Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Big Brother 10: Big Brother is disappointed in you

Kenneth! Said Sophie is thick, fat and has cellulite and all women are worth is dinner and a dress or two. How do you like THAT, Kris, sonny Jim? Even Karly doesn't deserve this cockspank on her arm. As for those shoes and that shirt; being ostentatiously tacky, is still tacky. Why IS he cracking onto other women on TV? Does he have that little respect for his own girlfriend? I'd rather go and be talked through each and every one of Marcus's action figures followed by a fumble by the gas fire at his mum's house thansit in the VI-TWAT area with Kenneth and his alleged 'bodyguards'. Talking of Marcus, his domination of Noirin is pretty much complete. He refused to say it was OK for Noirin to get off with Tom... and she listened!
I like seeing old new housemates all grumpy about the new ones. I admire Bea for not doing the task, but I understand the ones who want to do it as well. It's just all the new housemates except her are idiots. Kenneth is so loathsome I actually want him to stay. David the last Dinosaur is so unspeakably dumb that he looks like someone invented him for a bad comedy sketch (Horne and Corden, are you guilty?) Hira is not even getting an edit, she's so pointless. And Tom is the house scapegoat, because allegedly he's good looking. Even for Northampton, he's a mingaloid. The last thing we need is a cut-price Jason/junglecat from yesteryear.
At least Bea is a bit fiesty. No one said a word when she took Kenny on. She wound him up quite nicely.
Aw, Kenny had his very own pow-pow-pow moment. Is he going to get his homies to fuck Bea up?! Pop a cap in her ass! What kind of idiot says they can't deal with problems themselves and have to get someone else to do it? Glad Charlie kept that line of conversation going. Liked him defending Karly, too.
Kenneth: 'I'm not even used to people criticising me'- well get used to it when you leave the house, you prick. Was Bea hamming it up a bit? I feel like she was, to be honest. But I like the fact she uses words of more than three syllables, so it's half and half.
Please let me get past Kenneth's bodyguards to shake his hand! What's he famous for again? Oh.
Why is Lisa kissing his arse? He's absolutely tragic.
I liked the nominations chat, it was funny. I like it when they break the rules. Lisa, for all of her appearances, is always the first to kowtow to Big Brother (as Marcus later pointed out). I DON'T like BB not showing people nominating, it's crap.
I WISH Charlie and Lisa were up but unfortunately it's not going to be that easy.
Should Kenneth have been kicked out for his comments? Yes. Alex *powpowpow* didn't do much worse. Is he sorry? I doubt it. Big Brother is disappointed in him! Big deal.
I liked Marcus' evil glee at annoying BB. Surely Kenneth must go this week! I found Bea a little sanctimonious at the end, to be honest. Well done, you did the right thing, there's no medal for it though.
Lisa's indignation at being nominated is probably the richest thing I've ever heard, even richer than Kenneth's vile shoes. Everyone up for noms except her and Rodrigo. Boo.

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