Thursday, 16 January 2014

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: What happens in Frank Carson's dressing room, stays in Frank Carson's dressing room

It's a shame Liz vs Jim isn't that interesting, as it looks like they're really going to push that now. Zzzzzz.
Jim is doing his apology rounds again! At least he's trying, even if it's fake, it's making him look like the bigger person, and it's all about how he looks, isn't it? You know what I'm talking about, bruv!
Ugh, Evander. Get lost. Linda fancies him! Gross. I'm not interested in boxing of any sort, except the song Boxing Night by Frightened Rabbit. That's it.
This is just an elaborate version of the usual shit-stirring task. I've seen it ALL BEFORE! I hope someone punches someone else in the head. Lee would be desirable to get a thump, but it would be hard to tell if there was any lasting damage.
OMG how can people not be asking Liz about her career? Liz is lush.
Lionel, stop pretending you like Jim. Jim's 'we'll do something together' didn't seem that sincere. It's like when you leave a job. Yeah, we'll hang out. Er, who were you again? I enjoyed that conversation, though, and them rattling off what they think of the housemates. It was interesting. I like it when the oldies get together and talk about normal things.
Lee: 'The public are stupid.' Yes, but not as stupid as you. That's physically impossible.
Jasmine voting to save Casey and Linda was a proper clanger. If she cared a jot for Luisa or Lee, she'd vote to save at least one of them. Just goes to show what sort of person she is.
Oh, shut up, Linda. LOL to Liz on Jasmine's nomination saves: 'she was just saying that to be nice.' No. She wasn't. Jim calling us 'morons' and Lee saying 'I know.' Seriously, and you want people to vote for you? Jog on, as Saskia and Maxwell used to say. Who is Lee blaming for Jasmine going? Casey, I suppose. Nothing to do with him, no way! He doesn't like Jasmine being booed. Well, tough shit, squeaky pants. You can't control the world, or our minds, or even your own tiny ween, so STFU already. I like Jim riling him up to kick off. He knows it wouldn't take much.
I think Lee is giving Casey more credit than she's due, and he blatantly making up some of this shit, bruv. She DID like him, hard to believe as that seems looking back.
Jim is right, Linda is proper on his back. I don't know WHAT her problem is. He IS a misogynist, but he HASN'T really been in the house, because he's putting on a his quite successful front.
Liz: 'I find it hard to believe that people rang up to vote for me.' Aw.
Does Lee REALLY believe that Casey was only after a showmance? Casey was very decent to him, even after he was a complete dick. I thought we'd reached the pinnacle of Lee's stupidity but apparently not.
Oh, Luisa, stop shit-stirring. Do you always just believe the last thing someone said to you? Oooh, what happened in Frank Carson's dressing room? Jim's got some cards up his sleeve! NOW we might get to the bottom of this hatred between him and Linda.
And of course, now Luisa passes that on within a nanosecond. Ooh, Linda called him a CUNT, y'all! A WOMAN dropping the C bomb! Whatever next.
And now the spark has been lit. Luisa 'feels terrible.' HA! I've heard it all now. Luisa, you were put on this planet to be the wooden spoon, don't pretend otherwise.
Jim: 'what about Frank Carson's dressing room?' Heh! Even Dappy can't look. Oh come on, Jim, you TOLD Luisa to ask her what happened in Frank Carson's dressing room! Sneaky.
Linda is right, no one has mentioned Jim's past. I wish they would.
To be fair, no one mentioned Linda's husband. But Jim is obviously alluding to something very nasty. So what DID happen in Frank Carson's dressing room? Don't leave us hanging. I wondered if Frank Carson might go on BOTS to clear up the matter, but Twitter has informed me he's dead.
Linda's finished with Jim and is digging Lee's grave now. If I was Casey, I'd be mad as hell. She could capitalise on this if she's smart, but not by weeping, but by going and tearing a fucking strip off him. But has she got the boobs for it?

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