Friday, 7 August 2009

Big Brother 10: Imagine the Queen

Frostie-gate! They're grrrrrrrreat! Tony the Tiger has got nothing on this lot. Lisa aint legally obliged to give you Frosties for fags, Bea. Bea IS a spoilt brat! OMG they weren't even real Frosties!!! Frosted Flakes! Faux-rosties! Tony the Tiger is now sobbing in his grave. They're faaaaaaaaaaake! It brought out the tiger in Lisa. No one's gonna enjoy those supermarket-own brand Frosties now.
Lisa! Lisa! Lisa! I kinda don't want Lisa to go now, just because it justifies the Bea-stliness. Hira exercises through the ruckus.
Hira's got a gamplan! What is it? Bad singing and shit exercises? Marcus having a go at Hira for swearing? Now if she called him a fat, whinging cunt, I'd give her kudos.
Hate Freddie being so sure Lisa is going to go. Just want to prove him wrong. I personally think it's between Hira, Lisa and David.
I want some TM! Oh dear, it's all gonna end in tears! I hope no one was trying to sleep in that room. Oh dear, poor Hira! Aw, nice to see them all having fun.
Urgh Charlie is an arsehole! See him push Rodrigo? I didn't like that. Nasty bastard. You are not the public's favourite, we have hated you since day one, you fake fuck. I liked it when the whole diary room shook from Rodrigo's anger. Feel his force! I LOVE Rodrigo's rage! He is brilliant! In the first three weeks he did NOTHING and he was still brilliant. That whole diary room was about to collapse any minute, it's made solely of cardboard. Rodrigo to win, I love the fire in his eyes. He really means it.
LOL to him not sitting on the chair. Don't put Rodrigo in a corner! The diary room looks massive. It's like a vortex.
I like Sophie, she's funny! I'd like to go on a night out with her! At least I wouldn't embarrass myself to this degree.
I HATE Charlie! I hate him so much. You are NOT a cheeky chappie, you're a nasty cunt. Fuck you. I don't care about your personal life, you're a crap housemate, and you pushed Rodrigo, the people's prince. Imagine the Queen! I heard she's disgusted.
I kind of want Lisa to stay. She's like a war hero. She is awful, but she's an original. And I'd love to see Freddie's face.
Here we go! Oooh, it's good when it's wide open, I'm excited. 'You are safe'; this isn't they way BB works. I'm glad Lisa was saved as it's one in the eye for Team Smug. But did they know it was a vote to save? Now they'll probably think Hira did something awful!
Well, can't say I'm that excited about Hira's interview; bet Bob Mortimer's depressed about that.
OMG Emma Kennedy; I hate her so much. I can't even remember who she is, except I hate her. Sort your hair out.
I want to be the girl with the most cake. Thank god she had that cake moment, or it would have been a total wash-out. They should have done a double-eviction, to make her interview less shit.
Well done, Hira, you're retarded, and your main highlights weren't even shown in the main show.
Hira is right; Rodrigo to win! You know it makes sense.

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Samm said...

You're taking the fun out of Big brother. Let's pretend we don't know who will win....

jeez, after watching that Alice and the giant cupcake I've been craving it. Shouldn't have rewinded it so many times

- Charlie doesn't have any problems, it's Rodrigo who is over sensitive. Maybe it's a cultural thing. I heard that US soldiers in Iraq had a problem with the nationals there, because they kept getting up in their faces. Apparently, that's how they talk--so it was a problem.

I'm so happy he didn't burst out of BB

I would have died

-the door slam was epic