Monday, 3 August 2009

Big Brother 10: Remedial Class/ Ever-Decreasing Circles

I was right about her! Bea! Arch manipulator. God, she's a sly one. Her vs David. 'Don't be horrible'- he was just minding his own business, really. Her pretending to cry was ridiculous. She could give Veruca Salt a run for her money. Lisa kept her nose right out!
Oh god, calling him a bully! Yeah he's really intimidating, isn't he! She made herself look like an utter psychopath. Shit-stirring, threatening bitch. He dealt with her quite well. Uh oh, Freddie, don't stick up for the nutty little idiot. 'You didn't see the conversation'- exactly. Stop following your dick around, because it's leading you away from the prize every single second.
David to win!
Argh, this is unjust! I don't like it. Don't patronise him, you nasty cow. Just because he's stupid, he aint THAT stupid, cos he's seen through your game. She's unfair because she's obviously clever and tries to trip him up on words. But his core is right, and she can't change that.
God, did you see David fly off the handle?! He needs to go to anger management school, he's SO terrifying! Actually, Marcus, this has fuck all to do with Lisa, and everything to do with Princess Bea. She is playing this SO wrong, Lisa could end up looking sympathetic!
Ooh Hira speaks, and says something worthwhile. Big Brother is all topsy-turvy today!
I liked the way David dealt with her. He was so calm, I would have gone fucking schizo. I would shown her what bullying was, with my fucking fist in her manky teeth. She looks like a horse in a wig, let's not beat around the bush.
Put fucking Charlie from Chanelle's year, or Alex 'pow pow pow' from last year in that house and let's see what a bully is. I'd love to see either of them run rings around Bea. Her behaviour is uncalled for.
UGH then Marcus got stuck in! How pathetic. Can't he fight his own battle without Bea starting it for him? This episode made me feel like the Freddie days, all knotted in my stomach, when they were just being pack animals, and cruel, and Bea, the dimwitted twonk, watched that on TV, and then did the same damn thing! How thick can you get?
OMG Bea and Marcus just BULLIED David! Disgusting. Oh Freddie, go hmm somewhere else, I've lost patience with you, you creep.
I fucking hope and pray Bea is up this week, I hate her more than Lisa, because at least Lisa is ignorant. Bea should know better.
Even Siavash couldn't be arsed to back up her bileatribe. Even Sophie could probably see through this fucking transparent piece of work.
I like Hira now, she's a sweet little thing. Unlike Bea calling David a fat twat. I honestly feel like she's trying to swing the nominations, and I think it might backfire.
I wouldn't like being wrapped up in clingfilm like that! Claustrophobia beckons.
I don't like it now, because I can't pick a side. I like David, Sophie, Siavash, and Freddie (generally). Most of the time I like Marcus despite his flaws. I like Rodrigo but hate Charlie. Probably the best eviction would be Bea vs Lisa. I'd like to see that one pan out the way Bea wouldn't expect!
It's marshMALLOW, actually.
God, hasn't Bea done enough without coming to the diary room to pour poison in? Well guess what Bea, I LIKE Yorkshire Pudding, and I DON'T like gravy, and if he's yorkshire pudding, you're brussell fucking sprouts, you sick-making, hypocritical bag of shit.
Look at Hira knowing her place in front of Queen Lisa. See, David does know about stuff!
It was kind of sad when he and Lisa were discussing being dunces.
You can see why Rodrigo gets annoyed with Charlie; he's such a shit-stirrer. God, Rodrigo looks so hot in that polo shirt. I didn't like Bea patronising him; what other languages does SHE speak, except for fluent cunt?
I have a feeling the Queen might disappoint Rodrigo.
God, Freddie is so clueless. Do you think he's ever even got off with a bloke (or a girl come to think of it)? I'm seriously beginning to doubt it.
To throw one crumb at Bea, after she said that circle thing on the live feed, she said 'I'm only joking' which the cut out. Still, tough shit, she deserves all the bad editing she gets.
OMG 'I don't operate on that sort of level.' She's SUCH an arsehole, you rejected him, don't have a go at him as well! That girl is made of STEEL.
The harsh truth is, David provides more entertainment than Bea; last night on live feed, she gave the kind of speech on aliens/ poverty/ community that even the thickest 6 former would balk at for being utter cod psychology. Every time Marcus tried to speak, she interrupted him. None of it made the main show, and do you know why? Because it was boring, Bea's views on the world and boring, and her time is UP.

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