Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Big Brother 10: Nothing to do with the Mingebaggery

When Marcus and Lisa are bonding, you know the ship's going down. Bea is such a spoilsport. Everyone's pissed at her so she just wants to walk. Why is BB giving her extra messages from home?! What is there to be proud of? I'd be sickened to have brought up such a spoilt, ungrateful snob.
The way she tried to wriggle out of those nominations was the most barefaced thing I'd ever seen. Why does anyone DESERVE to go over you, Bea, with the way you behave? I'm so sick of even hearing her voice. Get rid!
Good luck getting Rodrigo out of that house, Bea, you fucking spanner. You might as well just put your nomination in the bin. You should have nominated Lisa instead, it might have saved you.
Siavash and his bumbling nominations protest is just getting sillier. It's totally stupid. What is he protesting against!? I don't get what he's on about either. He's giving it all the rhetoric and posturing but he's saying NOTHING. It's just a load of old twaddle. Beware false idols!
Ha that was funny when he came out the diary room and ran into the innocents Rodrigo and Sophie. Bless them! Ooh but Bea touched the cursed man! Heheeeeeee. GOOD!
Siavash is the KING of going 'something has happened but I can't tell you what!' There's being enigmatic and then there's just being an irritant.
How can Charlie nominate Marcus and Siavash when he's been on the front line for Bea's most audacious stunts?!
David, please nominate Bea. Oh my god, he DIDN'T. Oh Jesus. Please don't let this happen again. David, you're an idiot. Ha and Bea nominated you and then lied to your face; sucker.
LOL to Marcus telling Bea he voted for her. Deal with it!
I like Sophie, despite the Kris thing. Ha, Bea, David and Marcus up! Bye Bea.
See how antsy David gets when he thinks he's going to get put up? Idiot. If Bea walks, he's the new target, let's destroy him. He's getting on my nerves.
Lisa lives again! Rules is rules. Zzzzz. DAVID Siavash still has his own mind! He doesn't have to vote if he doesn't want to; if BB is that bothered, they can chuck him out, can't they!
What's Rodrigo getting all aerated about? People are seriously worried, aren't they! The people with no faith in their own popularity. Charlie is attacking the wrong people as usual.
David on Ice! We wish. OMG the dark horse having a wank! Why announce it? Just do it privately! Why do they all want to see?! They happy slapped him! Ew, the belt buckle was undone!
At least he took it in good faith! Muchos LOLs.


Thrill Fiction said...

Bea up for eviction?

I'm going to register to vote.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you have to register, it's not like the real elections.