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Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Fanny rat gets backdoored

I haven't watched the Jasmine clip because that to me, is like opening your Christmas presents early. I like to get my entertainment all in one go. Ha, Casey seems to have got her screwface back on. Poor sod.
Oh God, not another erection from Lee Ryan. I love the fact Luisa asks the questions we all want to know, even if Lee gives the answers of a squirming politician.
Freeze task recycled. Blue have just appeared from out of a grandfather clock. Lee Ryan is having to fight the urge to wail. Are Blue singing live? They sound better without Lee singing on it. ONE LOVE! OMG Duncan went to Lee 'Jasmine really likes you, I've been hanging out with her.' This is like when Federico told them Michael Jackson was dead. I think that happened. I can't be bothered to check facts now.
Oh so Lee is dumping Casey again now. Tasteful. Honestly, he deserves to go. At first I thought it was unfair that the producers were manipulating this shit
Sam Faiers mum looks younger than her sister. She's proud of Sam for not saying a word for three weeks. Seems like a lovely woman, though.
Uh oh, Ollie's about to have a meltdown. Is he allowed to say 'my mum'? I don't think you should bring animals in, it's cruel, especially when Ollie couldn't stroke the dog back. The way Ollie reacted to his mum coming up proved him to be an even bigger sap than usual. This is how you turn out when you don't live in the real world. I love the way Dappy hugged him after, though. Dappy is such a softie sometimes!
OMG everyone's face when Jasmine walked in! Eyes were literally popping out of heads. They should have sent Jasmine in when Lee had his head in Casey's lap. Although it was quite fitting that Lee had his head in his hands.
Dappy was the only one who looked concerned rather than titillated by the whole thing.
Why is Cruella directing all her hate at Casey? She's a twat. Typical bullshit reaction. Casey got off with Lee first, so Jasmine 'stole' him from her, Casey just 'stole' him back using her big boobies. If it's 'quite embarrassing' what Casey has done, then I take it Jasmine won't be taking him back? Because that would be a case of 'fool me twice' and George Bush knows that means shame on you. Well, kind of.
If I was Casey I would have just gone 'fuck off, you old witch' to her.
OMG Lee is squealing, lying and failing the task. This is the worst rule break since 'are we being funny, mummy?' Nothing happened in the toilet!!! Come on, it don't take that long to change a toilet roll. He's lying to her FACE. Jim's peeking round the door. Sam sniggering at the blowjob comment. I take it they failed the task then.
At least Jasmine did have the good grace to say 'you're hurting her and you're hurting me.' Look at her trying to squeeze some tears out.
Lee to Casey: 'Do I lead you on?' Weeeeeeelllll.... Casey finally spoke, but she didn't say anything of interest.What IS a puppy treat?! I didn't like the way she kissed Lee and Casey at the end. Ugh. 
That just proved only one thing: Jasmine is a cruel cunt. Lee just dismissed Casey like THAT, just dropped her like THAT. Poor, poor girl. That is so cruel.
Lee didn't even SPEAK to Casey after all that! He could have said sorry. LOL Jim comes out the room and goes 'anything good?'
Lee's doing the 'poor me' chronicles now. Who cares if Cruella 'dropped a tear'? She's evil. Dappy and Ollie both know what Lee has done is wrong. Dappy, 'Fuck the look! She thinks you like this.' Even Dappy has better morals than Lee Ryan. Dappy: 'Get the fuck away because you're hurting someone.' Go, Dappy.
In what way does Lee 'look at Jasmine, stroke her face and kiss her' that's different to Casey, and how is Casey expected to know the difference? 'Casey's cool with it' as she stands in the kitchen sobbing with her glasses on. I don't know why Casey is worried about what her parents think. The damage is done. I'm sure they're gonna lynch mob Lee. Look at Jim going 'it's none of our business' and immediately goes into the loo to gossip with the girls. Jim's doing some hardcore strategy cuddling Casey. He was quite comforting, though.
Ha, Lee comes out and talks to Casey ten minutes later. What a heartthrob. Does he actually believe the words coming out of his mouth? 'The God's honest truth'?! LOL.
OMG Sam is actually giving her opinion.
I liked the bit with Jim and Casey in the treehouse. 'You've been acting classy, and everybody loves you.' Aw. Jim to Casey about Jasmine: 'Fuck her!' I loved that. I know he's gaming but he's a good actor.
Go on Luisa try and explain to Lee something he's too brain damaged to understand. You might as well go talk to the topiary. And then he admitted he kissed Casey last night!
I hope Big Brother enjoyed crushing Casey's little bit of happiness. Even though it was inevitable it would happen eventually, there was no need to do it like that, in such a humiliating way.
What is 'harmless flirting'? Is it taking someone into a toilet and getting off with them, when they're clearly in love with you?
Lee's pathetic speech to Jasmine followed by 'Sorry seems to be the hardest word' was just a brilliant touch by the editors. It's like the producers actually care about the show again! Just perfect timing, just genius, really. Hats off. Do you think Blue had to approve that? Did Elton? Hahaha.
Emma coming through the clock was kind of cool. She looks good tonight, too. I like this, it's well done. Please don't let it be Casey who goes. That's not right that the others can't say goodbye because they're frozen.
OMG it was Lee! 'I knew it.' Nice of him to give Sam his fags on the way out, I guess. Well I'm not that bothered then that the others can't say goodbye. He doesn't deserve a goodbye. Casey looks shell-shocked. She knows Lee's going to go straight back into the venus flytrap and there's nothing she can do about it. Jim was agog at Emma's beauty. Luisa was just worried about make up. Is anyone going to ask if Casey's OK? Oh, I forgot, Casey doesn't matter.
Someone just said on Twitter that Lee avoided the booage, and that is a shame. I agree. He should have got his full boo quota. And how come he's wearing his coat? Lee got off the hook in a way.
Lee is blaming the editing! Did the editing make you go into the toilet with Casey last night? Why can't he just hold his hands up and say sorry? Lee: 'I'm not responsible for Casey's feelings.' Emma's finest hour was 'you could have said no, Lee!' Will Lee watch the show back and feel guilty? I doubt it. I'm glad she stuck it to him, as much as she could, what with him being too braindead to work out PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS.
Shame there's no BOTS! Lee will have been media trained by tomorrow and the word 'SORRY' might even come out of his weasel mouth.
Brilliant episode, jolly good fun. I watched half of it twice. Fuck you Channel 4, for giving up on the best TV show format of all time. Enjoy your winter sports with Sinitta, you muppets.

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Lee ryan a poor lier glad he gone feel sorry for casey let the wicked witch a im he no gud Any ways