Friday, 31 July 2009

Big Brother 10: Proper Little Hussy

Elvis Live's! Sign-writing not the crowd's speciality.
How many times do you think Noirin is going to say 'friends' in her eviction interview? My boyfriend said 57. I guess 36.
Have fun! Have fun! Have fun! Maybe the Noirin-bot has a malfunction. She is broke without the hoodie. Do you think she'll get evicted with that hoodie on?
Has a statement ever meant anything less than 'it is what it is'. It's right up there with 'I'm going to be myself.'
LOVING the housemates revolting against Norrag. Leg over! Well, it is true.
Noirin having a go at someone for being chaste. Hira? Who-ra more like. Charlie is a good judge of character as ever. He would have been first in the line making lampshades out of Jews.
It's all good! Glad Siavash took Noirin to task. Can't believe Noirin said she was in love with Spring Break. Siavash looked like a cowboy on acid. Friends! Friends! Friends! Siavash why can't you be friends with Noirin and Spring Break, they are innocent! Tell her to stick her storyline up her arse. It is what it is. ARGH!
Marcus doing the cowboy instrumental! He's funny as fuck.
Friend! Why do you feel so guilty, Noirin? Because you are Beelzibub. Do you know that?
Bea's hair has grown ten inches again! That's magic.
Charlie! Fake. That scene with Isaac and David talking about Grease was quality. David thinks Grease is real life! He's off his 'ead. 'We just dance it out.' OMG. We laughed very hard, but I think we're drunk.
I love that Erasure song! Meeeeeeeeeee!
Isaac has got a Bea in his bonnet. He's a professional reality TV show contestant. Boring! Why should we give you 100K, you dullard? You don't get the English way. We pretend we don't WANT the money.
Christ even Rod & Charlie are giving it the 'friends' schtick. Zzzzz.
Stinky-top gate! Bea is insane. But I think I like it. Noiring should be ashamed of herself. Her speech was GOOD. Frat dude! LOLZ. 'He seems like a right noddy'- lump of Americanised arrogance' so why do you fancy him? Bea confuses me because I half hate her/ half like her but either way she's a good HM.
I enjoyed the towel protest. Rock n roll! Even SOPHIE is on Marcus's side! 'I want Marcus so badly'. WHAT!? Fuck a duck. I love it. Whatever you say about Marcus, he's a good housemate. Charlie, by backing no horses, you become nothing. Charlie; you're a WEASEL! He's such a shitstirrer, that is his stock in trade. 'I thought you knew...' you lying little bastard. You're about as close to winning this as you are to rimming Rodrigo. Don't forget this, people. Don't forget what this man is made of. Hira; you're a spineless little cunt.
Rectum tree?! WTF. It's raining arse. Yeah, ever since you arrive, Spring Break. Yeah well done, Charlie, you just aligned yourself with the devil.
Lisa, 'I should have said this'- why didn't you then?! She's a lot of bluff and bluster.
I don't think Noirag even said goodbye to anyone. Heartless bitch. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Not one cheer! Good.
Now if only Davina had the wherewithal to tell Noirin exactly what we think of her. But do you think she could?
Fuck, not even cheered in the studio! Noirin, you done bad.
'Friends' count: 4
'Still in love with my ex boyfriend': 2
Isaac not gonna stay? Why is he still in there then? Why didn't he walk out with her?
Jo Wiley aint exactly gonna stick it to her, is she? I aint even gonna comment on Toothy.
Noirin was unrepentant! 'Not socially aware'- please. She aint an idiot.
Oh Davina, you useless, useless piece of crap; this was your one chance to do a Makosi on her, and you let her off gently. Noirin barely said a word during that interview. Totally off the hook. 'Mixed messages' isn't strong enough condemnation.
'Words only count for 7% of a message'- BULLSHIT!
RIP the Hoodie. Noirin can go fuck herself. Oh, and Davina.

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She got evicted!!! :)