Saturday, 25 January 2014

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lee two sleeves Ryan

It's not exactly a shock that Lee couldn't control himself for two weeks, is it? It seems he can't control himself for two minutes.
I like the selfie task: everyone is just having their picture taken with Luisa, as she's the house 'bitch'/ kicking post/ scarlett woman etc.
The most attractive male and female housemates - Sam and Ollie automatically assume it's them but can't even be bothered to stand up to have their picture taken, even though Sam has a face like a slapped arse and Ollie always looks like his puppy was just kicked to death. Says it all, really. Casey has got an AMAZING body: she's much more attractive than miserable scenery Sam Faiers. Sam can't even decide who she prefers out of N-Dubz and Blue (it's quite close for me. I like the N Dubz one about the homies.  But the Lee Ryan has got the wails.
LOL to Luisa just blatantly calling Ollie spineless. I like these photos, I think they're fun. It's actually a fun and original task, but with a little shit stirring thrown in. I think the order they got 'most famous to least famous' was spot on actually, with wiggle room for old ma Nolan.
Jim: 'I'm not gonna get my hopes up about leaving.' Why is Dappy dressed like he's on Sesame Street today? Today's letter is 'S' for sexist.
Sam: 'I've never farted in front of a boyfriend.' Doesn't surprise me, she probably doesn't even give blowjobs. Farting in front of each other is one of the greatest joys in a relationship, it's like low level chemical warfare. She's a stuck up, boring bitch with the sex appeal of a cornflake. She doesn't deserve to be famous. Has she even mentioned Joey Essex in there?
Are we having a Lee Ryan aroused moment? I liked Dappy's reaction it, it was funny. Lee Ryan is a pervert.
It's so annoying people saying Casey has no self respect. I admire her determination. She's just a lovely, forgiving person. So she might be 'a mug.' But at least she's got a smile back on her face. Who are we to judge?
Has anyone seen this alleged 'flirting' between Sam and Ollie? I've seen more chemistry between Rylan and Spiedi.
Linda is coming off like a right cunt in the diary room, just like she did in her interview. So glad she's gone: bitter, bitter person.
I don't think Luisa DOES have a brick wall up. She DOES seem genuinely satisfied with her life. Jim just doesn't understand the sort of person she is.
This Casey latching onto Lee for fame thing is bullshit. Lee: 'I wear my heart on my sleeve.' Jim: 'Good job you've got two.'Jim's getting about 30 minutes of airtime in this episode. Just saying. #nohiddenagendahere
Ha, Luisa coaching Linda for the '46 minutes' speech. She was being very kind there, actually. I think Luisa would be a good friend, after not saying that last week. She'd certainly fight your corner. I've changed my mind on her so much during the series so I know that means she's a great housemate. Even better than Evander Holyfield, lol.
I already said it but Jim was very polite to Linda as she left. Not sure she deserved that.
Dappy and Luisa's relationship continues to intrigue. I think they really care for each other, even though they don't understand each other.
Jim and Dappy's relationship is also very interesting. Dappy comes across so sweet and well-mannered and eager to please at times. Other times: not so much. But this house does have a lot of multi-faceted characters: I've liked and hated Luisa, Dappy, Lee and Jim at different times. But isn't that what makes for good housemates? I consider it a good show when I'm still flip flopping about who should win near the end.
Even the housemates know Jim is going to win. I would really love to see Jim and Luisa in the final two, and for her to take it. It would be delicious.
Is Dappy singing some Mungo Jerry in the bedroom. Stop talking about your willy in an American accent, it's creepy. Luisa's reaction when he said 'I'm good at sexing, babe,' was hilarious. She deals with him great.
Ah, Jim is doing some strategy here! Cranking up the 'journey' in time for the end game. He's no fool, is he? Unfortunately, most of the viewers are.
OMG Casey, shut UP about the Jasmine thing! Lee's under the cosh here. She's forcing him to say he likes her more than Jasmine. I'm still not convinced.
Ollie and Sam judging Lee and Casey. Easy to sit on the fence and throw stones, isn't it? At least Casey and Lee have entertained us.
Luisa and Jim are BOTH strategising here, with this uneasy truce. They aint stupid.
Ha, as if Casey was just going to put a loo roll in the toilet. Taps are a-turning! Was that a zip I heard, too?
Look at Ollie, sitting in judgement. Seriously, who does he think he is! I've so gone off him.
Ollie doing a Kemal: 'Any fingering that takes place will do so with lights off.' What are you, the fucking sex police? Don't matter if you finger with lights on OR off, if you're under the duvet. He's just pissed he aint getting any off walking boil ointment advert Sam 'I had an opinion once but didn't say it' Faiers.
No one is rising to Jim's face blowjob noise bait. I wonder when Jim last had a blow job? *pictures him in the Y-fronts*. UGH. Jim and Dappy are both the sort of idiots who won't go down on a woman because it's degrading. Now at least with Lee Ryan, I think you'd get an enthusiastic attempt. And with Ollie, he'd probably just sit crying afterwards, moaning about being bullied because you'd tried to go on top, or something. Luisa FTW!

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