Friday, 17 January 2014

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Rapping, poetry and life

So now we know. Jim was referring to £20 Linda's husband stole from Frank Carson. £20! Were they that hard up? It would have been a low thing to bring up had Linda's husband been alive to defend himself; as he's six feet under, it was bordering on sick. Still, I don't feel THAT angry about it. Linda has been so billious towards him. Do I think it will scupper his chances of winning? Not a bit of it. Everyone loves a reformed woman beater, and if you don't believe it, just take a look around and put your Chris Brown CD in the fire, where it belongs, you animals.
Casey won't be speaking to Lee until he apologises. I guess she won't be speaking to Lee then.
How deep do Jim's 'deepest apologies' run? He's doing one every day at this rate.
Lee's accusing Casey of gameplanning! What a prick. Perhaps he should have worked on his own gameplan, a bit. Has Linda got a gameplan? If so, show me your work.
Linda's finally said what happened, but just saying he was 'accused.' Lee is actually right, what's it got to do with Jim? Kick a widow when she's down. Don't play the widow card, Linda. Just out Jim for the shirtlifter comments and you're quits! Deal done.
I wish Lee and Casey would both fuck off, they're both being absolutely pathetic, although she's still (just about) in the right.
LOL to Liz's reaction of her assistant being Dappy. I want to see Dappy's handwriting. Bet he can't spell for shit.
Let me get this right, so Casey kissed Lee when they were in the BOLTHOLE? She must be DESPERATE. Poor girl, her self-esteem must be shot to shit. My sympathy with her is at 0.00001%
Liz is pulling out the journey card. At last she gets some airtime! Ha, Lee is getting it in this article. This is actually a creative shit-stirring task.
Liz is enjoying being centre of attention here, I think. And I don't blame her as she normally gets ignored. But what's happened to Liz's journalistic skills? I think it's cos Dappy's handwriting must be illegible. He probably just did a pawprint instead. Or a hoofprint.
Ha to Linda mocking Lee for wearing sunglasses indoors. Too true.
Lee is now blaming Dappy for his fanny ratdom. He has blamed EVERYONE in that house but himself. What an enormous prick. I hope he watches the show when he gets out and gets a clue, but I think it's unlikely.
GET LEE OUT! Yesssssssssss. Go cry in the kitchen, Lee.
Two saved in 'no particular order'. Jim and Sam. Sam! Whhhhhhhhhhhy? She makes Joey Essex look like the Irrepressible Dark Horse entertainment-wise.
Hypocritically, I just voted to save Ollie as he looked a little sad.
Does anyone want to tell Emma that it's not a bungalow? The key feature of a bungalow is that they don't have stairs.
I hope Lee stays because he writes my blog for me. 'Why can't I just be happy! That was a private conversation!' Blah blah.I think Lee might be the whiniest bitch to EVER enter the Big Brother house!
Giving Dappy and Luisa an IQ test is good. I think I thought of that idea? It was me or my boyfriend. This is a good way to give them some airtime before the votes close.
Dappy's good with rapping and poetry, but not IQ tests, as previously boldly declared. LOL Dappy scored 6%. He's got street smarts, though. But I don't think there's an exam for that.
Luisa to Lee: 'I'm sick of hearing about it.' You and me both. Jasmine's not watching! She's probably in LA right now!
LOL, Dappy is threatening his lawyers and for the IQ test not to be shown. I wish I'd voted to save Dappy now, but I couldn't bear to after 'slag' gate. 'I will leave tomorrow at 1 o clock.' Alright, bruv. Ha, Dappy is packing his bags. I love it. I do have a real love/hate relationship with Dappy. He's just too funny.
Ooh, two more to save. Hope it's Liz. OMG Ollie is safe. That's my fault, sorry. Ah, Dappy is safe. Why is he still there, isn't it one o clock yet? Sweet.
Is Lee really gonna go? Surely Blue have some fans, right? Right?
It's Lionel! I knew it, I knew it. Lionel was the right result out of those people. I really couldn't see people voting for him. I will miss his little rants, though, and he's provided some great moments. 'Suck my dick. Get the chocolates. Selfish bitches. Go fuck yourself.'
Did I miss Lionel waving his wand around there? Aw, Lionel is sad to be out. He does like being on TV! He likes the razzle dazzle.
I feel a little sad, but I don't know why, because I didn't like Lionel! What, he's bought into Lee Ryan's crap? Come on, Lionel, you know better than that.
At least Emma is calling Lionel out about his chocolate gluttony. Good on Lionel saying he liked Luisa. Lionel gave a good interview, actually. Fair play to him for throwing himself into it, even if he was a bitter old shrew at times. LOL to his face when he saw himself in the PVC - hilarity!
Podcast tomorrow, AM. Be there or be Lee Ryan. Goodnight.

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