Sunday, 2 August 2009

Big Brother 10: Hira- Most Entertaining Housemate

I was very happy to see Isaac walk out of the door Friday night, but the fact he left just in time for the second half of BBBM left a bad taste in my mouth. It was clearly just a 'job'; and different to the fame seekers Sophie and Charlie looking for their break. Noirin and Isaac deserve each other; and the atmosphere on the live feed once they'd left was great; Siavash looked regenerated, with his hair all curly, like a Herbal Essences ad. He is battle-weary, but back.
I half liked Bea sticking it to Noirin at the end; but Bea is such a hypocrite in so many ways, it's annoying to need her as spokesman for us viewers. She does stick her nose into other people's business; big time.
Plus Charlie was so off having a go at people for not saying goodbye to Noirag; it was the other way around! Charlie is such a douche. He doesn't understand a thing in that game. I watched him for a couple of hours on the live feed last night, and he bored me to tears. So, he's got a sob story; that doesn't make him a winner, or an entertaining housemate. It might be harsh but it's the truth.
Poor Freddie, he's being out-bored by David! David is like the people's champion right now. So bad he's good.
I don't like the way Bea treats Freddie! He's her biggest champion in that house and I don't like the way she slates him and freezes him out. I'm sure he is annoying, but she's an arse. Bea is ALWAYS in a bad mood! I'd quite like to see her go up this week to be honest. She's too overbearing.
Charlie's clown act was about as good as his taste in friends. Freddie is pissed off about Bea; not the fire extinguisher. He wants to take Bea to 'that place' whether she likes it or not. Is it time for his to go back in the box marked 'victim'?
I like Sophie, she's sweet away from the glare of Kris and Karly. Christ; they could use Freddie's song for torture sessions at Guantanamo; it was excruciating! Bea looked like she was trying to think about something else- anything! Outdone by Hira; that's gotta hurt. Rodrigo's face was a picture. God, Hira's legs are skinny! Perhaps those limp-wristed exercises she does aren't all in vain. More likely it's just good genes.
Hira, enjoy your stint as the most entertaining housemate; there's some sweet irony in that. I pity the poor sod trying to combine her best bits when she leaves.
I liked Marcus describing Lisa as 'starting to mobilise again'. LOL to David getting ideas above his station! David stay in your supermarket/car-boot/ebay box! Just because Marcus wanted to be the most judgemental housemate! Mean. 'Food bandit'! David's card has been marked. This is how world wars start.
David does interrupt with banal comments; that's the joy of him. Bea is just being a snob. I'm more worried about the fact he's alleging he's 28 years old! I am older than him! He looks old enough to be my dad. Butter-gate! Zzzz.
How stupid is David hooking up with Lisa when he knows how unpopular she is outside the house? He's no match for Marcus. Marcus could kill him with one eyebrow- recognise!
I still like Siavash; no matter what he did. It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss, as Brandon Flowers once yelped. If I were his girlfriend, I'd forgive him; it's a high-pressure environment with too much time to think. Fuck what your dad thinks; you're a good soul at heart. Let Noirin go live on a ranch with her dopey boyfriend. I can't see her playing house somehow, no matter what she says.

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