not saying I've never cheated: I have. But I wouldn't again. And I won't lie to God about that shit. And not just because he doesn't exist.

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