Friday, 28 August 2009

Big Brother 10: Cram it up your scabby fat arse

Hair wars! Do you think a £7 hair extension can save Sophie's barnet? Marcus just doesn't want her to have glorious locks like him.
How can you tell the difference between Siavash's own clothes and the comedy clothes BB puts him in? It was a bit cruel of him to wind them all up, he likes his riddles.
So far Siavash is coming out on top in these highlights. It sucks either way; I don't want either Marcus or Siavash to go. Ooh Marcus called him out on it! I think Marcus is being a little unfair.
Charlie: 'MY money is going to care for me mam.' It's not YOUR fucking money, Charlie.
I'm fucking sick of them having a go at Siavash. David says he'd take 50K but they're having a go at Siavash for wanting to give money to charity. Donkeys.
Siavash carried off his outfit with a certain degree of panache. David's laughing at him was absolutely pathetic *say in David style*. Imagine David in that outfit! I hate David right now. Marcus is being a right grumpy bastard as well. He's shooting himself in his dark horseshoe right now. It was obvious he wouldn't cut off his hair though.
Rodrigo's face during the truth or dare when Charlie said who he'd sleep with! Bloody hell. He was fuming!
Wow, can't believe Marcus went. He was the victim of a bad edit tonight, but he has become a pastiche of himself this last week. Aw his cheeky little face when leaving! Can't believe we lost Marcus and Freddie in two weeks. Shocking. This should give Siavash some strength now. That house is dead on it's feet.
Marcus getting it in the neck from Andi Peti! Grace told it like it was- Marcus is one of the greats. Funny as fuck.
I don't find Marcus that sexist. He's just a comedy characature. Glad Grace brought Noirin up though.
Marcus saying he wanked 7 and a bit times, hehe. Glad Davina pulled him up about Siavash and Noirin. Knew he wouldn't hold his hands up, though.
Marcus's best bits went on forever. 'Well I think you're a fucking pathetic fat whinging cunt!' Just pure, pure classic TV.
The dark horse just gor repressed. And looking at the remaining bunch, we are all the poorer for it.

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