Monday, 31 August 2009

Big Brother 10: No one tells me what to do... except Big Brother

Well the BB editors obviously thought last night's show was useless as well, so they lit the dynamite tonight in the form of the 'nomination game'! LOL. Let the bitching commence.
Haha, Sophie nominated Charlie for being 'false' in the first week! She was right! The look of joy on Rodrigo's face! Check out Charlie's fixed smile. You will pay for that, Sophie!
Lisa's face when Rodrigo nommed her! Rodrigo took Charlie's one better. Don't. fuck. with. the. matriarch. Everyone has to nominate! Fuck you, Lisa. The truth hurts. Perhaps instead of spouting off like the nasty old bit of scrag you are, you should have LISTENED to WHY he nominated you. Ever thought about that? Yet it's fair game to nominate Siavash, Marcus and Freddie week after week.
That was funny when Sophie nominated David and he did his fake laugh. Dealt with! She's got your number.
Urgh it sickens me them all kowtowing to Lisa. 'You're young, you'll see as you grow up.' What will they see? You're just a poisonous old bag who has provided no entertainment whatsoever this summer, and systematically got everyone entertaining or kind evicted from that house. So fuck you, Lisa. I'm 29; and from the bottom of my heart I say, FUCK YOU.
How many times did Lisa nominate Siavash? She says once but where's the proof? He's not 'crafty'. He does play up to it sometimes, but at heart he's alright, you know. Her heart is just as black and rotten as her lungs. I wish Siavash would give it back to her.
Urgh and then when Lisa called Sophie Siavash's little pet just because she never got the memo to VOTE SIAVASH OUT. There's an example of your intimidation tactics, Lisa.
YAY Siavash GAVE IT BACK. Good. Eat that, Lisa. I vote Siavash to win just for that comment. At least Siavash is brave enough to throw himself to the lions, even after what he did with Noirin, he dared put his fate in the public's hand. Lisa has just hidden her way through the series- hidden behind her sacrificial lambs.
Even Sophie's twigged it! Sophie has sussed Lisa! If Sophie's sussed her, then the game is well and truly up.
Has David got dungarees on?! Look at Charlie's inane grin as he gets called to the diary room to perform! Ha, not grinning now, are you? LOL! Go on, squeeze a Bea-tear out. At least he didn't nominate after that charade. Oh but he did want some praise for his sacrifice afterwards.
Lisa and David are keen to nominate! It is totally fair if they all go up in the final week. Lisa and David are making themselves look like pricks. Don't they see that?
Haha, David nominating! No one tells me what to do... except Big Brother. Idiot box. OMG he nominated Sophie! Bad David. I like Sophie. But all this 'Sophie to win' thing is ridiculous. She's a nice girl, but doesn't deserve it. She's had it pretty easy in there.
David: 'I don't talk shit'- if you say so.
Charlie is giving it the saint act; but Siavash called Charlie out on nominating Marcus too! Siavash is on fire tonight. Fuck off Lisa, you dickhead. Siavash did nothing to Marcus; Noirin was NOT Marcus's property!!!
David you ARE scared of being evicted, you little fucking worm! Stop trying to get other people to have as slack morals as you.
I don't find Rodrigo particularly childish, but I do find Lisa to be a complete CUNT!
Shit, Rodrigo did nominate, but he nominated Lisa, hahaha.
YOU'RE the one showing your true colours, Lisa, you fucking mingebag. Well done, you've overtaken Charlie as my figure of hate. Stop trying to run the house! You lose.
The way Siavash said 'no hard feelings'; he has more class in his little finger than Lisa could ever dream of. Yay, then Rodrigo came out and said he put Lisa and David up; LOL! Let the public decide.
Don't pick Rodrigo up on his English, Lisa, how much Portugese do you speak whilst watching Jeremy Kyle in your one bed council flat? Rodrigo has not got a lot to learn; you do, but you won't.
Loved Siavash's reasons why he wasnt nominating, but that he could. Just very, very classy behaviour from Siavash tonight.
I'm glad David and Lisa have alienated themselves from the house. They are total morons. LOVED the others taking the mickey. Very funny. At least Charlie had the balls to admit what they were saying when David asked.
I have a feeling this walk out isn't going to work! Bless them for trying, though.
At least Sophie and Siavash were up for it, Charlie and Rodrigo were dilly-dallying. Just out-bluff BB! The show would be dead without you. You really needed Marcus on hand for the revolution.
Charlie waking Lisa and David up was still idiotic, but in the context of the show, I feel less malice towards him than when I saw it last night on the live feed.
Final week, well it's gotta be Rodrigo or Siavash to win, now. Rodrigo has probably got enough votes just on his baby face alone. For Freddie, for Marcus, for their scalps, in memorium, vote Siavash to win. He's our last man standing. Our last fuck you to Lisa. Come on. You know it makes sense.


johnifer said...

Wow. Just.. Wow. Tonight's episode was absolute genius! As is this rant/post x

lightupvirginmary said...

hey... thanks. :-)
My blog is going to be pretty dusty once BB is over!

Samm said...

"You really needed Marcus on hand for the revolution." - exactly

"My blog is going to be pretty dusty once BB is over!" - again, exactly

--Did you notice Siavash was still wearing that playboy outfit the day before-after evictions. ? what was he thinking.

-Sophie can't win because she's not firm with her decisions. Lisa too for being displeasing to look at, altogether-David too.

Roddy and Charlie, will start fights again over their broken marriage.

Hate to agree with this but Si has the best chance- he's easier to forgive