Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Big Brother 10: Oh Lisa you're making me cum!

God, is Bea not used to not getting what she wants, or what? Her face when she wasn't Alice! She seems to think she's entitled to something; well all you're entitled to is a booing, so enjoy it cos your time is coming.
Siavash looked cool as the white rabbit. He'll go orange if he eats all those carrots.
I got 'smile like you mean it' about a second after it started. Aw, Brandon, Marcus knew!
Rodrigo's grinning was good. Lovely teeth. I liked the Alice in Wonderland theme, it was trippy. Mmm, cake. I kind of like Hira a bit. She's nothingy, but with a sense of goodness about her. She looked cute as a blonde. It's gonna take a LOT of her hand waving aerobics to work that lot off. She was DETERMINED, though. She's got grit. It was surreal beauty in that task room.
Haha Bea's face when she got nommed! Has any one person's perception of herself been so off kilter with their actual personality? (well, yes, Freddie..!)
Ooh Rodrigo is obviously worried! Haha, 'if you want to go home, open the door and leave!' Loving Rodrigo. He's got spirit, that fella.
Bea, David didn't put you up on his own, did he, the rest of the house DON'T like you, that's why you were up, you horse-faced twat-magnet.
Oh, Lisa is REALLY scared about going home. Rodrigo is on about disrespecting the house again; what about when he chucked cooking oil at the wall? Short memory!
Freddie is getting so bolshy, these days, it's really unpleasant. Still, I enjoyed the ruckus. See Lisa just bolt when it kicks off. Imagine him talking to her like that three weeks ago? He wouldn't have DARED!
Bea: 'why do you dislike me?' David: 'well where do you want me to start?' LOL!
Ooh Lisa's back! Now is your chance to shine! Come on, take the situation by the scruff of it's neck; I dare you! 'Oh Lisa you're making me cum!' OMG. DON'T!
OH MY GOD, FREDDIE! He literally just HAMMERED nails into his coffin. 'I'm staying because the public like me'. Doesn't he realise that opinions aren't static? Oh dear. What a fool. You're making me side with LISA!
HAHAHA OMG Marcus called David a fat CUNT! That's the best thing I've ever seen on BB. Even I wouldn't dare do that in the BB house. I love Marcus. He really doesn't give a fuck. He runs that house. He IS the irrepressible dark horse.
Freddie and Bea and their gamplan schtick is unbearable. THEY HATE YOU. IT'S NOT A GAMEPLAN.
Punked/ punched? Either way, Marcus wins. Sick of David now. Yes, you made a mistake, go say sorry to Marcus, hehe.
Haha, sorry for calling you a fat cunt. No problemo!
God, I feel really fed up with Freddie! It's sad for me, because I was such a champion of his, I felt like I could forgive him anything. At this rate bloody Charlie will walk off with it.
Nice to see Bea and David making up; maybe rowing does clear the air!
I liked the diddy diary room chair. God, Hira is having one bad trip, man. That was worse than a rainy Glastonbury. I think I could cry after eating all that cake.
Night of the fat cunt. Let's not forget it's endless joy. Marcus or Rodrigo to win. And that's that.


Samm said...

It's kind of lame they did two tasks that were about eating things.

ROFL @ halfwits sheep giggles.

I think Lisa will stay because she's not that bad by contrast to him...seriously, talk about an exploding ego

Hera's cake was big ass. lol

Unknown said...

Marcus is a right bullying c**t....he needs to come to wales where ill gladly punk his scrawny little head off....who the f**k does he think he is!!!