Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Arctic circle jerks

Jim is stewing about people nominating him: 'Lee's a bit demonstrative.' That's true. Jim also admitting he's sexist by saying 'If you weren't sexist when you came in, you would be when you came out.' Yet still dopey women will vote for him unthinkingly. Up the patriarchy.
Sam is one BAD loser. You're the selfish one, boili-o. I read a story today that said she had to go to the doctors because 'pus was pouring out of her nose'. Has she been on Jim's marching powder, or are her boils finally making a break for it via her nostrils?
As usual I have no clue what this task is about, but they look nice in the faux fur coats. Ollie don't know what brain freeze is. Is that cos he has no use for his brain? Drinking shots with no booze in is quite depressing. Casey, Dappy, Lee and Luisa and quite game, though. I'd rather see Liz and Jim get brain freeze.
'Casey is picking Lee's spots.' Well, whatever gets you through the day.
They're showing Liz a bit more now. I do see Liz as Nikki Grahame's mum. She's fragile and funny like her.
Jim going 'has anyone bashed the tent peg since they've been in here'. Ugh! 'Chafing the chipolata.' TMI! That conversation made my fanny wither up.
What is Liz saying about this 'fishing' task? Casey happy to squeeze Lee's spots but doesn't want to bit calamari, whatever than is (I don't eat food).
Lee: 'I hate this fucking programme. I wish I'd never done it!' I wish you'd never been born, you silly sod. Oh so them sleeping in the kennels is actually them going to a secret pub with screens where they can see the house. Well, I've never seen THAT twist before! Good one, Big Bro.
I note they've put Lee and Casey together in 'the Mutt's Nuts'. She IS a Klingon, bless her. He's not exactly knocking her back, is he?
What IS up with Jim? Is he not eating because the others have been sent to the kennels? Liz is right, he's probably gameplanning. Jim controls with his eating/ not eating mind-gamery. And now he's eating. Not exactly an Ian Brady style hunger strike. Jim would be getting Frubes on the side, just like Brady.
Ollie can't string a sentence together, today, bless him, but he's still doing better than Sam. Maybe she's nipped off to the docs and no one has noticed.
How come it takes seeing Linda on TV to work out she's a moaning cow? I don't get that.
Jim's gaming again about his 'civillian wife' and arrest charges. Jim's legal fees went 'well into three figures'. Really, that much? LOL. That's anything up to £999. I think he meant six. Linda aint buying it, and I'm not buying it either. 'Panto, cancelled. Theatre tours, cancelled. Big Brother, cancelled. I'll never get that back.' Er, you got Big Brother back.
Linda is grassing about the house drinking booze! What a bitch. She is such a horrible woman, like genuinely rotten. Ollie is lying about the booze 'only to protect the others'. What a hero. Jim to Linda: 'Just zip up and stop gobbing off.'
Dappy and Lee don't fancy Sam. I'm not surprised, she's about as sexy as a breadknife. No, less. Ha, to the others slagging off Sam.Good on Luisa for saying Sam and Ollie play it too safe and Dappy agreed.
That long silence followed by Ollie going 'spin the bottle?' was the funniest thing he's said in the house. I think he'd even risk snogging Jim to get off with Sam. God knows why. Maybe he has a thing for sporks?
Casey to Lee: 'Do you want a blowjob?' I doubt if he'd say no. Mind you, if Liz or Linda offered to, he'd probably be rushing to turn the taps on before you can say 'mother's pride.'

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