Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Big Brother 10: They own us

Sophie doing this Jade schtick is boring, BB is literally revelling in her thickness. Let's dress her up in school uniform and make fun of the thick blonde! Misogyny central. I'm not sure I'd know where all of those places are to be honest, but I think I could do half of them, hehe. Even the thickest cunt must know what the UK looks like though, especially when you live in it. Sophie seems drunk constantly now. I think she's lost the plot.
Siavash, just nominate you fucking plank! He's really getting on my nerves. Why is Marcus backtracking now as well? The dark horse is running scared!
Oh wind your neck in Charlie, you're the only tool in that house. He sees Siavash and Marcus as threats! Simple as that. See how fast he came up with extra reasons for Marcus when he was under pressure! Idiot box.
Bye bye Siavash then. You threw yourself under the bus, and to be honest I'm not that bothered anymore. You almost had it all, but you threw it away. Shoulda put David up.
A bad, bad end to things, basically all the good guys got picked off in the end, and actually the catalyst for that was Bea. Lisa was almost overthrown, but Bea fucked it up.
I'm glad Rodrigo pulled Siavash up on his martyrdom. Siavash really is a rebel without a cause. Hmm, wonder why Charlie is so upset? How ironic he's calling someone Mr Perfect, he's been trademarking that image for two months now. Listening to all these yapping off it's a crying shame we are losing Siavash over David/ Lisa/ Charlie.
Siavash does have freedom of choice! BB can kick him out if they don't like it Sophie was the only person defending him.
The way Charlie pulled Siavash's girlfriend out the bag! HARSH! It's none of his fucking business. GOD I HATE HIM! The injustice of this situation is just not right! The only person who showed his 'true colours' tonight was Charlie.
I believe Siavash doesn't want to be in the final if the public don't want him there. Charlie/ Lisa/ David don't care either way. Glad he told Charlie and Rodrigo so.
David says straightfaced: 'they say jump, I say how high?' So he'd be the first gassing the Jews, just remember that folks, when you're picking your winner.
How did Siavash 'cheat' on Marcus? Was Marcus going out with Noirin? NO.
See Charlie spluttering when Siavash said 'why didn't you vote so we all went up?' OMG and then he just goes and dances to his song! ARGH!
I'm glad it's nearly over. Marcus or Rodrigo to win. Chuck Charlie out via the side door mid next week. Cheers.

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johnifer said...

I totally hate Charlie! Everything about him smacks of disingenuousness... big word. Can't they just all go up so we can vote the fucker out?!