Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Big Brother 10: Emotionally terrorised

Brace yourself, because I turned my swearometer up to ten for this blog.
I've got a bad feeling about the nominations today after Siavash, Marcus and Freddie's naughtiness yesterday. It makes them such an easy target. Such a stupid thing to do the day before nominations.
Rodrigo actually listens when Freddie apologises unlike chief gargoyles Lisa, David and Charlie.
What are the things in Siavash's book you can never ever come back from? Snogging someone else whilst in a relationship? He's so right about Bea though. Bea has engineered the downfall of Freddie, but WHY? She has been on the outside, she knows we hate Lisa. It's weirdly schizo.
Ooh Marcus hasn't forgotten Siavash's past misdemeanors. Can we say agenda! Marcus is right in a small way though; Siavash does often deflect attention from his own crimes, merely by swanning round like a mellow deity. But that's just his schtick.
Marcus: 'don't trust anyone- apart from me.' Is that your unbiased opinion?
Maintaining negativity! Oooh, selling down the river! Truth. Oh, someone's 'picking on Bea' again; first the tyranny of David, now Freddie! She's like a bully magnet, that one. No, you horse-faced horror, it's not everyone else, it's YOU. Freddie, just thank your lucky stars she's not your girlfriend, because she's so manipulative, she makes Noirin look like the girl next door. She is actually psychotic. She aint that upset cos she's still putting her mascara on.
Freddie just SAY IT! She's NUTSO. That fucking bitch! Four weeks he got bullied for in that house, he fought so hard to win them round, and she's just come in and destroyed him.
Yay Marcus defending Freddie. Good. Does Bea REALLY believe she's blameless? She must be off her fucking head.
It's interesting to see who was scared when they allowed them to discuss nominations (David) and who wasn't (Freddie). Got something to hide, David?
I liked Rodrigo's indignation at Charlie nominating him. Rodrigo rage! I like watching them squirm. Lisa is such a jobsworth. And David, 'it's taken the fun out of it'- what, the backstabbing? Idiot.
OMG BEA ADMITTED SHE'S NOMINATING MARCUS AND FREDDIE! Can that girl sink ANY lower? She's a fucking disgrace. Her mother should be ashamed. Cosying up to Lisa? VILE. I just don't.get.it. Is she stupid? I actually hate her guts. You were meant to be on our side!
WHAT! Then she nominated David! That girl can't even lie straight in bed. She's fucking tapped! She could have done Lisa instead.
WTF! Freddie nominated MARCUS??? After the way Bea spoke to him? What is he on??? Oh fuck you, Freddie, seriously, we are done. DONE! Marcus to win. Siavash to win. Rodrigo to win. Fuck off Freddie, you twat, you are totally cuntstruck. Grow some fucking balls, you pillock, Marcus was just defending you out there. And BB, can we please see the reason why he nominated Marcus? Seriously, your editing team should be fucking burnt alongside Bea and Freddie's 100K hopes.
We are stuck with Lisa until the end now. Do you know that? I'm FURIOUS!
OH Freddie nominated Marcus because Marcus want to go home (and I quote from last night's live feed) 'eat fish and chips, have sex, watch TV, play with his toys, and start a fight on the Big Brother forum'. They can't LET Freddie nominate Marcus for those reasons. Cancel his nominations immediately! BB, these contestants are making monkeys out of you.
BUT STILL Freddie should have nominated Bea, so sod him.
Oh no, David likes Queer as Folk! *burns boxset*
The nominations are a crock this week. Fuck you. This is the end of Marcus. I'm sad. He stays up late and provides all the entertainment in that house, unless you like Sophie and Lisa singing fucking show tunes. And if you do, you're a fucking twat.
LOL at Rodrigo checking out Sophie's boobs.
Drop dead Bea. Seriously. Just stop talking. You just got Marcus kicked out that house, are you happy? Now I have two weeks off sick coming up with no Marcus to provide the LOLs on live feed. I hope you are happy, you hateful harridan. Freddie looks like he's about to have a nervous breakdown. Even I as a viewer feel emotionally terrorised!
Hallelujah; she is NOT A NICE PERSON. Did the penny drop? Free love!
Aw Rodrigo, you're our last hope, sweetie. Freddie: TELL HER TO FUCK OFF. NOW! You could win this show. Ooh he's gone into Edward Norton mode. Stick it to the bitch! You should have nominated her, Halfwit. Convulsions! Heheeheeeee.
I feel angry at the outcome tonight. Lisa wins. Either way; she wins. Neither Freddie nor Marcus should be leaving that house before her. All we've got to look forward to now is the retards turning on each other.

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