Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Big Brother 10: A good strum over the dark horse

I have terrible news. The Queen's husband is dead. How he died, we just don't know. But it must be true, anti-feminist Bea declared it.
How can Bea not know who Prince Phillip is! He's a racist legend! Miss Know it All doesn't know it all, after all! Wish Freddie was there to set her straight.
Now Bea is giving it the 'friends' schtick. Zzz. You need the hoodie for that game! You're not even qualified to say 'friend' without the hoodie on, love. And you aint got it!
It's Bea's bathtime! Who is going to annoy her today? Freddie is in backtrack city!
Ad break: How many times can Peter Andre give his 'exclusive story' (GMTV/ NOTW/ now Heat) whilst protesting 'I don't want to talk about it! I don't want my kids reading about it!' Not much of an exclusive if you've told 25 different shitrags, and not much of a story if you don't want to talk about it. Talk about a hypocrite. I'm on Jordan's side, at least she's doing bdsm with a cage fighter. And at least she's honest about the exploitation.
Anyway, back to reality. Why does Rodrigo keep banging on about the Queen?! Perhaps he got confused with the other kind at an impressionable stage in his life.
Oh Bea, stop rubbing it in, you spiteful shrew. You've already humiliated the poor idiot.
Rodrigo's letter was interminable. Then Hira crying! ANYONE can write a letter to the Queen, you don't need permission. Aw, but that was so touching when he said 'before you arrived the house had an empty space' to Hira. I hadn't noticed her fill it! I like the way Rodrigo is so unreserved and passionate. He's a good soul, that one.
Nomz. Bea's in! Brace yourself. Although we didn't see it, interesting Charlie nominated Freddie and Siavash (two potential winners). He's really scrabbling for that cash now, isn't he?
David is no one's henchman, he's just an idiot-box. Freddie is more Bea's henchman. David DOES have permission to act how he wants, it's a free country, Freddie. He can even *whisper it* be rude to people if he wants. Especially manipulative psychos pretending to cry in his face. 'David's been trying to get on with everyone...' BURN HIM! Does Freddie not remember when he was on the bottom of the tree? Kiss goodbye to the cash, Freddie, the way you're going on, I'd rather see Charlie get it (almost).
Marcus is worried about being left on the shelf, so he's being naughty, bless him. Don't let him play with any matches now. He nominated Lisa and David for 'annihilating the butter.'
A good strum over the dark horse! Goodness me, I'm glad I wasn't eating when Marcus said that. Vom!
Another cunning plan! You can't tell me Siavash didn't foresee what would happen to him if he didn't nominate, it's bloody obvious they wouldn't put him up, but the others. His speech was rub, too. Big Brother can do exactly what he likes.
Still, I'm glad the house is up. Bea vs Marcus would have been OK but now we have a chance to get rid of Lisa. After all these weeks! But will we? Come on, you know it makes sense. Listen to her going 'don't talk about it'. She might as well have 'sat on the fence' tattooed on her arse.
Fuck me, David and Charlie know more about royalty than Bea. That's saying something.
Aw I do want Charlie and Rodrigo to get it on. The way Rodrigo touched his head when they kissed good night, it was really sweet.
OMG it's vote to SAVE! Bring it on! I wonder if they'll tell them it's a vote to save? This is good, this gets rid of the dead-wood. Bye bye Hira. Sorry love, that space has just re-emptied.

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