Monday, 6 August 2012

Big Brother 13: Disgusting, stupid little rat

Hello! You still with me? Come on, not long to go now, take my hand and it will all be alright. I like it when they show their audition videos. I don't know why they always look so embarrassed; they should just say 'we would all say anything to get in the house.' - end of discussion.
Shut up Luke A, defending Luke S. Who cares about his feelings?! He's doesn't have any. Deana did apologise, interspersed with cackling manically.
Why are they all living in filth in there? They need Benedict back to clean the shower! They never knew they had it so good. They've got nothing better to do in there, they might as well clean up, bloody animals.
Adam walks round permanatly smirking at everything. Deana: 'it's the toaster's fault, not mine.' Ashleigh: 'who's done this?' 'The toaster.' I love Deana telling Ashleigh to fuck off. About time. Ashleigh always tells a story incorrectly. Perhaps she has no powers of recollection or she's just a twisty little bugger.
Deana: 'you fucking shut up.' About time! Ashleigh hasn't really got anything to say back, has she? 'Disgusting, stupid little rat.' The words we've all been thinking for two months now. Spot on. Spot fucking on.
It's a bit rich Ashleigh going 'she doesn't know how to make toast,' when she doesn't know what a fucking egg is. Ashleigh preferred it when Deana knew her place. But Ashleigh hasn't got her back up anymore, and now chief chimp Conor has gone, Deana can come out of her shell, and she's not running scared anymore.
Adam is a bit wary of Deana, sometimes. Corporal Deana is letting her troops down by being a bit mentalz. But I still say good on her.
As soon as the word chocolate was mentioned, I immediately started shoveling some into my mouth. Good advertising.
I think for that task the mouth and nose are the best things to fill up with the chocolate fingers. Adam's: 'you want me to stick them up my nose, that's fucked up.' made me laugh. How can they possibly tell who won? They need an independent adjudicator.
Deana chose KFC for their meal - LOL. I would have so chosen that, too. Boneless banquet all the way (sorry, Moz). Adam comes off cool in his video, even though he's not very gangsta at all, he's a big teddy.
I though Deana's video was quite accurate. Luke A looks like a lot more fun in his entry video - I don't recall him playing many jokes.
Luke Scrace - lol! 'People might think I'm an arrogant prick.' True. Sara oversold herself. Scott's video was so arrogant! I like it, though.
Sensitive Luke S puts his foot in it again. Is Ashleigh wearing a bikini? She did look better blonde. Ashleigh liked the idea of Luke in his VT better. I think Luke S likes Ashleigh with her mouth shut better.
Sara looks good today. Oh Deana, shut up about being fat, it's so boring. Luke A has ALWAYS got an axe to grind with Luke S.
Deana's trying to get to the bottom of Luke S; trouble is, there's nothing to get to the bottom of because he's got all the depth of an empty saucer of milk.
I'm glad Scott is standing up to Ashleigh and he does have every right to change his mind. Ashleigh is just trying to push him into a corner but she had no power anymore now her chief bodyguards have gone.
Oh does Luke think Ashleigh's a loose woman now cos she said she hadn't had sex in three weeks in her video? Bloody hypocrite. She's had sex since, hasn't she?
These prayers kind of work, don't they? I think I might start believing in God. Dear God, can I get an iPad and a holiday and a bestseller?
Dear God, thanks for our KFC. HE doesn't decide, WE decide. Ish. Luke A: 'cheers dude' instead of 'amen'.
To be honest I think the soldiers are right to be wary of Scott, but he's probably a good ally for them at the moment.
Ashleigh and Luke S are bedding down like the filthy hamsters they are.
Is Luke A saying Luke S won't vote for him because he knows how often he's been saved? I wouldn't get ahead of yourself, sunshine. He'll be voting for you, never fear.
I feel like Scott is the only one NOT playing a game at the moment. Maybe he genuinely does just like everyone and isn't playing both sides. Maybe?

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