Thursday, 9 August 2012

Big Brother 13: The one and only nominator

I'm a bit drunk tonight as I went to some leaving drinks so what bearing that will have on my blog, who knows? I've got a headache and I feel misunderstood and a bit grumpy. This is my 1,200th blog though. Does that deserve a gong?
Toasted sandwich gatezzzzz. The soldiers are falling apart. I guess I'm going to have to pick a side.
Luke and Ashleigh filler: please, spare me. Fast forward. I laughed at Luke S's childish 'he's like a peacock, take away the pea' joke.
The nomination awards will shit-stir, but everyone is just as guilty as each other. They must all know that nominations could be seen at any point.
Luke S should dedicate his 'nominating Deana' award to his puppet master Conor. What is Ashleigh getting out of her pram about? Put a fucking sock in it, you thicko.
I like Deana's pink silky dress. Her acceptance speech was good. Don't forget the way they treated her! I won't.
It says a lot that Ashleigh and Scott have nominated the people who got evicted the most, as they have bad taste in nominations. They've fucked that house.
Scott looked mad about Sara nominating him. Hot under the collar. This whole show is filler. It's got more filler than a tramp gone nuts in Subway.
I don't think the two Luke's are really nemesises (nemisi?) They just don't click. The nommy's look quite good; on a par with the Pointless trophy.
So when they could finally talk about nominations, Adam said he'd never nominated Luke S and Deana got pissy. Er, they're HIS nominations, not yours. Plus you couldn't talk about nominations, so what was he to do?
This makes me want to save Adam, not Deana. It's not up to Deana who Adam nominates. I think she's really out of line there. Let's face it: Adam has never really liked Deana and Deana just wanted Luke S and Adam as bodies for her alliance.
Quite ironic that Luke is missing out on the dins cooked by the top chef and Deana's missing out on the Indian food. That seems exceptionally cruel.
Oh Deana, please leave Adam alone. Adam is right to nominate boring people. I'm going to vote to save Adam.
Luke S is so patronising! If you love Ashleigh (which you don't), accept her the way she is, warts and all. Don't try and educate her; she's beyond help. Oh my god. Do you think she likes it? At least Luke A, Adam and Deana got to have the leftovers.
Can't wait to see yappy go tomorrow, but just don't know who will go with her. I wish it could be Sara or Luke S. I'm worried it could be Adam. I was going to split my vote but I think I'm going to just give it to Adam. I think Deana will be safe, and Scott, whilst entertaining, doesn't deserve it. Too little too late.
Must nod. Ta-ta...

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