Saturday, 4 July 2009

Big brother 10: the last mobile blog- there's so much to you

Sorry my last blog ended abruptly. I said more about Kelly O not having even watched the show but anyhow.
Freddie and Lisa's chat: yeah he was being a bit annoying there. I'm not totally blind to the way his manner gets people's backs up.
Charlie's getting a bit porky in that house isn't he? Rodrigo couldn't take the high quality banter. I like his sulks.
I don't think rodrigo really minded being locked in the bathroom with sophie's bikini line. Sophie shut up about your chihuahua's life, you cliched little dimwit.
Karly and Lisa's face after Sree went was ace. I feel like the misfits could win with Noirin on side. I don't blame Freddie for rubbing it in.
Siavash is right though; Sree will be missed. HONestly.
Is rodrigo falling for Charlie? How could Freddie fancy someone who doesn't know what ambiguity means? Was Freddie smashed? His seduction technique was poor. Charlie was doing well not to run away screaming.
I prefer it when my opinion on housemates is more fluid and changes from week to week, lines have been too clearly drawn into black and white this time round.
Marcous: Noirin, please prostitute yourself for beer. Noirin: OK.
Did Kris pat Karly on the arse? I'd nut him if he did that to me. Rodrigo wad a smooth operator getting in on beergate. But who's beer was it? Ah marcouses.
The only way they can give that back is to regurgitate it.
Don't be greedy marcous, let us punch Kris too.
Rodrigo is getting mega pissy in the house now! Good, his happy happy house persona was mega dull. Is it cos he's in love with Charlie tho? Is Charlie the new Noirin?
I'm not even sure what Rodrigo was on about; but I liked it. He made Charlie cry! Pure joy! Rodrigo to win! Yessssss!
Rodrigo is like an angry bumblebee, all cos Charlie said he had a funny name. Gay drama!
Charlie, take off freddie's hat: it's the hat of doom!
Oh god marcus leave the woman alone. She's not a creature, she just a narky woman and she is not interested in you.
It really was just the can of cider.
At last: the worm has turned. I have only 50% of a clue of what went on tonight, but the shiteaters were suffering at the hands of the goodies. Hurrah.

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