Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Big Brother 13: We're in the final?!

The final nom noms. Well, I already know who's up.
Deana's right; there IS still a battle; but she's the one poking at the war wound with a stick. Deana's gone from quiet and defeated to utterly obnoxious.
Is Deana muttering about nominations under her breath? Subtle. She's actually getting on MY nerves now. To be honest, I think her reasons for nominating Scott were fair comment, though. He can't enlist to the soldiers late. You sign up for that service early doors, you don't join a battle halfway through, especially not when that side is suddenly winning. That never looks good in the history books.
I don't think it's awful Scott nominated Sara. I think more people should have. Don't change, Scott! Oh, he changed it to Deana. Baa! That could be his undoing. That could see the end of him in that house.
I'm finding these nominations quite boring. I think it's because I'm finding the people left in the house quite boring. And I'm finding this show quite boring. And that in turn is making my blog quite boring. Why not go back and read some of the ones from when Benedict and Lydia were in the house? At least there was some humour then. Yes, BB, I'm blaming you for being a BAD MUSE.
The faux-secret task thing is too confusing for some of the lesser-moroned housemates, and seems somewhat pointless. It was quite funny that they pretended that BB made Scott say 'rapscallion': that was about it. Scott is loving the attention. Why is Deana having a go at him; it's hardly his fault if they gave him a secret task! Which they didn't. But anyway. Are you following this?
Is this Deana's 'real' personality coming out? I'm going off her a bit tonight. I can't find a favourite at all at the moment. I hate being all at sixes and sevens; I just want someone to love and champion. Now I feel like I'm going back into Adam and Luke A's camp. Adam and his argyle sock tattoos FTW? Or Luke A and his desperate quest for acceptance? Luke A's Acceptance Quest should be a computer game, with graphics a bit like that 'The Girl Who became three boys' show that was on Channel 4 tonight. The reconstructions were like watching The Sims. At first I felt the girls were quite stupid (which they were - who has a boyfriend that doesn't talk but only texts in person?) but that girl (in disguise) raped them, ffs. Nasty business. You couldn't make it up, as Richard Littlejohn would concur. I'm digressing, aren't I?
I thought that Scott task thing was a bit stupid, really. It's like a lie upon a lie but ultimately just a dead end, so what's the point? Feels like a bit of a metaphor for this series, really. I told someone at work today that someone had threatened to rape and beat a girl in the house and had been given 50K for his troubles, and he was just like 'what?!' On what planet does that happen? Channel 5 is operating in a different moral universe to the rest of us.
This party thing was zzz too. Buttocks! Wowee. Big Brother, you are killing my blog by giving me NOTHING to work with!
Sensitive Sara: 'we're in the final!' a million times after her friends all just got nominated. What a gal.
Even though Scott's never been up before I think he'd be safe if it was a single eviction. But with a double eviction; who knows? It could be BOO WOO time for him, and curtains up. Is this nearly over yet? I'm going to blog about something serious after CBB, you know. I'm going to blog about ALIENS. And stuff.

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