Monday, 10 August 2009

Big Brother 10: Do Not Pass Go

Everyone's soooo naughty in BB this year. Anarchy rules! OMG babies crying AND Freddie singing! I pray for deafness.
I liked their little protest, it was cute. At least they've got personality. Freddie's gone all anarchist! At last. I love the way Marcus talks to BB. 'Shut the fuck up, you dimwit.' and the old classic 'lick my love pump'! LOL. Is BB going to come out and manhandle them into jail? No. Is BB going to kick them out? No.
Rodrigo and Charlie's rubbish arguments continue. Zzz.
Bea must be destroyed. She is so evil makes Lisa look like Rodrigo. I've never heard anyone complain so much about other people whilst polishing her halo of shit.
I like it when BB punishes the whole house for something a couple of people do. Why do they do it, asks Lisa. Purely to annoy you.
Aw Rodrigo trying to stand up for what's right. Bless him.
I'd be fucked off about the food being taken away, I must say. I don't think Lisa's going to take it too well. Sorry doesn't help! Oh, Bea LIKES David's cooking now. She said he was using it to stay in the other day.
Poor Freddie. Whatever he says to Bea he loses. Bea you're right, you don't need a mediator, you need a fucking smack in the chops, and I bet I won't be first in the queue.
David-absolutely-pathetic-fat-whinging-cunt-fucking-idiot, you need to diet anyway!
I like it when Sophie takes Marcus to task. Then Marcus blamed Siavash and Freddie! It IS arrogant. She's spot on. Marcus is so AWARE of being on TV.
Marcus and his computer friends! They're my favourite kind.
Ooh that was a stinger when Bea said she didn't think Freddie was as clever as he thinks he is IN FRONT OF LISA AND DAVID. Disloyal! Nominate the bitch! She's projecting all over you.
Bea all you do is reveal yourself as loyal to NO ONE. And no one, not even idiot boxes Lisa and David want to be friends with THAT.
I saw the bedroom conversation go on for about 100 more hours on live feed, and she brow beat him into submission. Free love! Has anyone ever advertised themselves so falsely on their intro vid? She should be apologising to HIM! Nasty bitch.
'It's not fair you inflict this feeling on me-your feelings are your own, dear.

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johnifer said...

Aw I'm watching it right now... Poor Freedie's like a broken man :( I feel really sorry for him!