Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Big Brother 10: Break the news to them gently

I'm glad Federico isn't my doctor, his bedside manner needs some work. 'You've got a brain tumour!' After the gentleness of Craig and Dean, Federico's spilling of the Jacko-beans seemed pointlessly cruel. I used to like Federico (seems I'm in a minority) and his strange, frog-like face, and remember being annoyed when he left. But now he's just the human equivalent of an internet troll. Sad. Ooh, nice use of the word ragamuffin, though. I'm easily won round.
Lol, Siavash had tickets to go see MJ. Better hope his mummy sorts out his refund whilst he's in the Big (Bro) House. Bored of the MJ thing, and not that interested in their reactions to it, either. On the live feed it's got to the point where you can guess everything they are going to say, how they'll react to any given situation. These are not multi-faceted people, or even entertaining people. Still like the Fredster and Rodders, though.
Pie Jesu! Fuck a duck. Sophie sings worse than me. WTF has Michelle Bass done with her Geordie accent? I saw her on BBLB and it had gone, replaced by the kind of accent you get in a Richard Curtis film. 'Make us a bloody cup of tea, darling!'
Fuck she looks like a right ropey old dog. That dress looks straight outta Matalan. Bring back chicken Stu. I bet he cringes when he sees her now (god knows why he didn't then). Ah Lisa likes Michelle Bass's personality. Would that be the one where she psychotically stalked Stuart, then raped him under a table?
Was she singing 'Agyness Deyn?' WTF? Oh bugger off Bass, you dopey twit. Sophie's singing was AMAZING (for five seconds). So glad she got that task. She makes the Cheeky Girls look like Susan Boyle. It's all good, babes.
Yay, Craig 'I'm not gay' back in the house! Sadly no Maxwell (although he does lurk around the Finsbury Park area because I've seen him twice). Makosi can just crawl off and die. Just listening to her saying 'I was born in a battlefield' makes me pro-war. Didn't Russell Brand sleep with her? Lordy!
I miss Craig, he was ace. He'd definitely be in my BB allstars. Antony Hutton, not so much. Haha to his ripping it out of Sophie's extensions. They do look like dreadlocks. I've seen less knotty- looking barnets down Glasto come Sunday.
Siavash: 'fuck me back to front'. I'd rather not. I liked him standing up for Freddie to Makosi, he hasn't stood up for him much in the past.
Does Sophie even know what 'naive' means? I'm not sure I like the ex-housemates coming in and dropping these little hate-bombs, but in a way it's interesting. It's against the very nature of BB, but then the format has been left out in the rain for years now. Sad, really.
Haha at Craig bolting as Siavash went into a 'let the public decide!' speech. I liked it when he said 'good luck' in an utterly deadpan way. We need someone like that in the house, just totally sarky and above it all.
If ONLY there was another house! We should be so lucky. Haha, Marcus trying to get Sophie on board. Good luck. I couldn't give two fucks about the Noirin/Siavash/Marcus trilogy of doom. It's just the same thing again and again.
Michael Jackson, my arse! Marcus is upset cos he can't get laid. End of. (as Saskia would say- bring her back in! Or horse-face Grace! I could go on, but you get the general idea...)


Thrill Fiction said...

I always wondered about the affinity between the Scots and irish. Is it like Africans and West Indians?

"I like your accent."

Maybe not. But he is a suave bastard is Fredrigo. I thought Charlie would boo him but maybe I've watched more BB than he has.

Speaking of geordies - Michelle Bass with a faux southern accent is like Jordan without a permatan. She still looks up for it though.

Makosi back in BB after her exit interview? Ah the fame. That woman is sex on a stick Mary.

Are Dean Sophie and Lee really box office? Is there anyone at Endemol who likes this show? It's a pity we don't have an all-star season over here. I'd put in Mel and Alex, Sophie and Lee, Helen and Paul... you get the idea.

This show needs a gimmick.

lightupvirginmary said...

but Makosi is completely psychotic!
i wonder if they will do allstars next year? Perhaps they could even dig jade Goody up. (!!!)