Sunday, 30 August 2009

Big Brother 10: The blog with no name

Last night's highlights were SO boring. When you have extended scenes of David and Lisa eulogising themselves, you know you're in deep shit highlights-wise. And Lisa lamenting the loss of Marcus! Well, I never.
Lisa's bored! Send her home. Stop saying you're missing Marcus, Charlie, you voted him out, you duplicitous cuntrag!
Ooh Lisa's got a reason to nominate Rodrigo now. Tempers definitely seem a bit frayed at the moment. That money is in sight, even if it's depleted.
The task thing was funny for about five minutes, then got a bit boring. Which reminds me, when are they going to give Siavash his clothes back? I wish he'd draw his other eyebrow on too. The lack of symmetry is annoying.
Urgh David and his laugh! Ban both. Even Lisa looks tired.
Marvel at them order a Chinese! The excitement is just too much. Ah, it's delivered and they start moaning immediately.
God, Lisa going on about her bagging of straight girls. David is right; places are not gay friendly; if two blokes start snogging in a straight club, it's not that friendly I'd imagine.
What IS it with that extra 5 minutes at the end of BB? I have to sit through a whole ad break for that? Normally I don't have to sit through ad breaks but I've lost my remote control. It's not my day.
Roll on Friday; this series is dead. But I STILL hate all the gleeful articles gloating over the end of Big Brother; you don't see me calling for an end to Songs of Praise or Countdown for being a tired formula. So why don't you just let us enjoy our own programmes, motherfuckers?

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