Monday, 20 January 2014

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: I think I need to inhale Valium

Evening! We're on the red wine and I have to be at work at 8am for some InDesign fun. Let's see how that's gonna pan out. I don't even like red wine, it's just left over Christmas gifts. Only another 80 bottles to go - blergh.
I've managed to avoid nominations spoilers by avoiding Twitter. In your face, birdie. It's crap when you know who's up, where's the tension when the tally board is being added up?
All Dappy has got is that willy, like Casey's boobs.
Why SHOULD Luisa iron a man's shirt? That's the sort of crap my mum's boyfriend says to me. Why does Jim have to start FIRST thing in the morning? He IS trying to wind her up. It's the oldest trick in the book for a man to to say he's too stupid to iron a shirt/ clean etc. PATHETIC. And I'm a fool for rising to it.
Ooh, noms already. Dappy is nominating Liz for not joining in and dancing. What, like JIM? I'm glad he nommed Linda, though.
Sam nommed Liz and Lee. Jim: 'Do you iron your boyfriend's shirts?' to Liz. 'No.' There ends that conversation.
Linda nommed Jim and Liz. Leave Liz alone! Linda saying she wears Primarni; boo hoo. Sing along with the common people, why don't you? I have some clothes from Everything 5 pounds, FFS. They're nice, too.
Ollie nominated Liz and Jim. Lee nominated Jim for getting angry when they're dancing. And Liz for insulting their clothes the task! She was joking in the task. Plus, it's a task.
Jim is laying the journey card thick on Casey, bringing up the 'allegations'. She's so gullible. Oh, what a hard year he's had. But on the bright side it meant he didn't get to go in the Big Brother house with Carol McGiffin. And that's a very bright side.
Luisa nominated Jim and Liz. I like the patches on her jumpers.
Casey nominated Liz and Jim. Surprised she nominated Jim as she always seems to be humouring him.
Liz nommed Jim and Sam. Yes to nominating Sam! I think she's wearing Ollie's trousers.
Jim nommed Luisa and Sam. Is Sam gonna be up? Sweet. Will she go, though? All those TOWIE twats seem to have the numbers. They're like One Direction fans, an angry mob. 
LOL are you telling me Luisa and Lee aren't up? Is it Jim, Liz and Sam? Hilarious! Let's evict Sam and her boils, please. In fact we can keep the boils, as they're more entertaining than her.
Luisa's task is quite funny. Jim refusing to disagree with her. That was hiliarious. 'Do you think fairies exist?' She must have sussed by now.
Liz's shock of hair in the bath talking about her cat's psychic illness. Liz: 'I might come out of here and my mum might have died. My boyfriend will have left me for another woman. I've not got enough nuts and nutrients. If I had a car I'd drive into a tree.' Liz: 'I'm just going to die a lonely old woman. I need to inhale Valium. My boyfriend is going to see me in strong lighting.' This is hilarious. Liz reminds me of Nikki Grahame. It's just some faces she pulls.
What's Jim carping about now? Try cooking it yourself, you old grinch. Every time he does this passive aggressive thing; coming in, snarking, and then retreating.
Jim bragging about getting more votes than Luisa! Wolfy times! Let's see what the public think. There's two here that think you're a CUNT. And I know several more that hate your guts.
Jim to Luisa: 'I haven't put any women down here, only you.' Cut to Linda's mad mush.
Everyone is threatening suicide this episode. I reckon Luisa could push him over the edge if she really tries.
Ha, they're showing the noms! Liz looks shocked. 'It's OK.' Apparently.
Poor Liz, everyone voted for her. Cruel showing her this. The sympathy vote will hopefully be good, though. Ollie's got a face on like his parents are arguing.
I don't think Jim will really be that bothered about people nominating him. It's more grist to his mill, though.
Why is it 'tactical' because people voted for Sam? Maybe people don't like Sam. Shut up, Linda, Liz can vote however she likes. Everyone in that house voted for Liz and no one is bothered. If Sam's such a sweetheart and so SAFE what is she so worried about? Sour-faced boil bag. She looks like one BAD loser to me.
I LOVE the fact Luisa is needling Jim so much.
Ollie and Sam are having a pity party for two in the garden. Sam looks like hell. She's got nothing going for her. Ollie: 'Don't prove yourself.' No, don't speak.
I like Liz getting on her high horse! 69 million readers. It could be true - a lot of people read the Daily Mail worldwide. I like Liz when she's angry. She got nominated by nearly every person in that house. I don't blame her for fuming.
I'm not even commenting on the cuddlemance. I am all out of words.
Ollie: 'Sam should not be up for nomination.' WHY ON EARTH NOT? She was NOMINATED. YOU don't decide. You got your votes. They got theirs. So shut up.

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