Sunday, 26 August 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Shame on your arse

I like the look of this Big Brother task with Jasmine's mum sent in as a stooge. Cruel, but funny. Danica: 'Can you see me?' in the shower. That will be £500 pounds, please. They are stitching her up so bad. Don't get me wrong, she knows exactly what she's doing, but these are grown men. They know what she does for a living. The Situation is a professional 'player' from what I've heard. Prince L has been on The Batchelor, choosing between women as if they were chocolate bars. So, they're hardly innocent virgins. Let's make this very clear again: they're BOTH in the BUSINESS of PLAYING GIRLS ON TV. Let's not forget that whilst we get out our pitchforks and condemn Danica as a slut/ prick tease/ whore/ other words that only exist for women, not men. I think Danica is a smart cookie. Playas getting played? Boo woo.
Coleen trying to chum up with Julie now she's lost her partner in crime.Not sure I'm buying it, yet.
I'm glad they're onto Harvey being a complete dick too, obviously Saint Harvey doesn't have a blot on his character!
Nice one to Julie saying the truth: what Danica does is not wrong. She doesn't put a gun to mens' head. It's legal. Benedict was offering his escorting services on Twitter today, which I also don't have a problem with (at least you know what you're getting and he's not a mad axe man, I'd invite him round just to chat about Big Brother for an hour - well, that's the story I'd tell my boyfriend) but imagine if that was a female BB contestant doing that? There would be UPROAR. I'm sick to fucking death of these double standards, I'm sick to fucking death of little scrotums like Harvey passing judgement on women whilst beating women and making up some fairy story about fucking Cheryl Cole and everyone's like 'that's cool.' I'm sick of little pricks like Judo-twat pretending he's something to be admired, any sort of athlete, whilst he sits their puffing on a fag. What a role model. No, what a douche. No wonder you won fuck all.
So they're sending Jasmine's mum in to pretend to be a TV psychic. She looks like she could be a psychic.Cool to see Jasmine back looking like a badass. Her clothes look cool.
Julie doesn't like the new housemate. 'Well fuck off then... I'm only kidding-ish.' They always hate new housemates, don't they?
Two people have called Jasmine's mum a tranny, now. Julian's onto her and said 'has she got a prosthetic face and is it John Barrowman in disguise'?
LOL to Julie pulling faces behind her back. Harvey's onto her mentioning an earpiece. If that thick twat's onto you, you can't be very convincing.
Jasmine's mum reminds of Carole Malone. LOL to Jasmine's mum calling Samantha Brick a dog and then making her cry about her dead dog for good measure.
Jasmine: 'Danica is the whore.' ZING!
Danica is not feeling it. She refused to speak to Danica's mum. I like the fact she's not falling for it. Danica FTW! I know it could never happen, but she's the smartest woman in the house by a country mile.
LOL to Samatha calling Jasmine a 'fucking bitch.' just before Jasmine tried to give her immunity. Danica's filing her nails aggressively. I'm glad those people didn't get immunity. I don't want Rhian and Danica to be the sacrificial lambs this week; even though it's obvious they will be.
Ha - 'so she heard us calling her mother a guy' - kind of like double revenge isn't it? They do say 'what goes around comes around' - well, morons do.
Danica cries: Jasmine wins again. Yes, it is a bit PERSONAL calling someone a 'whore'. It's anti-women and disgusting.
Julian: 'I don't think it means Jasmine's evil.' Er, Jasmine IS evil, but she's entertaining. It's not very fair because Danica can't really defend herself. I think that could have helped Danica come nomination time, though.
UGH I hate Ashley so much. Beavis and Butthead are more mature than him.
Danica has got a good body, and there is something magnetic about her. I'm glad I'm not a man stuck in a house with her because I think I'd be after her, too.
Fuck I just realised I think I've got the same hairdo as Julie Goodyear.
The Situation: 'I think things will be a lot clearer once the titties are out of the way.' NOMINATION TALK! And objectification all at once. Play that one over the loudspeakers, please, asap. They'd better not let that one slide.

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