Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Big Brother 10: You killed Marcus!

Don't let the title fool you that this blog is gonna be a good 'un, it aint.
'If you count the skeletons in my closet... under the bed, and up under my faucet...' What is Eminem on about? Anyway!
Heartwarming start to the show; a gravestone with Bea's name on. 'Why has mine got a crow on?' Because you never stop squawking? Oh God, Bea 'I want/ I want'. Had Bea got her costume on yet..? Oh.
Rodrigo and Sophie looked cute as vampires. I want Rodrigo to start going; 'One... ha ha ha ha. Two... ha ha ha ha.'
Bea didn't suffer enough for my liking! Let's really operate on her.
David came across like a dick having a go at Bea for nominating him (although she did lie). He's a right touchy git! Am I bovvered? If I was Bea I'd walk; that'd teach him. I'm surprised she didn't take it worse. God, shut up David. You're an idiot. Stop bellowing.
Well that apology went well, didn't it. If I was Bea I wouldn't even justify it. I'd just say 'I nominated you- tough'. I can't believe she's even letting him go on like that with the way she normally behaves. He is totally over-reacting.
Ooh Lisa gave it to Bea! Looks like you shouldn't have thrown Freddie under the bus after all. LOL. All the things Bea has done in that house and they dig her out over nothing. Weird. Good to see Lisa showing her claws though.
God that BB (and therefore my blog) was boring. Blame Endemol, not Exitainment.

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Samm said...


David is a dog. He told her in the kitchen he'd be upset if anyone nominated him. tit for tat, and so forth.

It is pretty sorry that we know it will be Bea. Not fun