Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Big Brother 10: I assume we all want to be Beyonce.

Why is the last mile the hardest mile?
Hehe to Charlie knocking Lisa's tea over. Apparently an inflatable 'really hurts' when it hits you on the head.
Siavash: 'I assume we all want to be Beyonce'. Classic line! I wouldn't want to be Beyonce, with her tree trunk thighs, and going into 'character' to do sexy dancing, because her good Christian self doesn't do that sort of thing. Beyonce is a prick.
Charlie sulking about being the stylist! Idiot. What a little twat he is. God I hate that Beyonce song so much. If you like IT then you should have put a ring on it??? WHAT???? Is she actually saying that? What a feminist icon.
Charlie sulking and Lisa leering at Beyonce. Yuck. Charlie is being more pathetic than Bea about not getting his own way.
Sophie quoted Sree! Hehe. Rodrigo: 'you are just a Playboy bunny'. Nice. And then laughing at Charlie's outfit, LOL! What's up with, Charlie? Why is being such a douche so close to the final? I mean, he's always a douche, but so openly a douche in the final week, so much so that even the thickest type of pond life who'd vote for him would cotton on. Self sabotage!
Only marginally less sexy than Beyonce herself was David as Beyonce. Siavash LOVES dressing up as a woman, doesn't he? That task did make me laugh, but mainly in abject horror. Siavash's arse was EATING that leotard!
Men arguing about hair straightners is just about the most emasculating thing on TV. It makes my fanny want to curl up and die. Rodrigo and his kinky hair makes me want to vote Siavash to win. Roddy's just miffed cos Charlie's got a cob on.
I liked it when Siavash went 'thank god' when Davina said Sophie was safe. It was touching. Charlie and David crying over the loss of Lisa made me wanna smoke crack.
God are we having to suffer their fucking home videos again? Give us a break, BB. The last half an hour of this show was virtually unwatchable.
Dopey David! That joke isn't funny anymore.
Siavash to win? I'm still tempted by Roddy. I reckon it's the closest final in a LOOOOOONG time. Let's face it, if Ulrika Johnsson can beat Terry Christian, all bets are off.

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