Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Big Brother 10: Why for me this task?

Hello familiar white space (well, black for you). Here are tonight's thoughts on BB.
Freddie's talking out the side of his mouth again. How ironic for Karly, the girl without a single redeeming feature, to say Noirin is never happy! Have you ever seen Karly smile? And Sophie, there's no plot for you to get evicted, your group is just loathsome. Come to the Rodrigo side, he has nice brightly-coloured shirts and a very thorough tooth-brushing regime.
How gracious of Karly to like Freddie now the public have saved him 6 billion times. If you'd have had your way love, he'd have been back at one of his musicless house parties from hell with Jemima and Sebastian a month and a half ago, so spare me.
Oh God, Rodrigo getting his knickers in a twist again. I like his mood swings, as a viewer. Perhaps not to live with.
Well the first task was wank, that obstacle course was beyond lame. Shame Nasty Nick didn't go in, unintelligible Craig is a bore (although I remember wanting him to win at the time- but those were more innocent days). Aw, he was quite nice, really. I'm glad Freddie had someone nice to talk to. Lisa: 'he has been watching us.' Not only has he not; nor has anyone on BBLB, the eviction show, or anywhere else. My blog is probably LOSING readers because of my coverage! Yet still i cling, I'm determined like that.
Bit weird them going Craig is good-looking, they must be desperate for some action. It annoys me so much that even Craig is calling Freddie Halfwit, I'd just refuse.
God, even Freddie is saying 'season' instead of series. Stop the rot! I enjoyed Freddie rubbing it in their faces a bit. He deserves that opportunity.
I also wanted Dean to win in 'season 2' so I clearly backed the boring everyman for the first few years. Dean? Who? Hahaha. Karly and Sophie have the pleasure of 'who?' to come.
That was nice that Lisa got the Brummie, even if she didn't have a clue who he was. God, are they real fans or what? I remember every sodding second of it. Evil Norfolk Craig was on BBLB today and it made me pine for the Antony/Craig love affair. Craig was such a good character; he was barely a real person, let's face it. He's now got hair like Bruno.
I liked seeing Lisa and Dean chatting, it was nice and comforting somehow. I enjoyed the sugar cube task first time round, I actually remember Dean being really anal about it. I remember that yet I can't remember huge chunks of my own life, hehe. TV, you have destroyed my brain! But hold on, brains are just mushy things, that are going to end up rotting, or forgetting things, or cancer-ridden, or squashed, or just bored stupid, so who's to say my pursuit of reality TV is worse that someone else honing their mind by studying history for 50 years then getting alzheimers? At least I've got nothing to lose.
Oh, Lisa fucked it. Aw but Dean saved her. I always liked Dean. I seem to remember my boyfriend at the time liking Dean too, but I can't even remember who that was. Frightening.
It was funny watching the others feed off the chats, like how interested they were in every word that Craig or Dean had said, how desperate for other human contact.
Nomination results: how fucking self-centred and thick are those bastards that it took Freddie to say 'I'm not up this week' for anyone to realise? It's like a major thing! They really should be taken out and shot on the spot. Lisa can go first.
Bit sad Rodrigo didn't get to chat with anyone, not that he'd get much chat out of Lee and Sophie (don't they have a baby?) As for Alex; God, I loathed that prat. God, Rodrigo is going to spazz out, isn't he, I can feel it in my waters.
Charlie is such a div; he has so misjudged his entire friendship group it's unreal. I'd love to see the back of him, but I have a feeling it's going to be a long while.
Noirin is right; she is being hunted. But she should survive this week. I want her to stay, at least she's smart enough to sum up her own fate and admit she caused it.

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